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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Woke up laptop on the floor again

 I can't even tell you how many times that has happened . How elite books esp bought second hand end up saving quite a bit of money by not breaking when you look at them wrong.

The one I had in college went through a back pack trip to Europe and about 7 plus years total before it was retired due to not having time to replaced dc jack 

It had liquid damage like 3 plust times to the point not a lite would aluminate with the ac DC adapter plugged in 

99% isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush.

Things are built like fucking tanks

That one was before Marlene and Paul decided I was human property or a before they decided to expouse that believe

I often woke up on my couch or their couch because a 25 year leader of SEIU local 284 as vice-president somehow it says he owns his son. Full disclosure he's retired. Whatever he says he gives me if you had it up fair market rate every time you said hey can you come help me with that computer he might owe me. I don't want to do it that way but I am literally being murdered everything I've earned since their abusive ex escapade has been taken and the tools I used to earn have been taken. My health is being taken but I digress

I used to wake up on my couch either in Fargo or St cloud with my feet on top of the laptop which had fallen off my lap end up on the floor face down my feet are on the back of the middle screen just pick it up and she keeps on ticking.

you can usually get ones that are a few generations old on eBay for pennies on the dollar.

A lot of times they appear in batches because corps faze them out. For a long time Intel had like a March going on and companies were upgrading on their drum beat . Even if that slows right now it's broken or if it's amd or heaven forbid a fruit company.

the point is those corporate owned laptops usually are in pristine condition despite being second hand

I tried searching for a sense of ethics or a chip that makes your local police not help assist felony-level theft assault and battery and slow murder of a citizen but eBay didn't seem to have those regardless of the price police ethics chip? I can buy a 3D printer and make a Glock but that's not really the same thing

the thing is the moment you justify the risk to my life or the ending of my life based on it something has to happen to someone you've just justified murder in logically you lost your human card

I can't believe this fucking game

We're all caught up on something that was a little bit funny when we are in elementary school hahaha you lost the game because you talked about it

Somebody was ingenious with that because whoever pushed it to kids likely knew that's how you normalize something

But still this is a game that when it's not life or death should be about the amusement level of ages 6 to 11 except we end up hung up on it will it justifies the deaths of people this is fucking sickness this is not an advanced race it's a race of the mentally ill

But hey if you're just dumb enough to think you're alpha

You're still mentally ill

If as the police you support keeping someone in an actual cage or doing it by repedatove theft stalking and terror conditioning.

You still deserve a trial but after all things dealing to cruel and unusual should be over looked

Maybe u should get the type of trial an ofp creates.

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