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It's kind of funny this one says make sure you go to court make sure you have a lawyer make sure you dress nice. Even 15 years old and interviewing at mc Donald's I wore a tie. Maple Grove police Police have ensured I'm out nearly 50 thousand dollars worth of personal property and continuing to face human trafficking like conditions that started August 2018. Even if I had wanted or been able to attend within the time frame or on the actual date that the summits requested I would not have been able to wear tie let alone put together the information I needed do you have any hope of arguing anyting.

I really want to believe that this is some sort of mistake that court system wouldn't work with the police so basically throw corporate healthcare mental wards or mental services and social workers court-mandated patients and clients after unlawful orders from the police create the destruction.

But everything I can find points to that.more so there's nothing in the way of safeguards in the system that would prevent that Minnesota is even made it Criminal or potentially criminal as far as I can see to attempt to file a complaint against the police. you're essentially file it with your organization you're complaining about or the particular officers organization then they decide if they're member or themselves are guilty of this and if they decide otherwise you might end up a criminal again or facing more Court.

Meanwhile Nothing stops them from putting you on the street.

in fact the more compliant you are the more likely you are to get basically sold into slavery

But there's not a lot I can see that one can do because at minimum wage in a town someone else pick 4 u building yourself up from nothing while they steal felony amounts.

Actually let's subtract what's best for a moment take home after taxes is like 1100 a month at minimum wage take 600 out for rent by the time you up food assuming you already have kitchen stuff which I do but has been kept from me for over a year-and-a-half probably more like two or two and a half years now I can't even keep track of time if you look below I have a moldy folding table for a desk.

but assuming a court case cost around $10,000 which is the average I found assuming you already had kitchen stuff and transportation that would be about four years of eating I'm doing nothing but saving to be able to afford it.

What's the statue of limits on such things or is the time length if it's not the same terminology? for the complaints I mean because it appears to me we've also Christ out trying to stop the police from potentially unlawful orders that could leave you on the street and -30 degrees Fahrenheit no matter what you do because who do you call when the police are aggressive in predatory? you call your lawyer will if they're not enforcing me laws but giving you orders away from anything you could even sell to afford your lawyer how practical is that?

I graduated Maple Grove Senior high in 2006. 

no one mentioned the fact that I should have a lawyer on retainer and $10,000 in case any of my blood relatives wants to poison me.

then steal all my things threaten my at the time living rabbits. My rabbits that were technically pstd therapy animals. From events in 2007 I had sought help when I realized I needed it or would probably benefit from it. It wasn't so much in need as I thought it would be the point is unless Marlene is deleted it with her access to electronic medical records via  children's there should even be a record of that.

What you want find is anyone who can truthfully say they've seen me be violent. In 2007 aurate someone was in my apartment trying to grab an expensive camera out of my hand I used a defensive toss maneuver and put them on the ground lightly put my foot on his chest and asked if we're done when you said yes I offered my hand and pulled them back up other than an army grunt once punching me in the head without any warning and then punching me again when I tried to stand up that's the two fights I've been in in my adult life.

I should mention this is including all of the travels I've done all of the people I've known all the places I've worked.

Actually correction once I got between a brother and another brother engaging in a family feud and covered my head while I was getting smacked repeatedly warning him to stop. until I eventually use my legs and sent him clear across the room. 4 years in a row biking national MS society MS 150 will do to you. I think I was maybe 19 when that occurred and Senior high I ran track I had to weight bench in the living room in my parents basement and it was the summer of 10th grade the last time I rode the MS 150 but I was managing 25 miles an hour on flat land keeping up with a team of road bikes well I was huffing it on a full suspension mountain bike. I'm not sure where it starts and ends now but it used to be Duluth to lake Elmo in 2 days.

 what I've just described is actually part of being able to take care of oneself.

