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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Years of Conditioning

 In Minnesota there was a lot of effort put into police partnering with schools. Whether or not explicit the image presented to us and our children is "officer friendly here to keep you safe" 

They have no obligation to do so and may try to put you away if they do break their obligations. 

If you are reading this as a k-12 student, no worries... stand and face the flag, pledge allegiance to it, then sit down for the social studies lesson on North Korean brainwashing. if you say land of the free three times and tap your ruby red slippers you might even change the fact that we have the highest percentage of our pop behind bars. 

what ever you do, dont pay attention to the expensive to build and more expensive to conceal who paid for it albatross in Georgia. (a reference to bad luck not the bird. that thing could never fly) disposable income has nothing to do with power though right?

or realize that at current pop on the earth that something like 6.66% survival if the first derangement is seen through. 

Just stay in line get the grades and... you're 6.66% of 7.5 Billion right? no worries. odds are you and or your partner live perfectly happy 40 year lives.

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