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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Wouldn't life be different without crime dramas?

 I love how they sandwich the news I won't say who but somebody else actually pointing this out and it's one of the brighter things I've ever heard. Of course it doesn't prove anything but the logic is really solid...

Select cheaper to show you the image of investigations and protection and bad guy getting caught then it is to do it. There's even funding for sometimes deciding who's the bad guy regardless of who committed crimes that endanger life

But hey right between the news you can watch fictional CSI and then the contact switch in your head does the rest of the work you saw some investigations right was the news even an investigation?

What's not up to question is it snowing the police don't actually protect you from like the bad guy breaking into your house they usually show up and then call the morgue if that's what happened. 911 does not on average have a fast enough response time to do anything like that other than signal for the hearse.

In 15 or even 10 minutes you've been killed 10 times especially if you get caught off guard

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