July 2018 Marlene ran got in front of me and started pushing me when I went to the hallway cabinet to grab a soda before returning to the 10 by 10 foot room I was told I was renting. When I stepped back to end the confrontation I ended up with my back at the railing to their basement she stepped forward and continued shoving me. Eventually I felt one of my bare feet slip on the wet tile floor under me. I gently as one can took her by the arms and we slowly in a steady position walked over to a corner we stopped I let go and I ducked around the corner in case she tried to hit me. No one got hurt I ended the risk to my life which might have very well been to hers as well because if I did start to go over that railing having lost my footing and happened to grab her hand she would have landed on her head just the same as I would have

Or another words even if the only thing the court is concerned with is Marlene safety that is still on Marlene for trying to kill her son. But instead iPhone did peaceful ending that negated the risk and neither party had to feel pain

The moment I caught her arms she yells out you bastard I brought you into this world I can take you out and then Paul call the police.

Then both stood there screaming leave.I've managed to not have to go to court because I don't get in trouble I've been way too busy but less than five times in 30 I don't even know how old I am anymore 2 or 33 years doesn't really matter I don't have many left. Nor any benefit for working myself nearly to death.

Paul is a union organizer dealt with the police quite a few times and the court system.if I had the money I'd pull background checks on both of them I barely have a desk or flat surface have a Walmart folding table growing their mold from their house.


this system to label me an abuser after literally and psychologically beating me to a pulp and continuing to.

Even when I was living there for 8 months Marlene was throwing clothes I would launder and place on my bed in the little room she said she was the landlord of she would enter and place them on the garage floor or the basement floor.

I pretty much left with what was on my back for her benefits because she had a surgery I suggested hey she's following her around screaming at me maybe she's recovered better if I wasn't here for a week or two?

Should have tried to push me over a railing about two weeks before maybe maybe more I've got the date of that incident I found it in my camera roll

I tried to contact the DV chat line and they basically told me you should out of luck no one wants to help and if we we're giving real names we might have to report you. I was literally shove until one of my feet slipped I did no shoving in return I calmly walked us to a corner stopped let go duct around the corner in case you tried to hit me. Can the state at least answer if I was supposed to let her push me over the railing? as we walked to the corner she screamed you bastard I brought you into this world I can take you out of it Paul call the police.

Paul and Marlene are both experienced with the legal system I've been to court less than five times

How does ability to prepare for anything work when someone makes you sick it results in 8 months of bleeding as you are offered a place at their place and told that their the landlord it's confirmed it's their house that made you bleed.

But I had lost my lease after 8 months of bleeding we're still trying to keep my third party obligations or pay and for Hope of future by people that have been very good to me in the past

So I relocate 50 miles to Maple Grove the mold pro determines there's a problem at their house the bleeding continues but it was a little better if only because there's a lot more air space in there than the apartment

Also I had filters to run but Marlene begins gaslighting outright denying what the mold pro said she wasn't even with him for the meetingboth Marlene and Paul start doing passive aggressive things like hiding my keys.telling me when to go to bed even though I have deadlines and I'm bleeding from the eyes from their house. Screaming that I'm delusional and need medication don't worry they'll call the crisis center and how many medicated so they start false police reports

and I know of at least one that would probably indicate the police knew I had just moved back in

Amazon was involved

But it was basically scream at me tell me to leave while you're holding my keys tell me if I leave I'll lose everything I've got to live rabbits or had. Rabbits that I've cared for it since 2007 and 2008 they were technically pstd therapy companion animals.

They were suffering as well if I even try to go to sleep next to them like Marlene would come out of the room and scream at me to go to my bedroom to go to sleep. I've had trouble sleeping or falling asleep my entire life it's pretty clear why.

