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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Why Logical Law Matters

 First ask yourself, what do we pay law makers to do?

second understand that if im correct in memory the idea behind law in the us has been based on its legal unless explicitly otherwise. 

this works great for freedom. unless local law makers feel financial heat or unknown to us pressures. then you end up with the flip side of they can push how harmful they are to the limit and unless we implement controls via election of ...whos pushing this? nobody. then we are up shit crick

but back to what do we pay them for? seems lately its been regulate us out of existence and take money from corps for doing so. they hide this behind the boogie men. images of women getting beat while expressing the need for equality that was long ago had or had in other ways if not directly. they rewrite history and the they is the media as well. the gov vs no gov divide is the ultimate tool in false dichotomy and controlled point and counterpoint or controlled opposition. 

there are routes this could arise with out ill will. 

likely a lot of people involved have little to no idea what they do. some very much do. there are great cops. there are good psychologists. most are in the middle and the issue is edu is likely compromised. aka everything learned about what good is... why things are etc. not bad on its own but combined with it being pervasive beliefs in people with increasing potions of power gets incredibly dangerous. 

increasing amounts of legislation seem to be based on not have you harmed someone. but rather "do they claim to feel harmed"

no one should feel that way but the reality is unless there is focus on was harm committed can we prove that. 

we miss the fact the system executes based on the claim the other is a witch. or offers them a scarlet letter, star of david so forth. with it comes an extremely limited life expectancy and potential under utilized. this translates to under education and or under employment with or with out edu. 

the other thing ive noticed is the value of owning anything is under attack with a npd type gaslight on the fact some things are needed or highly optimal for any chance of maintaining socioeconomic status let alone advancing. worse yet some of those things influence if you live long enough to hope to get out of min wage.

yet feelings and hearsay enough to allow cops to separate you from them and or them to be destroyed ..

you now work for the same things over again. they arnt free and you might not live long with out them but once again maybe they are taken. 

if you dont and end up brain damaged either anxiety pstd, out of your mind on the street you might die there. 

you might be taken to a mental health facility and if thats in mpls you basicly become a test subject to be drugged for the u of m, doctors involved and fareview's profit. 

in this or previous cases we can see some of what some of the people behind this likely think . 

Look into the case of Dan Markingson.

Mary Weiss became convinced that Markingson's condition was deteriorating and tried repeatedly to have him removed from the CAFÉ study.[24] She warned the University of Minnesota research team that Markingson was in danger of committing suicide. On April 11, 2004, she left a voice mail message for the study coordinator, Jean Kenney, asking “Do we have to wait until he kills himself or anyone else before anyone does anything?”[25] On May 8, Markingson committed suicide with a box cutter, nearly decapitating himself. Laboratory tests later revealed that he had been taking quetiapine (Seroquel), produced by AstraZeneca.[26][27]

Not directly related:

On February 10, 2016, a consultant hired by the University of Minnesota found over forty critical violations of research and safety policy in the Department of Psychiatry.[59] The consultant also reported being verbally abused and intimidated by faculty members, and said university administrators had instructed her not to put her critical findings in writing.[60][61]

My case while not really known is tell tale as well. Dr refused leting me show him an email with the mold pro my parents had hired 11 months before. should have been able to see not a mark on me was a symptom what i was describing was probably environmental. still gives me a off the wall diagnosis and wants me drugged. 4 hrs later they mistook what type of hold and im free to go right before med time. it had still been 2 or 3 days. when i requested the records they never came or id give exact dates. 

heres the thing. thats likely still on my electronic health care records. bad charts and records by mistake are known to kill up to or over 250,000k Americans a year

if his diagnosis was correct how the fuck would police then continuing to bar me from accessing 43 grand of my personal property including even my kitchen stuff and continuing to this day after a 0 notice lock out 8 mo after i moved in (in maple grove) 

they are gung hoe about threatening force to force me to a doc that gives 0 shits about relative expert testimony in deciding whats delusional. 

then totally ok with participating in human trafficking and dangerous to life conditions continuing as i type this. thefts after not allowed on report despite recorded admission and felony level amounts.  

This Is Slavery We Need to Call It What It Is. 

look at the housing bust. mn is a state that includes personal property on its bait and switch theft of property law. but houses... real estate. a lot of times in law the word property mainly refers to real property and your personal is imaginary. its all imaginary when police dont even enforce mail theft and your name can be signed but thats tangent. 

during the 08 collapse what did we do? we gave the banks tax payer bail outs while they took back the real propertty with the bail out. now people are renting often several families to a house that another family had been making payments to own and the companies doing the leasing are shell corps for the banks we bailed out. 

its keep working for less and less with no ability to store value and police allowing you seperated or forcing it is beyond insane. 

people will justify it with anything. the more npd the less inline with anything but their mind it is. aka "its cause you just xyz" or "arnt working" 

whats the point of work if you cant hold onto anything you make or even stay fed?

in the increasingly civil to criminal court system... what hope of a defense do you have when in my case about a year and a half of police keeping me from the stuff initially locked in maple grove. like 5 times the car that was some nights my home when not a hotel was emptied out by those who then bring a civil case against me. while police continued that behavior not caring when i claimed 6,300k in services rendered and home owner had claimed to be my landlord when i moved back in. 

do i get to go to your house tell you "bro i gave you money cause i say so, this is all mine now" 

maple groves sargent hanson insists its all legit because my parents told him "THEY GAVE YOU ENOUGH"

weird looks more like a uniform than a robe... as you also insist on executioner: id prefer a knee to starvation and terror you fucking cowarrd. 

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