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Would it matter?


We can actually harvest energy from even a cable suspended space ship to atmosphere of Earth 

This has been demonstrated 

1996 sts 75

Space shuttle mission 

The primary objective of STS-75 was to carry the Tethered Satellite System Reflight (TSS-1R) into orbit and to deploy it spaceward on a conducting tether. The mission also flew the United States Microgravity Payload (USMP-3) designed to investigate materials science and condensed matter physics.

Also..ack font... Also notable for the first shuttle mission to fly a Linux kernel

As for the tether they deployed it into the atmosphere and got a bit more than they expected it literally obliterated itself from a discharge

This is a bit esoteric or at least unknown.

I once was in a deep state of thought and was trying to ponder eletromagnetic forces and was reading above t gravity and frame drag. 

Idk how valid the reasoning was but into my head pop the idea that if the magnetic field and even time itself was shifting across the distance into a gravity well you should get electrical power so I started searching stuff like spacecraft tether and wire and eventually found this

There's a lot of ways we can harvest energy

We need to stop letting the police participate in harvesting are young for the elite and for predatory parents

As for black holes if we can't harvest it from Earth in that manner I don't know this article is just a total distraction

I do think we're going to see that it can be done without the tether you can already pulled miniscule amounts of the electricity from the air on the ground. We're trying to push antenna technology for 5G

And one of the ways we do that is what's known as an active antenna or an antenna that can reconfigure segments of itself by switching them on and off in and out of transmission or reception.

I would think we'll see some of that useful for energy harvesting for very low power devices as well. Especially considering our favorite type of switch these days is a voltage base device. It's not going to work with silicone it'll be silicone card ride or geranium nitrate something like that.

That might be a solution for a problem that never arises but I just thought I'd shed some light on solid-state way to do it. At least I think that would work

I'm pretty close to not being able to think at all

I really wonder I mean I'm sure everybody thinks it's great Minnesota has predatory departments but how do we export predatory police.

Is there a way that that can drive the state economy?
Do we think child molestation ownership of people enforced by police and cannibalizing your kids is going to be smash hit product?

Actually you can export narcissism sid Master civilization kind of nailed it: use rock and roll and blue jeans

From the upper echelons the biggest joke has to be the f*** and leave
That is if you survive long enough to watch them leave

When a former child molester claims to own you say union yes massa 
I think mn should focus on police and their right to fire arms
Seems like a better export than incest murder 

An ar on a computer vision auto targeting turret would be fun too. The type of fun where former seiu local 284 vp doesn't cliaim to own you while repeatedly stealing fellony amounts and saying things like o need control because I want to control

There's a joke in here

You know that joke about how preachers sons usually are?

I guess that means I actually want people to get paid fairly. I guess that takes some realizations about appearance vs actuality as well

Off with his head!

Except I like building things more than fishing

But I'm headed for death

What they say about staring into the abyss is some bullshit so far though.

At least for today's world..  I want it now God dammit

Alive to be alone in pain caused by perverse predatory parents who can't manage their own life or see you outshine them along with knowledge that you can do you have done... Alone knowing how hard success is. Alone knowing chance always plays a role.alone knowing as long as they're alive I have someone actively sabotaging me not just someone against me. Knowing that these conditions mean even if I survive this I won't survive long after it

Police Maple Grove are f****** pedophilea promotion experts
Had the turpins lived there all of those kids would be psych ward getting medicated now for their "lies"

Funny I'm going to die with the abuser label. Closest I've come to throwing a punch is when a dude reached for my camera ony hand in my apt. 3rd or 4th time I laid him on the ground put my foot on his chest and asked if he was done. Then helped him up.

That was 2007

Probably would have thrown one in 2013 cept sucker punch to the head ( a blow delt by an army member) spun me into a bird cage and another followed as I levelled out. 

There's nothing like having the strength advantage  having training advantage and not worrying about honor 

Oh wait I think that's how the police work too

One  was more thing about that night. I was incredibly greatful for the quick thinking of my friend. Knowing he couldn't take him either my friend tackled his friend to the ground ending the conflict that started with out warning.

Not sure much else would have when an army grunt doesn't even give you warning to square up and issues blows to the head apon standing up with out so much as a command to get or stay down. I had told him the person whos house it was said smoking in the kitchen is fine.


This story can be a metaphor as well. We are quite capable of leading breeding and nuturing our species back to the Stone age 

Ugh alaph ugh hit.

Paul and Marlene are more like beat you to death for having hit you. Hit you for hitting you while telling you and others you hit yourself. Problem is the hits are with toxins police and medical knowledge as well as physical.
Then they jab side hits in for not giving love and affection while gutting you and gnawing on your small intestines.

Oh hey let's add purgery to the tatics list then steal a fellony amount while while continuing to stalk him. Now he has our mold our terror and narry a working vacuum, desk, kitchen..

Ron white comes to mind, "those big old bouncers. The type that go home from bouncing every night just to watch road house and beat off"

They wouldn't even know what hit them.