Every time I turn around my tools or somebody else's things entrusted to me are moving. AKA Marlene had moved them, throw them in the trash, thrown them outside( in the rain and the snow) hid them in the basement. The moldy basement 

When they scream leave they had the keys so then it was I have to beg for the keys to be able to do it if they're screaming at me while they're telling me I'm delusional but what can I do at this point I had put all of my time into a very lucrative project the state wants to burn me at the stake it's just about got me dead anyway.

so when I come back I was obviously up to no good even though it was screamed at to leave and I was leaving like once a week. Sometimes the battery cable would be disconnected on the car they were doing everything to make sure I could make no commitment to anyone

Except it also demand come help me on the computer upgrade this or that I want that better which is our $6,300 of services I have performed professionally for pay since 2004 were rendered

But for that I was rewarded with Maple Grove Police rewarding them with everything of mine and then ofp is after a year-and-a-half of human trafficking forced labor conditions on their moldy car

How in the absolute heck can it be that in between there because of false police reports I get hauled to a mental ward given a mental diagnosis but then still separated from everything I worked for everything I've had over 10 years of not living at their house. Everything needed for basic adult life has been kept from me stole from me again even if they give it back meanwhile for a year-and-a-half pre ofp Maple Grove Police made sure that I couldn't enter the place where I was more than rent current 8 months $6,300 for a 10 x 10 room?

this is sick I don't want to do this but I can't escape it because even after that they came and stole felony amounts from me this is the Pinnacle of state-enforced incest destruction human trafficking and slavery

Rory Hanson says they give me enough so I guess it's indentured servitude to an unspecified amount?

Here's the real kicker I've got confessions of the felony-level theft after the ofp

Asking to have it added to a police report I wasn't suggesting I need another mental hold or I need my mental state evaluated you know when over 2 years you're physically and emotionally beat to a pulp moved around 50 miles St cloud to Maple Grove 8 months then five hotels three cities a hospital and mental ward 14 hotel rooms then back to St clould not by choice but under duress forced threats to my animals or at that point just Clyde rabbit because Bonnie rabbit had died

Then Paul threatened to put Clyde in the washing machine so I ended up getting him and bringing him to the hotel with me I wish I could have done the same to Bonnie

I love them as much as I love any human. A big part of the reason she died was they made the choice about when she goes to the vet while Maple Grove Police were barring access to the home.

Well before the ofp

I went to Fargo North Dakota in 2006

Adult Bonnie and Clyde in 2007 for most of the time they lived in Fargo with me.

They haven't been to the vet separately in probably a decade. She got scared to death at the vet

The pictures you see of Clyde next to her when she's dead I brought him there so he could say goodbye.

That's who I am.

I sat with him for three hours while he mourned well we mourned.

I would have stayed longer but the vet closed.

The state is disgusting I do not have it in me to do this anymore I am on a filthy matches the Clyde died on alone in an empty apartment that I would be on the street do to their forced labor they knew that when they filed the ofp is I had 20 days to find a new place while they were sitting on 43 Grand of my things separated from the alita lock change eviction that Maple Grove Police enforced

 I just realized it does actually define state-enforced incest and destruction.

Try to argue that police enforce civil courting of family members isn't incest.

You won't find a person that says I've been violent towards them. Other than perhaps Marlene and Paul perjuring themselves if one reads the text or the email or listen to the recorded calls it's pretty clear that what they do is take it out of context if anything they say is true in a claim and what they're doing to me and dangers might light. But on top of that both have laid hands on me in anger during that. Discussed in the ofp I have never laid hands on them other to walk us away from the drop risk at the railing when she was trying to push me over it and was in too close to go right or left this is literally what was I supposed to let her kill me because there would have been contact either way if I try to do right or left and it would not have been good for me because turning sideways I can literally back to the railing I stepped back to try to end it because I didn't want to be in a fight with my mom she got in front of me and started pushing me I step back and she steps forward and keeps pushing while my back is at the railing I was barefoot on wet tile floor

This is so sick it's taking everything from me the things that they did to me the mold problem was the decisions they made when I was in elementary school about how they finished their basement they were general contractor. And yeah they did hire subcontractors like legitimate firms to do it so I'm likely to be dead though because I'm getting just beat physical contact has been made she slammed the car door on me later to he shoved me across the room which was ironic because a few minutes earlier he had said do you know why I'm better than you job I never lose my cool and it's at that point I realized he doesn't care about living beings or see them correctly as living beings or similar to himself that's the whole NPD thing. I've read cards don't like it when you do this but I'm an only child they were 40 when they had me I grew up around adults I intellectualizing if I didn't I probably would have hit somebody by now because I know coping mechanisms but I am at my limit I've even found the studies that show that if you starve someone or make sure they do malnourished you negatively affect just about everything about their body their life their life span but also their emotional inhibition

