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A concern

 When the police participate in felony-level theft human trafficking and cover abusers both physical and extreme psychological

When I'm forced to labor on something my doctor is told me to get away from and that's also been made sure that it's the only means of transportation when it becomes causal to the death of my pet when the party's the police cover and showed the death of the other one or rather both did both

When the malnutrition is past the 3-year Mark and 30 days of thunder in 2019

when after separating me from everything I owned and had work for let alone been given by anyone is followed up by to felony-level thefts and several others in between

Risk of basically every mortality skyrockets

But be it stroke, heart disease diabetes disfigured disabled or a voice silenced by death

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Redhot chili peppers were probably the first band that I really like d actually second The offspring was probably first. OMC how bizarre was the first song ever memorized but that's kind of love topic now song about husband on my mind quite a bit.

As as this concept that I haven't heard mentioned neurological diversity or diversity of thought I think it's as important as any other.

I'm not going to try to justify it here but suffice it to say it's quite possible that a product shipped tomorrow will literally be able to read what's going on in your mind. We might days to months the time. Isn't relevant really from the literal thought police.

and the problem with that is if you condition certain modes of thought either by terror or societal Norm without consideration to logic and or individual outcomes it's very hard pattern to break if technology enables the actual reading and punishment of thoughts or darker where we're going we don't need roads would be one way to put it

Actually Google:

 machine learning decodes image from human mind dry external electrodes

And try to keep in mind the advertising on this site and any that you see it is a system where you pay Google or whoever is the advertising Network to put your ad on their Network.if you were to say click one of the ads on this page I get a small percentage. The reason I say that is there's obviously incentive to be able to determine if you looked at it or just miss clicked it.

Or in other words there's more than nefarious use cases and there's a lot of money behind it or what it could enable or save.maybe a better way is the effect it could have on corporation's profit s

the point about the dryer external electrodes and why that's Bad news bears for coming to market soon is traditionally it was assumed you would have to put electrodes into someone's skull. all kinds of reasons like infection that you were not going to see that happening. And maybe not all kinds of infection but the kinds that are possible are enough. But what's now been demonstrated could be in a baseball cap or a variety of other devices held to or worn on the head.

With the way things are going I doubt we'll know the first device using that data collection or that it's collecting that data.

I can reason a bit more than that but some secrets are worth keeping

Even if im poised to win the race to where we're going. 

To borrow a bit from Ron White... I bet I beat the paramedics there by a good half-hour


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