Mold inside wall at Paul and Marlene's house in Maple Grove in 2018

Jan 2019 Paul made sure snow blows through car gas on a Friday re, water on 9 years of mold spores 

Same wall pictured above sans mold 11mo later. 3mo after they changed lock. Predatory Paul wuethrich sent this pic the day I got out of the mental ward. The doc had given me a diagnosis for dilusions mold. Despitee saying I have the hired experts emails on my phone. Patients arnt allowed phones on the ward was the respomce. Apparently clinical ethics arnt allowed on the ward either. Is this a u of issue or a Fairview issue? Perhaps both? Should be noted symptoms abaited when I left for the hotel. Aka leave environment symptoms disappear. A doc worth his or her degree and not abusing power for profit should have seem this as further indication.

In retrospect wonder what would have happened if a Chinese person escaped as covid hit ..

Delusions of neauvo viruses..medicate for life

My apt before this started

My apt while dealing with mold car and currently though in much worse shape

Bonnie at their house

Clyde at around noon end of 2018 after being Snuck out of a hotel. My dad had threatened to put him in the clothes washing machine after Bonnie died . This is the respect Clyde had for me and friend also happened to be a pray animal. It's against his nature to be exposed broad daylight in a loud car driving down 94. I had snuck him out in a reusable grocery tote. Figured he would stay in it due to the scared factor.

Vacuum pull down UV lithography exposure rig I built 2017

Me and  Comos 2016

St cloud 2015

That toride on the ground is worth about 200usd and Paul stole it on March. It's an isolation transformer.

Yet another thing stolen 

Shark vac under repair in 2019. A $100 solder station and $200 dollar hot air station has so far saved a $200 pair of glasses $200 dsl modem router from ravioli $200 shark vaccum


Clyde asleep on a hotel bed . That one was pet friendly . Which should have meant scarry. New predator smells every day. After I took this I resumed my work across the room on a web server for a client. All the sudden I heard a thud. I look over at bed and no clyde.jump up run to side ..he's sitting up yawning and streaching. He tried to roll over and went right off the side

With how willing maple Grove police have been to aid and embed basically human trafficking, forced labor, fellony theft , attpted murder, assult , anomal abuse and more.. gota wonder maybe the joke is u call animal control to deal with the police?

I'm dealing with a large animal foaming at the mouth.

Sir what kind of animal?

Idk but the badge say Sargent Hanson , oh God it's ravid with a gun!

Something tells me a pistol or even ar on a turret with sufficiently thick steel for small arms fire and computer vision targeting would be more effective. I've seen an ar round go through a 8in diamiter log and deform the fuck out of quarter inch steel on the other side. Like crator.

Fun thing about gun 
law and anticipating death by poison starvation and abuse... If u buy a weapon in parts you register it at the end or it's illegal.

GPS module module would be double the fun. If you sign for a package from death is that consent? Ie it activates on proximity to a preprogramed location 

Not sure if anyone is selling a radar that can do targeting fixes yet but I do know for 10 bucks u can get modules for things like car radar cruise

They are high enough freq one would just need a phased array on a coherent /shared the source and some programming. Would be useful for not having to open the box to take a shot . Other way to do it would be flir but I'm already sure the cheap near it sensors ($200..not really cheapo in cost just function) wouldn't do the trick. Also fpir has a lot of export restrictions ...makes sense , u don't want a flir tipped ennemy missle taking out a expensive allied or American plane . I'm guessing this means the more expensive ones are rather hard to get usable real time digital streams out of.

But making a bunch of chines radar modules share a time source is close to trivial. A 3x3 array could point u in direction of objects in a room. Scan the room for a bit . Wall vs soft tissue is going to be a diff return strength. Also wall doesn't change location with time. With that logic a machine can start to take half decent guesses at what's where outside the box it's blinded by

Maybe a tracer round. Box ignites pause shooting play psychology real trick is shipping a second across the Street. More than likely that triggers an evac than idiot with fire extinguisher 

Many low cost GPS modules have a compass . Which i wouldn't trust for long with things like stepper motors moving rapidly in close proximity and limited Dev time but that plus something like googleaps API and a WiFi radio can get u Pointed in the right direction pretty reliably.

Something like a sdr with mimo could be crazy effective at locating cellphones or even police radio while they transmit.

The phased array concept done passively . Slight difference rx strength between antennas of a know separation and a healthy dose of math.

Just some thoughts from a victim about putting purpotratora between a rock and a hard place . MN seems help bent on exporting my corpse. Bet they have an issue with these hypotheticals too.

If laws can be broke to kill me.. I person will not see the issue if someone uses this info to harm another. None of it is rocket sci. Plus hard to see an issue when dead or in so much pain u can't mourne the loss of your animals 

The thing I do take issue with is it seems on some levels we've put policeing out of sink with protecting lives

Acts of violence prompt for the majority to call for more police consider if the police figure out they can cause the violence 

This is most likely to occur during econimic hardship /recession and or depression . It's job security at that point. Or deflection to race might be securing the extraction of energy from black holes. Just more metaphorically and toxic to culture than the topic I started on .

If there are 250 incidence of brutality vs whites 500 against black and 250 against Other in a year. Anything claiming the issue is the disparity is a bit dark. You can resolve the disparity by beating 250 more white and other as well. None of this counts those that die because the police enabled laws to be repeatedly broken while putting someone in endangeing conditions rather than correct a mistake from following hearsay 


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