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Friday, January 29, 2021

Years of do this do it faster we take value

 Minnesota police then protect the theif.

They over look forgery of signature / identity theft fraud even when it's in combination with mail fraud.

There was a study in the early 2000s that I find relevant. Do you know every time you're asked to Click accept to a licensing agreement or end-user license agreement in modern Life?

Around 2006 I believe it was calculated that the average American's reading speed with how many were presented way back then... 

to read everything you're agreeing to would take more time than you have in a year.

when someone is allowed to sign your name to change everything necessary for adult life by committing crimes to do so while they can take anything from you at any moment


The police that enable this should be on the street or on trial for treason

Especially in Minnesota because in my experience well overlooking those crimes they will try or threaten detainment in a mental health care facility for maybe being unable to care for yourself when in reality unless you're a hardcore narcissist or play their gaslighting games it's pretty easy to see how certain items you own if they went missing could greatly impair your ability to function as an adult and a lot of things it's just one once after a few items is all it would take but when it can be done repeatedly there's another problem

the conditions terror which is only reinforced and made all the more traumatizing by the police then ignoring the criminal law violation but wanting to use civil law to put you awaythe conditions terror which is only reinforced and made all the more traumatizing by the police then ignoring the criminal law violation but wanting to use civil law to put you away

or the party doing it can simply run to civil court claim they feel threatened and it doesn't matter how long the police have been keeping you from even the papers you would need to fight their claims oh and guess what if your me you had four days but from what I read you might get 6 days notice at Max

There's an old trope that kids bullied on the playground grow up to be police.

Maple Grove Police helping Mom and Dad steal their adult offsprings bicycle along with everything else he ever workef to afford or given by anyone else not just them. But it's not just steal and hold on to it it's being destroyed.

And it wasn't just once several smaller and two felony levels thefts have occurred since

I went hungry for 30 days in 2019.

They don't just want your lunch money they want your life.

Until incest slave labor becomes incest murder 

Or the post term coat hanger abortion after biological terrorism created dependence

Maple Grove PD is the fuherer of the industry

Minnesota is leading the push. if you look at the national domestic violence helpline if you look at their website it will mention that the children have it bad. But if you follow the funding for where that comes from I believe it's the office of violence against women at the federal level they also are playing word games where family is being redefined to couple and despite most places defining domestic violence as anyone in the traditional definition of a family the law is set up and the support is set up to only help women. It might sometimes help some male partners but if you are the child of an abusive mother even as an adult the police will help her her steal everything while refusing any incidence of violent she commits on a police report.

In researching what slavery was sore is or how it's defined in law I came across the fact that in some parts of the South when American slavery was going strong the systems actually did create free time for some of the slaves. Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying this is good or was okay what I'm doing is trying to paint the comparison to what sort of life and what sort of time do you have if someone can repeatedly steal anything everything well abusing you while hitting you will harming you will making you fear for your life? People say just work to get away but if you read above no one's concerned even if they access my finances how plausible is that that I would escape I cannot ship money I do not possess the ability just survive without shelter and I can't walk how far can someone walk in a day and do you need to eat afterwards? Does this cost money? The real sickness here is these games people play with these very basic things are like rocket science and that's exactly the description of narcissistic gaslighting on top of it this society is fucking disease

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