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Worthless. Minnesota bets on slavery as its future

 Not that this is actually worthless but in practice it's made so.

The site being tested is hosted on my vdsl 2 connection from century Link

80Mb/s down 40up 
Static /29 block of ipv4

Modem in bridge mode 
Ethernet to one of two Intel x540 physical ports 

E5 v3 two nvme 1x SATA SSD and a 500gb HDD,48gb ddr3 ecc, Nvidia 1050 TI, kvm with sriov and a bunch of guests

The ram should be in different slots but this environment is so filthy I don't dare pull the dimms.

Opnsense is providing a public subnet and a private nated subnet

I call it floor server. The Nvidia card is doing passthrough to offload CCTV transcoding.

The guest hosting the web server is limited to 2GB of RAM because I'm using litespeed Enterprise free license. But a used z ram mounts to pass through as drives to sort of fudge a lot more RAM than that.

I have the MariaDB server running on a separate guest

Otherwise I've done no optimization to wordpress or the theme.

Virt-manager a Linux gui for carving up a server into virtual servers. 

Minnesota by way of police supported felony theft abuse assault poisoning forced labor has decided it's future is not with people like me but with my Boomer parents

More after some pictures

Bonnie died and Clyde what's threatened by Paul so Clyde ended up at hotels with me. Paul threatened to put him in the clothes washing machine.

Torture cell bathroom. The string off the toilet is because the eyelet on the flapper broke. I have a new flapper for it I just am not inclined to stick my face down in mold wall.

Maple Grove's officer or rather Sergeant Hansen I'm seeing this picture replied I didn't see that put the phone away. Human trafficking and forced labor doesn't exist if the officer doesn't see it. The cruelty is when he increases telling you how lucky you are

Hello Paul is writing about the fact that he has Bonnie's ashes. They were sent to me United States postal service parcel addressed to such they should be protected under federal law. Maple Grove Police aren't even interested when Paul and Marlene open mail to me in my name with a check then endorse my name on it
It appears in Minnesota you are never emancipated from your parents. There appears to be esoteric criteria for when you are but when it is as such there's no reliable way of determining if that's true or not. An excuse as lazy policing abusing people and ultimately murdering people
The fact that Maple Grove and Minnesota a large won't publish what it's doing should want us Minnesota cowardice instead of nice which is really passive aggressive at best. Police enforced slavery

 2020 no I'm the abuser under law. Minnesota law doesn't even require you present at the trial. The fact that I was 31 with no indication of violence in my life doesn't seem to matter. This ofp law was originally intended for wives against abusive husbands and as such as carried out in family Court. When you allow a husband and a wife to poison abuse assault Rob and then label there offspring the problem I've almost got to call it incest family court.

Pics bellow in Maple grove

While at Paul and Marlene's Maple Grove residents

Clyde enjoying a pepper at a hotel

My head a few months ago

My previous apartment one of many

Board-level USB repair at the apartment above

Song that was being repaired Actualy small tablet same difference for the internals really.

some say this is where Maple Grove PD s Sergeant Hansen's mother lives. What he is from Wisconsin. If only from California happy cows might not have produced a cluster B officer

say cow palace is an auditorium for cattle shows.An arena that has frequently been used by US military in times of need.

 it took until my third time in San Francisco to look up what that exit actually was. one time I was there with my parents that was 2003 for the SEIU international convention. The other two I've been traveling with a friend or alone. One was technically a business trip. Had I known Minnesota was about slavery...

Another example of my improv is the picture below. In trying to clean their mold out of their car frequently required running the fan on the HVAC within the car which left a dead battery more often than not. This is me recharging the battery with an electronics lab power supply

I deleted the damn picture with the compound miter that the paragraph below is about I'll have to get it back

 compound miter saw was part of Paul and Marlene's fellony theft April 2020. I can show anybody interested that it's my garage it was present and because the blood stain is still on the floor.

