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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Mentally ill police and a pandemic of Injustice


What I find most ironic about this is they're able to basically abduct people forcing them into mental hospitals I'm here say after searching them but they haven't had psych evals themselves and they have a stigma against mental illness we are hiring the wrong people to talk to call Peace officer not all of them but a lot of them.

It's long been known that positions of power attract cluster B I believe there's more than enough evidence there to suggest that is brain damage and mental illness. That's probably why you see racism in the police force because those specific conditions do not tend to lend to being able to conceptualize other people as people deserving the same rights and treatments that you do. I don't see racism without that criteria being met

Of course that's up for debate than just my opinion I think you'll find it's well research ed

also dangerous when one considers cluster B police has the tendency for splitting or all-or-nothing thinking. I often find myself making the joke that I could have swore rotary Hansen is wearing a uniform not a robe I wonder where he keeps the gavel...

Somewhere in that lack of grey I would think that the sort of contributes to disintegrating the justice system and the separations that are supposed to keep it legitimate. Because letting it flow tour I have my opinion of these people but it's not my job to judge them is an extremely hard concept for an individual with the cluster B diagnosis to grasp let alone keep in mind when in power over another.

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