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You Can Be Anything We Want and mn legal police enforced slavery.

You can be anything you want to be if you put your mind to it and or are good at it. 

thats not so much possible with out the concept of isonomia. 

unless everything comes from nothing and you can buy it with money stolen from you after its earned.

when the parties doing the felony, misdemeanor and civil violations that endanger life and well being have not just the backing of police through prejudice enforcement but the local gov title of "protected party"

you might not even get to be alive.

leaving is a factor of money but how possible is it to achieve that when a party doesn't want it and has impunity as far as police willing to so much as ask them to stop. 

But Isnt a Self Filed Criminal Complaint an Option or Civil Court?

yes but how likely is it you can carry out the required actions to under take such a case when laws arnt equally enforced? 

some factors that enable such a case:

  • time, 
  • organizational ability (some what personal property), 
  • ability to meet time commitments, 
  • transportation,  
  • personal property (printer, desk, filing system, computer, internet),
  • literacy and ability to learn (also personal property dependent) (diet and stress plays rolls as well both also functions of personal property. Science backs this see: "neural plasticity" and or "stress affects on memory /rote memory/learning)
  • less tangible but probably real: hygiene and appearance. also heavily dependent on personal property and or facilities 
sans lawyer 

and most of those still apply with a lawyer. some money is involved in either lawyer or lawyer-less approach for most cases I can see. Ofp is an oddity that way and in ways i think make it an atrocity as far as isonomia is concerned. 

A really basic argument there is the person who intends to file one has less to do and it doesnt start till they decide. If the judges let it pass (ive heard you can pay to help that not sure how true) the other party has at max 6 days if i recall correctly to prepare everything they need and or lose rights with out so much as a trial they are at. They are served by the sherif.

in other words unless breaking the law in malice against another could in no way impair any of the components required above civil isnt really an option if someone actually desires harming you and keeping you in harm at risk. 

worse yet any case you can or cannot create is probably dependent on ability to hold on to bits and things that will become evidence. This is just as important if any suite or charges are brought against you but in MN as i found out aparently seperation of powers if it exists has been worked to work you over to the max. 

The police may seperate you from 10s to hundreds of thousands of dollars of personal property/assets/evidence allowing another party to destroy and or threaten them then a year and a half into that and forced labor under threat and continuing thefts... surprise civil/family court you now have to defend you wernt the abuser and probably lose 2nd amendment rights need for warent to arrest even if you can.

from what i can gather the accuser you are the abuser, esp if female could probably stand in the court room stabbing the accused and still win an order for protection. 

id theorize it has something to do with federal money.

OVW? Office of Violence against Women. 

If this is at all the case the state isnt just making salve like conditions for some. its profiting from making you a criminal. its not mentioned very often but once you have that label slavery is legal. 

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States

if i was really clinical id wonder if the average Joe and Jill im part of has devolved enough to confuse duly with twice... kinda like first the civil on hearsay then the criminal based on was the possibly purgerous civil order violated. Funny how child support or jail works too. if you become a criminal for not paying based on her choice than you can legally be a slave.

you lose or you lose. any questions? 

keep it in you pants? well the tack she used on the rubber didnt look like it did good things to that so im not sure why id keep it.... I digress with hopefully a lighter dark mood.   

About my experience with OFPs

Look at one hand. in 32 years i can count the number of times ive been in court on one hand with fingers left over. that was intended plural. You wont find anyone who has seen me be violent. it hasn't happened.
im now an abuser by law not by actions.  The parties who bought this have both physically assaulted me. 

 I dont recall actually buzzing the sheriff in. 

I hit talk and asked whos there on the intercom got mumbling and a few min later "sherifs department" was announced through the door to  my unit or apt  of the empty torture cell ive been basically human trafficked to. I was served on a friday, for a court an hr and a half away with out traffic by car. The two that accused me could have picked the court in this county. not only that, they may have sabotaged the car. I had been stranded for 6 days. its ofly fishy timing and the way the car died was even more suspicious. I calculated the mileage, i wasnt over needing an oil change. No dash lights indicated an issue either. a mile from my apartment the engine seized at at a stoplight. not only that but the parties accusing me had under threat to myself, my animals and an estimated 43k of my property forced the lease i was in in the city that far away and knew that was 20 days from up. they knew I had 20 days to vacate having already been given notice. they knew that was from their commands under threat to labor on their moldy car. 

As per having the sherifs serve them. This is a dirty tactic. I still havent found a clear answer as to if i had to open the door. If i understand correctly had they not been able to serve me it may have delayed this. I will commend the sherif for not serving the passed orders as covid rolled into action. 

It didnt so much matter other than maple grove pd was quite disappointed they couldnt arrest. 

"So can we take him in?"

"no sterns woudnt serve it"

"oh thats really helpful thanks"

between two officers may 2020 on the street out side my parents. 

I had moved back in with my parents jan 2018 after maybe 8mo of bleeding bugs and hell. turned out the main source of bleeding was a massive mold problem at their house. Cosmos cat had died in 2017 and in visiting my friend who lived there I transferred the issue to my apt. Parents instead of dealing with the confirmed mold issue as i moved back in went into abuse and gaslight mode but not before saying they were my landlord and accepting to demanding 6.3k in yet unpaid services. services ive preformed professionally since 2004. Im pretty sure that qualifies as felony theft of service by mn law. Even if you subtract market rate rent for a 10x10 bedroom. aug 2018 they decide to lock me out and ever since police have given 0 fucks about 43k of personal property held and still being destroyed or 2 felony thefts since.

Maple Grove PD Might be unfamiliar with this link bellow

or the fact this has resulted in the remains of one pstd therapy companion animal being held and threatened (she died in their care and her remains were cremated then sent USPS addressed to me at my parents address. aka shes also held mail) while police stopping me from even recovering what was needed for myself let alone Clyde rabbit plus the forced labor in empty apt has resulted in my roommate being the corpse of a 10 year plus animal friend in my freezer. 

the thing about therapy companion animals especially for trauma...this aint it cheif. this is how you fuck someone up in the head. 

good thing Federal documents indicate police look down on mental illness. even better that they require a psych eval for hiring...wait they dont. 

At times maple grove police told me thing such as "you cant file theft you gave them your things moving out" , indication they knew they were lieing is in this gem "your parents can open any mail that goes to their house" 

they can ....mistakenly open something with my name on it. they cant hold it toss it sign my name endorsing a check from it, threaten it etc. 

 but police like paul and Marlene can Apparently do anything because there is no external checks and balances  but there is a code of ..... 

rule number one about police enforced slavery and abuse of citizens club is dont talk about;... im not typing that again. 

rule 2 (probably): we are better than them

rule 3 (probably): to save your back execute all operations and or executions with your knees. 


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