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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Words matching actions civil vs criminal priority

 I can show my words matched my actions

That to any rational person would likely indicate on it's own I was doing something of value

Anyone willing to look at their words over time would see vast difference between points and even evidence I attempted to comply with demands forced by unlawful life endangering actions (creating the position of power)

Aka their story changes and when they commit to something it's not done or the opposite is done to impede my end.

Meanwhile police refuse to hear out let alone document assult battery recorded admission anything other than the one side parents tell. They claim even single items worth 1k held and destroyed are civil. Yet the ofp is civil 

Law is a lethal mess in MN and the country in general

There's no presuit of happiness when you go from 18 years of slave like the police will bring you back 2 regardless of law the police will separate you from anything you need to prove anything everything you worked for at any time

when it comes to psychological conditioning and conditioning of acceptance of things like this that's perfect though in such a sick way

The irony is by my estimates Paul was vice president of SEIU local 284 for about 25 years workers rights and fair work Fair pay but you own your son?

There's all this talk about wealth transfer to China and the reduce confidence in America some people seem it's like the Titanic even if we full reverse we're still going to hit

That might be true and this is exactly why

We're paralyzed with brain damaged narcissists and sociopaths in office and in our police forces. It might as well be Hitler's youth.

 People say that it's small-minded to compare things to Nazi Germany the only way I can see that is true is we have taken that concept so far in advance that it's almost insulting to those who did it to say that there's any comparison

The problem is the sort of damage doesn't lend to being able to see where one can't see or predict it lends to the I'm right I'm always right if I hurt you I didn't hurt you and you're wrong it leads to people who might understand 40 at arbitrary percent of any given task or project or output but take it and kick down the people who did the rest they end up leading but they can't actually do what they said

If they're smart enough they learn they paid well enough to attract the people that ensure they do but the more advanced the damage is that creates that behavior the more we just watch the wealth trickle out of the country watch The Brain drain trickle out of the country because those people are still in control they set the culture

We got this fucked up Disturbed notion passed around that normal is healthy the masses set normal we don't even set normal the media sets it for us. It doesn't say this is what you do what it does is it's every time you watch the sitcom with the family that you can kind of relate to its influencing you. Oh but no one watches TV and then kills people because they saw shoot-'em-up no because it's not lived in black and white until the damage is that bad but your kids and violent video games no. What they're likely to copy is the fucked up bullying that looks cool in some psychological thriller or terrorist psychological activity picking on somebody because they saw something like it in a movie because even kids can tell the difference between shooting someone and picking on them what's depressing is adults can't see how kicking someone down repeatedly taking what's theirs checking their life from them is worse than the claim they feel threatened

Which they is them or they? It doesn't really matter if it's let go long enough they are soon the same hollow husk repeating the cycle.

This is a few people I wish I... 

Cuz here's the thing you do it to survive but did you really survive? What part of you is left?

So do it to others wonder why it doesn't fill the fucking cavernous hole inside you that long ago gained the ability to swallow up all of the light and wanted more because you never knew what you wanted.

Whatever you do don't let anyone else make it without being the same cuz that'll fix things right?

 No it's going to kill us all

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