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Why haven't I killed (and why i might)

 None of the microscopic bugs have been identified.

The vet for my rabbits found the legions decreased when she gave flea tick and mite meds and theorized environmental mite

3x docs thought scabies was present and a client I had done it support for in St cloud had let me know when hell started he had just gotten over a scabbies case 

Mold was confirmed present and I know that a lot but not all of the end of 2017 to current but lesser now symptoms were present back in 2014 only to disappear when I left.

Like they did when 8 mo into 2018 I suggested to my dad but since Marlene has a surgery it's literally a few days before and she's following me around the house screaming I'm delusional and attacking me that maybe she would recover better if I left to a hotel.

I didn't leave because I was bleeding from the f****** eyes from their eight-month previous    by professional yet un delt with mold problem.

The sick part is Marlene Wuethrich made good on her threat to get me diagnosed with a delusional disorder via false police reports.

Then Paul and Marlene took steps and commit crimes to make sure I'm dealing with all of their problems with none of my things without the pets I love, with out my property required to even cook and eat how i normally would (which also greatly impacts cognition and emotional inhibition as well as life span and odds of immediate death. also impacts immune function)  and probably to my own death

But the sickest most perverse part of it is they will intermittently tell me that I'm fighting things that don't exist to this day even though they paid to be rid of those problems themselves. Even though they caused the vast majority of them.

weve gone so far backwards as a society that at one point we realized people in labor camps might need some special attention to recover. now police against the law help force labor and police or courts criminalize allegedly or actually saying anything violent while someone is stalking forcing labor stealing, assaulting and poisoning you. 

F*** you you f****** child molesters and f*** you pig Rorey. What part of separation of powers did you miss you're hardly even a f****** officer but you're playing judge jury executioner and f****** swine well telling me they give me enough yeah they do the problem is they take everything I earn and give me their problems. You give me police enforced incest torcher and hopelessness. Probably disfigurement disability and death

What's the planners carrying capacity for swine?

how about swine or people in general that commit crimes to make sure someone is poisoned while commiting more to ensure that person doesnt have the financial means to deal with it or odds the experts able to help even believe them?

time is another finite resource on a personal level. when cognition and ability to plan are negatively impacted it becomes even more scarce. 

but hey lets alternate between telling him hes crazy, conspiring and using false police reports to get it on records, physically assaulting while stealing from him then go to court and get him labeled abuser while still poisoning him and steal again. 

fucking mn land of post term 18year+ coat hanger abortion. a mothers right to chose to murder at any point. actually i dont call it that or think that way preterm. I do think her right to chose shouldnt extend to his right to be a wallet or in debtors poison but we can work on that post us collapse right? sans me probably.

The part of me that thinks killing while being killed might have a higher purpose might have a point. The laws as i mentioned several times seem to be shifting towards the image of harm with no matter of intent. things like OFP are first come first serve justice with out trial. that put potentially the abuser in a position of power over the abused. ie they dont block or criminalize the accuser calling or going near the accused but other way around its illegal to answer or go near. so if the accuser is actually doing what i describe this is a pretty nasty thing. esp when police then suggest you need another stay at a mental ward while refusing confession on a report of a felony level theft. 

even sans intent by either party to misuse the system... what do we as a species know about how lead and mercury change human cognition? 

dumb and angry, mad as a hatter. 

if mom just served you the second bowl of lead paint chips as tonight's pre dinner tasty treat i forgive you for not understanding. 

we know better than to allow hearsay accusations like this as well... salem. what you might not know is that had a fungal origin. ergot poisoning.   

you want predatory gov? how about one that knows even non drugs can make people say do stupid things and people may lie..

but it implements things like OFPs?

this could also be painted as police ensuring the middle class dont exist. they allow one way wealth transfers by not enforcing law that would help a person or family retain any wealth in form of money in bank or in resalable assets or usable for income tools. 

the thing about the ofp law and like is its the image of harm. that might be the exploitable thing. that might be the silver lining in more bodies instead of just Bonnie's Clyde's and mine. 

ie its pretty damn specific about guns, knifes, fisticufs etc. 

using a neon transformer and ebay sourced vacuum tube to irradiate someone killing you (xrays)... using the ulv cold fogger on my floor and the americium pellets from $4 smoke detectors to pump a radio active cloud of mist through say a gas fire place vent and with an rc car on an lte modem... theres actually a vzw lte modem next to me on this god forsaken mattress. 

I dont have to break the geo physicality restrictions or use anything listed. do so or not im being killed. 

neon transformer(little on the low side of required voltage but price is right)

some people appear to fear intelligence. this might actually be a npd detector. ie they are projecting what they would do with that intelligence or their nature in general on to what they could get away with the level they assume you have.

I fear stupidity and brain damage.  It leads to kill while being killed or be killed scenarios.

It leads to people blindly swallowing the keep silent it will get better bullshit as well. 

nothing assures that. 

about the most enlightened thing ive ever heard on tlc, history or discovery (other than mythbusters) was Parker from gold rush: 

"It can always get worse" 

the theory of entropy kinda points to that as well. destruction and disorganization is what we fight against to exist. health usually comes from effort to construct systems and modes of behavior enhanced by systems to be able to expend effort recover and do it again. 

 people that end up with npd damage (or bpd aspd) often take pleasure in control and destruction while feeling superior. to me thats the sickest and most pointless thing ive ever encountered. things end up that way anyway, you've proved what? you can expend energy to do it faster?

 bravo; fucking idiot.

heres some meta evidence it is communicable and a larger pandemic than covid:,period%20of%20time%20upon%20which

If i did either the court case probably runs into some hypocrisy issues(i have posted many of the recordings where the np mother states the conditions they force (through criminal acts unenforced) are dangerous to life) or risks them at very least if testimony ends up public. 

even sans hypocrisy it may highlight the lunacy of these definitions of harm the family extension of civil court uses. 

maybe not and that is the scariest to consider of all possibilities. 

 we are already gone. 

we probably already are. people seem to have forgotten law started as the ruler making das rules. the transition to democracy brought rules that were supposed to be based on if they damage members of an equal people or the societies ability to prosper. it also brought the idea that enforcers of the law should be separate from those who ultimately determine if it was violated. ideas that trial and standards of evidence are required. 

now we have police killing people who regardless of guilt or innocence haven't seen trial. trials with out standards and people demanding more police to restore order or no police. people making it a racial issue. part of it may be. i dont think you can have racism with out the npd aspd bpd damage. part of all of those conditions is damaged mental construct of what let alone who other people and groups are. ie they dont fully see the divisions between themselves and others so its pretty hard to see others as equals. the part about they gray matter deficits is as troubling. good news everyone the prefrontal cortex poofs to finalize at 25. if its poofed there or the dust of abuse and corrosion have poofed to crystallizes npd .... why the fuck are you asking questions i said what i said boy! now worship this freedom!

worst is in this environment intelligence and effort are far from likely to gain success even when the effort is on valid ideas and the intelligence is real. much like running from a wild animal or LEO in mn... if a group is involved you only have to be fastest than the slowest member right? 

well if one is smart on fucking other people over, tesla dies in poverty and Edison is still in your home and under  wing as GE

hail congress, heil MN gov and to this prayer for myself and us all....a-women 


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