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2021-02-06 Paul Cirlces No Concern - how mn avoids liability
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marlene is recorded admitting these conditions are a danger to life
I deserve everything they do because im a man

note above its mostly the same tactic over and over again. 
"you never worked"
goes to
"you never got paid"

he mis calculates how riled up i am at the end. tries to get me to talk about the cost benefit analysis I've made on here. 
thing is its more sick than it may first seem.
I did not text him anything about that. 
aka when he moves the topic/deflects to that hes also admitting he does read this.
aka everything is his repeat game and he will say it with out saying it. 

fighting the cops killing you and a separate ofp may cost 20k while the cops continue to allow you robbed blind, a gun can cost 20 usd zip gun with shot gun shells or maybe a glock for 600 usd
what im getting at is if you accept law over a free people was to provide a path other than vengeance to justice. (also supposed to be how it created order(court not clan on clan))

then when police allow someone repeatedly robbed and or depleted/ and or the system prices justice above what most can afford and or is bias explicitly or otherwise on some line other than evidence/equal citizens

it shouldnt be hard to see why we have mass shootings especially when its estimated 10k per civil case and one can end up with a zip gun from two lengths of metal pipe for a few dollars. or a proper pistol for around $600.

mn min wage /mo take home after tax 
          1100 ish
$200 maybe savable after expenses required for just work eat repeat and saving. except if someone can steal anything or apparently violate any criminal law... 4.1 years for a maybe victory if you dont hit the statue of limits and or nothing comes up. again that only works if it cant be stolen as well. 

but yeah over 4 years of savings for a min wage employee doing nothing but working and saving. 
vs 3 mo. 
"mentally disturbed" is kinda disturbing. what disturbed them? ending up hungry due to unlawful orders creating human trafficking or forced labor issues? you should be disturbed when you realize almost no sub million dollar income likely protects you from ending up on the street due to unlawful orders and selective enforcement. its a threat to life. its not something we should medicate its something we should legislate. 

any changes to police are unlikely to be effective with out actual consequence for violation and an audit + complaint office separated in funding and staffing. aka try to minimize conflict of interest 

ofp is seemingly set odd as another tool the state can use to worsen matters. when i tried to contact the dv hotline they wanted nothing to do with me. even when police said "if thats true we might be liable" they only got worse and no one mentioned "ofp, hro, etc" but fact of the matter is they helped keep me from any of several printers i own. still dont have much more than my rabbit friend in the freezer and 3 moldy folding tables. 

not hard with animals. do you poke a cornered scared dog?

well apparently if you have the option of involuntary commitment to prison and or fed funding for ofp violation arrest of a man. then i guess you swing at it while calming your state is about human rights. 

and all this is going in circles. ive linked months ago where he says he will pay to have my stuff cleaned. now hes back to only have it all dumped in garage of place that wants me out due to having done mold car under force for 9 mo or nothing

been years since i could cook or eat a decent meal but all he wants to do is tell lies in circles between stealing and stalking

not hard with animals. do you poke a cornered scared dog?
does mn have any reason it should know better? seems so. 
that probably doesnt help throw health care corps with money the "stay in our state" milk bones though. 

how did that work for Dan Markingson? 

mn has implemented first come first serve justice that allows parents to practicly coat hanger abort any adult offspring after 18. with no concern as to the situation or even if they are bound and gaged in the basement. paul and marlene likely sabotaged my only means of transport right before filing. they knew that 9 mo forced labor on moldy car had created a situation where i was in still empty now moldy apt and had 20 days to vacate end of lease on the day i was served. 

not that anyone seems to care (though i bet id have a bullet in my head doing to cops what they do to me)  if i dig i can find Paul claiming:

 "i own you" 2x
"i need control because i want control"
which woiuld have been about a week after the mental hold 2019 i remember where i was when he said it

"lord knows you could use someone to talk to"
both or either telling me i deserve it because im a brat and alternating with they arnt doing anything and or i do it to myself. 

I probably still have the admissions police reports are falsified as weapons. 

i am being terrorized human trafficed poisoned and traumatized while police ignore felony level thefts help ensure evidence is destroyed but act like they have a fetish for enforcing civil court decisions.

at the begining of the recording above its kinda tell tail.
"you called the police on me every time i showed up"
"you were unfriendly"
fucking incest freak. most of the time they would finaly answer before i left the apt they forced the lease on "were not keeping anything from you come get it"

i show up no one answers phone house is buttoned up. 
police show up. 
10 or 15 min top.

longest time it took was hilariously when they thought the ofp was active. wait to prove that effective guys. 

the tone on this site may mislead you. its about the only coping mechanism i have. it also started around the time of the ofps.

i realized i was better off sitting on the public road instead of even parking on their driveway. if it was night id turn the dome light on. if i reach for something i call it out. try asking "how would you feel" put it on the other shoe. also worth noting some mg officers are upstanding. most give respect given back

sargent hanson starts convos with "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE JOHN"

or on the night of the emergency medical hold where he threatened to use force
"I decided before i met you you're going in tonight"

of further note a year and a half later when paul and marlene filed ofps
the court gave 0 concern i had no transportation
4 days notice 6 days into car being broken down. 
20 to move out while police had enabled 9 mo forced labor threat to at first clyde rabbit and my things then Bonnie's  Ashes (held usps) Clydes body (still in my freezer) 43k by my best estimate so far of my personal property and things other people paid for not included. 

