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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Ad revenue

Half way to first payment. Most comes from the self hosted vengeance tech site. Which would do a lot better if police wouldn't allow multiple fellony level thefts and human trafficking with forced labor.

 Point is there's lots of ways to earn but the old saying it takes to make holds true.

Meanwhile police confronted with confession of feeling level theft instead say they need to evaluate my mental state 

10 a month isn't nothing though esp considering this site costs 12 a year for the domain and it's blogger. The other domain costs the same and hosting is a dsl connection I would have anyway. At 10 a month it's covering most of the cost for enabling the hosting. At 20 it would cover the power and knock 2 off normal internet monthly 

That server on the floor running that site demonstrates I can assemble parts sourced from eBay and new egg all the way to running a software defined network on the hypervisor that powers Amazon web hosting services 

But Paul and Marlene plus police keep enabling terror and death that makes it more likely I'll be dead before the payout at 100usd


That article is on the server described . It's problatic when someone can define the value of what u do after the work or allow someone else to take everything yours repeatedly 

Esp when Sargent Hanson justifies it with the people doing it have given me enough. What's enough to justify repeated thefts and deadly conditions ? Also

Nice robe bro where u keep the gavel?

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