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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Who do you call when the police let someone human traffic you to the point where

 You have nothing anytime you get anything it's stolen the police won't allow it reported you're blowing out black mold after 9 months of forced labor starvation

do you call someone or did you put your last efforts into f****** slain their families like they're doing to you they literally laugh about hot wanting the details after act@aww ingwa2 on lies this is f****** sick

Someone is stealing not just to endanger my life not just to spin me around what you keep me from having any sense of self any sense of accomplishment and sense of anything other than the pain that they brought on themselves and give to me you f****** sick pig swine f****** degenerate disgraces to the planet I don't want to hurt you I don't want to hurt them how about you enforce the law equally you f*** ups because you are hurting me you f****** idiots

It puts the lotion on its skin and it gets the police to help rob it again 

It puts the lotion on its skin and it gets the police to help rob it again

it puts the lotion on its skin and the cops f*** it up again and the cops f*** it up again in the cops threatened to f*** it up more again

we're equal under the law but just less you because someone claims to own you and we help them do it 

No we don't see issues with helping nearly a year of our salary between stolen labor and stolen personal property we don't see an issue with that no we don't see an issue with the fact that there's evidence in there that you would have needed at the trial they then created

No it's not a kangaroo court it's a f*** you die why aren't you dead yet?

We're equal but how dare you contemplate saying that to me let alone doing it

No we're not equal I would not want or enforce doing this to anyone

And if I read them Sargent mmmbops age correctly he might not be old enough to remember that you fucking asshole

Maple Grove PD to serve until the person beat to death and then beat them some more. Then go home to 60000 a year probably jerk off to Roadhouse

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