To be clear in the picture below he sent that text and then when I went down to my garage this is what I found. The passenger side rear tire was 10 lbs low velcro over the warning light on the dash
This is sadistic

This was a $200 floor dryer. I bought it because of what type of fan it is. Came with a black grill over it adapted it to take a 14 by 14 HVAC filter and was in the process of making it take a larger filter when my compound miter saw was stolen. Along with my desktop PC and my MIG welder. Making of the theft in excess of $1,000

Also making it so I can't even run an air filter in the torture cell apartment

but it's not just the theft it's the sadistic nature, the psychological conditioning that no matter what I do they can harm me and setback any attempt even overcome the lethal problems they force on me

In 2019 I managed to get paid for work that should have been worth 3 times as much but due to delays by Paul and Marlene and basically human trafficking and forced by Maple Grove Police department ended up being $2,000.there's two hundred of it above that isn't really usable anymore

well I suppose if I buy another $200 compound miter saw for them to steal it again. What it should also demonstrate is my ingenuity people say I'm not trying hard enough or if I was as smart as you I'd be further by now possibly but possibly you're not and you wouldn't have made it this far under these conditions.

It's a centrifugal fan. They pull air through filters better because have an engineering or physics term called static pressure compared to something like a box fan they are hardly fazed by back pressure. You might have noticed even a screen door can interfere with a box fan moving  air

The taped shut freezer is Clyde rabbits tomb. After 9 months of forced labor on their car they have stolen to make sure I don't even have a working vacuum cleaner I once had a full kitchen I had plans I had ambitions I was in good health.

In several recorded calls when Paul and Marlene don't claim they do nothing ... The alternative is everything they do is what I deserve for being a bratt

Yeah I deserve 9mo forced labor over a year now with Clyde in freezer blowing out black mold from their house for being a bratt while they destroy 40k plus of what I worked for and steal to make sure I don't even have a vacuum cleaner

if you are expecting a delivery with complications or a sick newborn you might want to steer clear of children's st. Paul.

I don't think I'll be alive long enough to have children but on the off chance I did or in my opinion I wouldn't let her within a hundred yards.
When I first suspected mold I wasn't quite sure what was going on but I have been doing UV lithography. I quickly acquired a few UV sterilization tubes. When Marlene saw them she thought I was absolutely nuts and why would I do that. Several months later without apologizing or referencing what she said one night at the dinner table she mentions I saw a room at children's glowing blue this was between againasserting I'm crazy even though same month I move back in their house was professionally confirmed to same month I move back in their house was professionally confirmed to same monthly move back in their house was professionally confirmed to have a major black mold and aspergillus problem

I was working onprojects including a spot welder for assembly of lithium-ion battery packs.

Because of covid-19 there's now larger than ever demand for robots let go room to room in sanitize with UV. We're about to see Cessna size aircraft powered by electric motors and lithium ion battery packs.

I'm formally educated in programming and software design. I was able to teach myself how to do UV lithography and electrical engineering concepts required for PCB design. then build the tools to do rapid prototyping and UV lithography in my apartment.

There's a few people that make their living off of YouTube for electrical engineering concepts and projects. One such with something like a hundred thousand subscribers attempted a spot welder like I did. He failed where mine succeeded. But because police in Minnesota pay no mind to well apparently law or their own mission statements I'm likely to die disfigured isolated and abused terrorized and infected.
It's worth noting with the server configuration above that wasn't anything I was formally educated in either

But Minnesota acting through its police and courts as decided I own nothing it's not worth enforcing felony level crimes against me and bioterrorism act of concern

My mom is a neonatal nurse practitioner , my dad was a school bus driver Union steward and vice president of SEIU local 284 for by my figure about 25 years.

which is worth mention because this isn't something they taught me either.

When I can sleep I wake up screaming the names of my pets.

One of which at least would still be alive if Maple Grove Police follow their mission statement let alone Minnesota law.

I have only the bed he died on to sit lay eat anything but stand in this f****** shit hole torture cell that I am kept in

We know malnutrition starts to destroy the immune system. This isn't the debated or anyway questionable tenant of medical science. When you start to deprive someone of things like the kitchen or the utensils used to cook in it. it might take a while longer but I think you have an argument that police are allowing crimes or stopping the recovery of stolen goods by the rightful owner participating in human trafficking and ultimately murdering people

The hardest part about this cowardice form of murder how long it takes


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