also note he said two storage garages on the call? thats the first ive heard of a second. the first he wouldnt give me the address to until a month before i was supposed to move out. 
covid is the only reason i didnt end up on the street but its a pretty precarious situation at the moment

i have seriously cptsd and am being conditioned by trauma and terror to stop eating and or kill myself. because any time i act they break law to counter it.

but with the refusal of police to allow confessions on theft reports and mg police censoring the report to read "kicked out a kid who never left home" 

its insanity producing. meanwhile paul will text commands like "service my car"
i go down to the garage (im the only one on the lease at this apt) 
find that not only is there an error on the dash but someone put fricking tape over the light to try to block it. found the rear passanger side tire 10lbs low all other tires fine. 

this is sadistic. 

mg censorship by a baby with a badge... Rory can i get you a copy of the little cop that could (stop killing but wont?)  seriously I was making $50 first hr $25 an hr after doing small business IT support in 2004 were you done picking boogers? can you stop personally judging on hear say while you allow evidence destroyed, bunnies killed and human traffic people?

too much to ask?

apt in fargo, 2012/13?


Cosmos second to last day alive. :(. i love you too. Cats wink to say "i love you"

Bonnie 2015

their basment nov or later 2018

blew this out after 9 mo forced labor on their car

fargo apt on another day

back yard of a house rented in fargo

2017 apt 

some stuff recovered yeah rory its enough... want some? 

this was for contract. still undeliverable.  

maple grove native designs circuit boards. police mess up and state helps execute him or commit him despite no record now also labeled abuser for being abused. 

if avoiding pay outs at the expense of life is the aim... we're doing it right.  

im sorry Bonnie. 

I cant process theses losses. i cant even touch their favorite toy. 
the computer stolen april 2020 had what i need or a portfolio also legally paid for by money earned for webdesign copy of adobe cs 4 master suite ($2000 purchase) and several other smaller suites usable for earning or say, finishing a painting i once started of Clyde and adding Bonnie 
note the computer is second shelf up. i have these shelves in the garage, i haulded set up but up stairs nothing. they were required to hope to take apart and demold the car marlene had been driving to childrens. 
or does the court need to order my corpse to learn that coping mechanisms can be art while the police and court have allowed someone claming to own me to make it so every day i wonder if the power goes out does Clydes body rot?

me 2017 with one fine looking old friend(maybe end of 2016/same diff)
I named Cosmos in 2001. I loved space, hes named after the heavens. 
i had visit a spacex launch on the todo if funds /future pans out plan. 

lmao how stupid to plan. 
somewhat sarcasm as a coping mech but ive detailed it here.. this system is a disaster. the length of time and savarity is likely to have shortened my life already and i know the projection was something like 3 million for my gen to retire but yet paul and marlene are allowed to steal 3k worth of things form my garage again in april and trying to get confession on a police report = we need to evaluate your mental state. 

shoot me fuckers. give me a knee you fucking cowards. this is incest slavery

this was a pet friendly hotel. which... what kinda animal is/was Clyde? predator or? guess what it smelled like every day? first few years i had him i didnt see him sleep once. he rolled off the bed after i took this and resumed for pay work across the room. tried to roll over in the sun lol. you cant abuse that sort of trust from rabbits and its worth noting most dont see the age 7. he was at least a year and i think bonnie a year and a half when i got them . end of 2007 start of 08. he should still be alive. i have the call the day she died. they did everything they could to make it seem they did something to her. they probably didnt other than wheres john? and mold house, legions, stopped giving her antibiotics. 
Bonnie Died end of 2018 clyde a little into 2019. 
mgpd helped.
as in showed up at staybridge hotel to insist i give paul the rental keys back.
it was -11 f that day. 
3hrs after check out my extreamly sr rabbit has now wet his travel cage i have 1 car key for a moldy car paul lied about having anything done to. one he also made snow blow through to create the issue. 
i was threatened if the hotel c harged anything for clyde i would be sent to an empty apt with 0 cash 
while they used mgpd to help keep 40k of my things . 43/same diff. 
pretty much what happened anyway. i ended up having to dry clyde on my shirt. we then went into pets mart with me holding him and bought a new carrier. 

shortly after ariving at empty apt he started losing the ability to walk. 

state of mn 
it puts the lotion on its incest human property skin and it gets the police and court again. 
I saw that garage 2x. he had picked it he drove both times moving out of st cloud 2018. this sounds well and good... except its full to the celing and a 2 person move

god damn u fucking perv. 
hes essentially enabled the repeat game. 
repeat how im raping your life for me fucking up my hhouse with decisions i made finishing it while you were in elementery school. the mold spread to my apt when Cosmos cat got sick and died in 2017

in mn police will help you rob someone blind then force labor till civil court finishes it off

seperation of powers played against c itizen 

in mn inncest human trafficing and forced labor is enforced by police. 
maple grove police will handle all your needs up to and including murder. 
ctw affiliation may be required. 

Clydes current resting place
they have Bonnies ashes


the domain name might expire but this is set to stay online even with out it until /if google removes blogger is when it goes down. aka i wanted somethintg that if need be tells my story even if im dead. 



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