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Monday, January 18, 2021

When we finally eliminate the amorphous blobs of sexism and racism


You are the systemic problem king Charlie
These 2 might as well be my parents 
Or the news and politicians making mostly emotional or highly emotions nal arguments with no logic to back them or none good for the middle class

The end of this might as well be what my parents did or continue to do it's funny because the kidney wasn't even getting used

Unlike Charlie I haven't agreed to anything in quite some time if I don't do they just take it anyway emotional arguments I think is the prime take away from this everything in
The little world presented here I mean you really couldn't say no they're popping in and out of his f****** back with some bizarre technology or drugging him to make him see that if we apply real life to it

Starfishes love you so much for took your kidney would bust it off part of your body externally
Occupy all of your time
To leave you for dead

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