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No ill define your issues and thats not what you say unless i change my mind later then i never said this

 The title is a paraphrased summation of a quote note at 1:15 she tries to tell me what i didnt say to the vet and then what the vet said to me.  i hit nail on head at some point later and ask  "how wouled you know you wernt there"  "thats not important"  i didnt watch it thats from memory ...other than far enough to get the time that part starts. 

Space weather channel I used to follow and why I haven't had time this above is kinda interesting. i wouldnt say i can follow it all and havent been able to even watch it for quite a while.  its the sort of densely packed (info relative to time) that it requires ...oh idk the ability to not be constantly burggled and stalked terrorized and relocated under threat to an amount it would take 18 years working min wage to replace. but hey if the state and police say we are equal and they enforce laws equally then its not happening right? espicially if they dont allow reports and all evidence can be stolen. 

Legislating out behavior by legislating and enforcing around it

Edit: what I wanted to get at here is more complex than I originally had words for. It seems with using law to flip burdens on to average citizens and selectively enforcing some laws but not others we are approaching a society where you work just to replace what's stolen. If you don't you may be committed. Talk about abuse ? Lose your temper with words as someone assaults you?... 


 The Parts to the left are or was me playing with a different mosfet seeing how it would lay out on a board and not wanting to bother doing the design steps or the schematic steps first I just wanted a rough idea because it was in comparison to the other fet that was on the working version one a radically different package But this was a board meant to accompany version 2

Schrodinger's Minnesota law

 Minnesota's current attorney general says in Minnesota  "if you work hard and play by the rules you deserve to keep what you earn" or something along those lines

NPD aspd tactic : shifting mode of communication

 This makes it harder for their victim to present an at a glance view of what they're doing to them Which is more devious parent to child because most people that might help or might empathize sympathize whatever Our culture has a value system that excludes parents from consideration. Ie a parent wouldn't do that. Which is all that is too; a cultural belief

Police enforced perversion and aided forced labor

 8 mo bleeding relocate 50 miles Professional determined parents house has a mold problem as I move back in.

Borat voice : very nice

  Day before yesterday I put a bunch of effort into improving and checking seo related aspects.  Part of what spurred it was desiring an image search for a certain officer to return a certain image.

A simple tip for dealing with NPD lies - you're wrong, you're sick in the head

 other than the fact maple grove police and st cloud police with their back and possibly under hopes of VAWL fedral grant funding... other than the fact the justice system in Minnesota is set to allow people to enslave their adult offspring via one sided enforcement of law a useful question to ask when NPD and or ASPD try to convince you that you are sick in the head is: "why? can you explain how?" same with the blanket "youre wrong John" 

Cruel and Deadly

 This isnt quit being dependent and grow up. Though id suggest if you can only see it that way you were more damaged than finished growing. at 17 and 18 i was working 5 nights a week at a telemarketing gig doing 11 an hr and i seem to recall there was a day shift if not two on the weekends. I had bumped my IT support and consulting prices to 75 first hr and 35 an hr after (accounting for overhead and travel expense in gas and time) 4 regular business clients 2 dozen homes and 30 to 35 an hr. more word of mouth/semi regular.

Open Letter To the Mayor Of Maple Grove

 What income bracket do you have to be in to own people in maple grove? or is it a pay for play to be immune to law when violated against one party? is maple grove a town the ritch or middle class and CTW affiliated can pay to escape the law and terrorize to fill the emptiness with no regards to any level of law? your police force seem to act like it. 

Oct 17, 2019 - video found

 funny may 2020 officer - " i didnt know they would file and ofp"

Job Openings in MN

Are you looking for a career? How about one in taking what belongs to other people? Helping support state revenue streams at expense of freedom, life and future prospects of potentially innocent people?  Well federal office of vaw and the mental health parity act appear to be used in Minnesota  to enable mn police to do just that 

Vancouver in 0.8 seconds

Update (as of 2/10/2021): the server that hosted my flegling biz site is being held by sterns county/st cloud police and the link below is down from my DSL modem on my apartment floor in St cloud Minnesota. Actually from the hypervisor it's connected to with one lan cable the modem is in bridge mode 

Radical concept

 If Minnesota implemented a 3rd party or budget separated entity to audit police behavior and handle complaints maybe the public would end up with less big pay outs for screwing over lives. But less lives would be screwed over and to a lesser extent. Those that are might take smaller pay outs if not just be happy the damage was limited . Something's gota give This isn't justice