Minnesota did the Bing Minnesota hunger experiment we should know better which likely indicates we do

Predatory police credit or a state allowing parents to pray on their young after extracting labor not only on the computers I built for them and the network but also I had started the mold remediation follow the mold pros instructions to the best of my ability I was the one who surmised it was mold he confirmed it don't get me wrong I'm not qualified to do that .but I had been on a volunteering trip after hurricane Sandy and at one point cleaning a house that was really really fuzzy because of hurricane Sandy I had bumped my respirator. It was 2014 I thought that their house had a problem the first time. Because I smelled the same smell.

50 feet of wall1500 square feet of carpet and pad plus the deck from the other side of that wall all team out of that house 11 months later when was there mediated November 2018 it was a paid remediation job. Marlene had been tracking mold into a NICU for 18 years I have pictures of the car before I had regular access to it under black light

whatever is fetish the state has for my death I'm really trying hard to be something this is really sick 

Given anything appropriate to fix the non electrician and a basic place to organize anything I don't even have a desk or my printer I only three printers I work for them actually one I was given by a CPA office that I work for for over 10 years doing their it support consulting and building custom workstation computers for them backup solutions this is insane. It's highway robbery everything of mine is still being destroyed then they come and steal again but I'm I'm the abuser because they made it to court first and likely there's money in it if I were to give a strong violation that would allow me arrested. Every indication is federal office of violence against women and gives money for that arrest so I can't exactly pin it yet.

I found the document from 2017 to 2020 saying the state is focusing heavily on or ofp and that is all about that grant money as far as I can see

This is literally allowing parents to cannibalize their kids after forcing labor and I'll make them a slave of the system

I really don't want I can't live like this. I do not deserve this these are not my mistakes that I am suffering for these are not my decisions and I'm suffering for. I can show I did what was agreed on with them with third parties and I have the working I had working product I was doing repairs for pay while I was doing that. I taught myself UV lithography and circuit board CAD the ee concepts required to make my own working circuit boards of custom designed for contract. But to one up that I then used tools I had acquired over 10 years to build the tools to rapid prototype to do the UV lithography and cupric chloride patch of the circuit boards I designed. I built the tools to build circuit boards and taught myself how to do all that. 

If this is what Minnesota thinks is best for me I really fear for this state.

 I don't have any delusion that I'm going to be the next big anything but this is not a good trend to set. Especially since I can tell you the fights I've been in since adulthood when I use the defensive maneuver because someone was repeatedly trying to grab something out of my hand in my apartment but the moment he was down I said are you good are we good and then I helped him back up.

Another was I got punched every time I tried to stand up.

If you read closely or if anybody actually wants to see the evidence the written or the recorded calls everything they say is about their pride and their ego. They will be actually killing me and then bend my words and justify it by saying along the lines of you said this stretch how dare you say that stretch but that's all they'll talk about when they made sure I can't eat under threat to everything mind that the police were helping them hold and still destroy

They threatened Bonnie Bonnie's ashes. Also held mail

I really did the feeling though that the way this works out the state is getting exactly what the state intended by setting the system that way otherwise I would have been at the trial or had a chance to rather than police enforcing human trafficking and then surprise for days notice to a trial will you have 20 days to figure out how you're not going to be on the street and have been stranded for 6 days to a car that Paul and Marlene likely sabotaged.

