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Wednesday, February 3, 2021


 The 9mo forced attempt at remediation has lead to a revolutions

Most Ford doors are probably wide enough to conceal steal pipe and a shot gun shell at roughly crotch level and facing out 

Police are terminating my family line.. just out to return the favor. 

Obviously not the slickest move if 9ne hopes to flee. A car with those holes in the door is going to stand out like a soar thumb.

Take it up a knotch if you implement this your self. Rather than flea hump the corpse until backup arrives. Make the car into a large bomb having detonate when your heartbeat stops

To quote The offspring: now that's something everyone can enjoy

you could also look up what frequency allocations are in your area . Something like an RTL SDR for $25 makes it pretty easy to do a lot of things based on a police radio tx

pro tip: the first officer shot in the crotch should be allowed to get away. someone has to tell the story

Maple Grove Police assist fellony level robberies forced labor and human traffiving. The traumatize and terrorize and as long we allow this the states connections to u of m Fairview should be seen as throwing private industry a slave you created after police gave them pstd or aided in cptsd and destruction of their life so maybe pro-tip to is do it outside of the family Court justices house

Or see the post before and get everybody in on the fun. Which clearly this is a stylized article. I won't even be referring to this as fun had I not been made to continue to endure it at the moment crooked cops should be on trial for treason. Either way we can men fire them. Fire them from a cannon headfirst a brick wall dump septic tank on the fucking remains

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