2021-02-06 Paul Cirlces No Concern - how mn avoids liability Go back (on this blog) or to wuety06 on youtube marlene is recorded admitting these conditions are a danger to life I deserve everything they do because im a man

Barf Wow that's funny that's so many layers of sad They are applying the American concept of racism To blacks enslaving blacks from a social studies lesson about Hammurabi's code The real breaking news is At least back then it was clear if you are free born or a Slave Go ahead and hate me for this one but what we're doing with racism and sexism in this country is basically the same as Germany demonized the Jewish people it's just a bit more abstract. The definitions of racism and sexism are being twisted around There's a few more angels to it as well

Conditioning suicide (partial timeline and photos of hell)

Their house contaminates my apt I deduced correctly what the issue was 4 years earlier they gas lit 

Tons of Pics

  Above was today below is mostly back in time

EHR Primer and Minnesota EHR audit trail request by patient

 Some people are likely to read this and ask what an EHR is. another term EMRs is for this level the same  Electronic healthcare record Electronic or Medical Record.  

Yale on esoteric law, John on data integrity vs societal refresh

 I'll try to find it later but I recently came across a PDF published by Yale that was using words I can't directly quote because I don't recall the exact language.  it was something along the lines of Why that isn't discrete and objective impedes freedom and individuality because the normal process is 1 gauges their actions with the likelihood of consequence but when actions are a unknown consequence that falls apart Their wording was much more concise

Paul and Marlene Wuethrich

 They have taken Ability to have a clean comfortable place to sit or lay. Ability to maintain basic hygiene Ability to maintain nutritional requirements Everyone I loved My ability to maintain commitments  (Theft , false promises, coerced unpaid labor under various threats) My ability to have any timely accurate medical Care. (see a doctor see another doctor see another doctor oh let's use false police reports to force you into a mental ward) (I know from paying attention at dinner table conversations growing up but there are two main ways of doctor will view you if they are privy to the fact you have been to several doctors in a short period Before them: Doctor shopping for scheduled substances or mentally ill and delusional)(she's a nurse practitioner) (if we don't police this or control but that we might commit dangerous personal vengeance type behavior healthcare is not trustworthy) everything i earned with, everything that intrigued me, worked for, everything I was wor

Minnesota era? Ofp? Predatory government.

I never had much desire to have an in-depth or even greater than cursory knowledge of law. I'm by no means a lawyer but I'm working on what I can before I die which might be pretty soon. On paper the 14th amendment looks like Americans are pretty well covered except and perhaps ironically there was a supreme Court decision titled Slaughterhouse

Stolen vacuums, filters and forced poisions

 Figurative and actual for the last bit. Wasted cash ruined lives. Conditioned Mal adaptive behavior by people likely acting out of a deep seated fear of abandonment and masked superiority complexes. Damaged emotional response until conflict is all they feel. This becomes more than a psych problem when law isn't enforced equally. When standards of evidence are out the window and police and states play separations of powers to the citizens loss (such as ofp and police claming all theft is civil) and the actors making the civil claims with criminal reprocutions are the parents  We start to define slavery and incest destruction. Paul and Marlene use their mold problem like a bio weapon but on top of that try to force Mal adaptive behaviors Condition might be the better word. This apt is a key demonstrator. As is right before it. I have bought two battery powered vaccums over the last 3 years in an effort to both keep cars clean and keep myself from bleeding at the corners of the eyes

Car leaking oil

 This car is leaking oil. What's really sadistic is officer Hanson personally judges all these cars that I don't own well helping steal $43,000 of my stuff But what it creates is psychological conditioning of terror I didn't get to pick any of this where I live what I have felony-level theft won't be allowed reported Not even confessions

Woke screaming

 Clyde's name again . 10k for a lawsuite 600 for a gun. Bout 20 to blow up a car I am irreparably changed and scared. Paul and Marlene benefited in every way from what I realized about their house they just have to take skilled labor after formed in the past for pay since 2004 in police help them to everything i earned and have since allowed them to steal felony amounts two times to put me in this hellhole It feels more like a shakedown than any and designed to help anybody. Put your people have done it to me have been physically violent as well as emotionally traumatic and they don't quit because it's a one-sided restraining order someone's a turtle genius didn't figure that out I find it more likely they did Aka this ensures the cycle and furthers the demand for courts lawyers and police   like civil asset forfeiture lot it's become a new form of predatory government it would be different if the state checked in on the outcome other than to re extend it but th