If you listen or want to one of the main things I've wanted is my bike followed by my kitchen my health is in decline because it has been about a decade since I have been able to pay attention to it but none of the hard work I put in his worth anything either because the police take it away or rather allow mom and dad to say I can't come out and play with things other people paid for

I can't say for sure but Paul is probably only still alive because of me and my quick actions in 2004. I don't like saying I saved him maybe he would have survived either way but that adds a level to this insanity.

it also adds the fact that I realized I had some trauma issues to work through because I was having reoccurring thoughts like I am now but I can't cook a meal I can't get on my bike I haven't been able to touch my computer because they stoled it I have a laptop with a full solid state drive because I have two or three years of calls recorded but what value is that I didn't get a chance to use the and the police won't do anything about the repeated theft but I've got there mold problem even though they paid to be rid of it they use it like a bio weapon

Sorry the point I was trying to make his back around 2007 I sought counseling on my own accord for the reoccurring thoughts and the depression and anxiety. I was doing really great that's why I say Bonnie and Clyde were technically companion therapy animals they were more so my friends but there was a time when that was one of their big functions for me. I hadn't had anxiety attacks in over half a decade or actually the last time I was at Paul and Marlene's before

which is when Marlene started with the you're delusional I'm going to get you forced medicated there's nothing in our house. It's about their ego it's not about what happened or didn't happen. I've done oodles of research hours on hours even before any of this happened because I like psychology the hardest thing for me to hold onto is what they are. Because they tell me they're not they'll tell me they're not hitting me while they're hitting me literally and figuratively then they'll tell me it never happened. This time I was smart enough to record quite a few things and they'll tell me that never happened I point out it's recorded and it's fuck you're recording or so what?

As per anybody trying to paint me violent though?I put a lot of hypothetical ideas on here but that's just what they are.

I haven't been in fights other than that and my mom trying to shove me over the railing 

you won't find people that truthfully tell you that I'm violent because I'm not.

 I use my words and I rarely feel hate towards anyone let alone actually intend them harm.I say rarely because I can't actually think of the last time but I can't say it hasn't happened I don't know that's how rare it is though I haven't even sought revenge against anybody.  Idon't do that that's not me. I was too busy on top of it but it's not me I don't know what I was busy for though because all I'm getting is isolated execution breathing in and blowing out other people's mold.

Paul wheatridge literally claimed to own me two times then to have bought me.January 20-21 me to repeat the word slave on the phone while I was 3 days hungry in an empty apartment with Clyde rabbit in in the freezer

They made me show every cent I spent on the forced labor of their car twice in the same month even though I had anticipated the budget or calculated a budget calculated what was needed to do it like physically what I need to be able to do it time-wise what I need what effects that.. and roughly how much it would take to the point where I was even saying hey cakes more one month one month it takes more and then it's done shortly after. You're making me do something I'm not qualified to do is not safe for me is not in line with my medical advice it's not something I'm sure I can do in this environment that you forced the apartment they picked out. If I could do it hears about what it would cost here's what I would need please transfer the title I will sell it scrap it take whatever juncker I can get but they would not allow it or allow the budget Met

When I left for the hotels I had another client that I was setting up a web server for. I took a drastic cut due to delays like the mental due to being flung around between hotel rooms on Paul short bookings some of them or longer but I've described elsewhere the terrorized they literally terrorized anyway they can they will make it so you are doing what they want you to do. Whether it be come and steal something from you or put a rumor in the manager's head like he's molding up the hotel room after they stole the vacuum attachments from the no I'm serious and this was right after Bonnie diedwas

It was a huge project as well so by the time I get into the apartment they picked out and forced under threat of me on the street nothing and Clyde 2.

well Maple Grove help them hold onto $40,000 or 43 of my stuff stuff other people paid for as well custom-made projects amsteel 6300 in skilled labor I perform since 2004 for small businesses even and for NDSU. And the thing is at scsu I was taught that if you're known to provide a service professionally and someone accepts it or allows it performed they're obligated to pay for it.I did really well in business law I've only had one course but I really enjoyed that. Only I kind of feel that I got a lot of false expectations out of it.

what no American really expects is hey you save someone's $500,000 paid off house you did $6,300 labor for them and here come the police to give them everything you ever worked for.

anyway I was able to Bill $2,000 around the time I got into this apartment a month or two after maybe too independent small business third party..

I had estimated what it would take for the car and mentioned hey I have to get in this I can't get it wet with the treatment solution and use it for every meal this is insane plus the stuff only works if it dries it cost $40 a gallon. Basically they ensured it was like constantly working against myself and or having caustic stuff drip on my head from the skylight or moonroof just to ensure that it went to waste cuz I needed it for every meal because they put me in this empty hell hole

but they cut what they gave me to make sure I could not afford to actually do the project that they threatened if I did not they would get rid of all of my things

And so it went for nine months. What I believe actually caused the end of that was I realized children's hospital if informed what Marlene was driving to work for insurance purposes and demonstrating they acted as soon as they became aware in good faith might have to terminate her all the sudden boom cars gone scrapped faster than anything I've ever seen them do

they won't burn hundreds of thousands of dollars to hurt me meanwhile burning everything I work for making sure I am alone in terror this is so sick not many people would be on words right now.

 When Clyde died

 A week later my dad asks why is the car not done or why is it going so slow I said can you think of any reason why I'm slow this week?

I can list a hundred of your problems but I'm not going to HOP around all night .

they're trying to force me into counseling which if I'd needed I will get but I had other things in my life for my future I need one to be able to have my things for basic health back to to be able to have control of my time back but felony-level thefts and human trafficking like conditions are preventing that

3 once I have control in my time I owe people things they paid for this has hurt my credit my credibility and my social safety net

I've already seen the police pull the your Man why are you dependent on anyone or why would you need anyting why aren't you just working

if the state wants to define exactly what is of value to people who paid for it in California or put a muzzle on Rory that would be great the most unprofessional officer I've ever seen. I've seen them in Iceland Germany Spain mainland Italy Sicily France and Canada. Never have I seen one as unprofessional as Rory Hanson.

If I understand right he's 28 years old I'm about to turn 32 I was making $75 first hour 30 to 35 an hour after doing it support for small business I had for regular clients by the time I turned 18 or my last year of high school for regular small business two dozen regular home clients more than that that were every once in awhile clients I also had a telemarketing position refinancing home loans for $11 an hour but he's sitting there telling me that they gave me enough they give me everything they give me enough they don't owe me anything because my parents told him falsehoods and even when I've been calling and trying to explain the word allegedly to the Sargent if only amuses the other officers present

Despite the tone of this blog that has been with all the respect with. Let's try that again that's been with far more respect than was due. I have most of the interactions recorded I haven't been disrespectful to any of them to their face and this came well after most of the interactions It's A coping mechanism.

I mean hey I read some crap online they are destroying everything I work for my health my life they're doing it based on let's call it hearsay let's call it potential truths let's pilot potential lies

Let's call it they want it let it happened to their things

Let's also call it they're trying to force their view of reality to justify the harm they do. Because I've also tried to point out to Rory Sargent Hanson how much I worked he doesn't want to hear it he just keeps feeding me what my parents pet him. Which is why I start to wonder how much of this is coordinated between the police and the civil courts

because it's almost perfect if you have the police taunting while this goes on because they can get you either way then in this scenario they are very much the lethal playground bully backing the lethal playground bully I would bet my life Paul and Marlene are both cluster B full-blown personality disorders I would bet my life but where I am there doing it for me

Last topic is tremendously overwhelming I don't have a table or a printer to organize anything on. One thing I fear though Marlene has showing willingness to try to kill me to falsify police reports repeatedly, to sign my name on legal documents to hold my mail to open my mail to sign things from my mail

She has or likely has full access to anybody's healthcare records. This is a disturbing realization. More so because as far as I can see and I haven't looked enough yet it would be totally up to children's and what is it Allina that children's is connected to? it's up to them how often they review the audit logs or what policies they would have in place to catch anybody trying to unauthorised change record or view or whatever access..

We have created a system where none of the parties are trustworthy and none of the systems we know how to build to ensure trust are there but yet we want to hang people on here say this is not okay

I can't stand for this. I didn't do anything things are still being done to me that actually risk my life my future my security and even my bodily integrity possibly even heartbeat


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