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Friday, February 5, 2021

Lesser considered form of predatory policing and government

 It dawns on me that if you're willing to blurred the line between civil law and criminal law and have police enforcing civil law and telling citizens everything is civil at the same time...

Then you might have thought through the fact that in a world where businesses with the wealth supply York state government with its funding via taxing in large part the employee rather than the employer. Because any state can cut that rate charge to the employer and the employer has the resources to pack up and move.

The cursing you. If this is the system and you have no morals or very few

You can use police forcing people to hospitals as a government handout for the healthcare industry in your state

with the slightest of coordination you can have events that would enrage anyone and rightfully so because their life is being endangered but you don't allow criminal law enforced instead you haul them off to a hospital

I don't see anything that prevents it I'm pretty sure I experienced it. It's not that anyone's out to get me it's just our system is absolutely fucked

Meanwhile the u of m somebody wrote a paper on civil asset forfeitureas it pertains to predatory police and predatory government and policing for profit

 and is like groundbreaking

/end  sarcasm

If you want to see how sick this might be if it's Minnesota

Dan markingson is where you start looking.




But what you might not know and what makes this all the more plausible is everybody get something if you do that. Assuming there's an electronic release on file or involuntarily held / abducted signs one

actually if you access one of the electronic portals for your patient records you might have signed this away too

what I'm talking about is this at least that bad organization every record generated is viewable by the police

the only state that I know of to change this or to put laws in place to prevent this from being exploited is California

What's extra odd is depending on the state you're in if you want to see who's accessed your records you might need to hire a lawyer to pull the audit trail.

But what enabled the police and a lot of this nastiness was called HIPAA law and it was passed under Bill Clinton.

He's also the reason we have a lot of interesting policing or the funding for it. Fiscal policy as far as I know he was a little early for my time but we were on track to be doing pretty good I can't entirely Bash Bill Clinton but I won't say that I know much either that was elementary school for me and start of it

But the other thing to keep in mind is  mad in America link I provided

People who are involved with the creation of the DSM which is equatable to say colleges Bible diagnostic standards manual have come out and basically said we never intended it to do this and even with what we intended there's quite a few problems with it

Mainly we didn't have objective criteria for all of the diagnosis

Or in other words it's highly subjective independent on the individual doctor you see in their opinion but it might have life-altering consequences and it might be incredibly hard to fight

Freedom is under attack and it's not just the government that wants to take it or some partnership but it's not really about you it's about the money from you or what they'd get from holding you or what they can put you through to earn in research dollars

Think it through a bit more in everything being genetic has another purpose

if they don't teach you what you're doing and how it might harm kids that you have

Or worse yet if they cater to your fears of if your kid is the problem which is pretty low fruit but don't count them out because it's basically telling you you're right and we love doing that

what this does is guarantee they not only see you for life but you're going to be signing away your kid to a lifetime of medication as well

There are really good mental health professionals don't get me wrong

The more we force ones that people don't pick on people bigger issue this is

If you find My article called EHR primer at the end of it I discussed some issues with how the logs and records are kept or potential issues as well

which again the more we give them Powers traditionally reserved for government to even decide if you're free to leave or let alone  have the police force you to them

any potential flaws in the methodology of the record-keeping system becomes pretty critical if anybody's going to be held responsible for what's done to you

We have this really messed up that had of me of business or government

In theory government has forms where it exists to protect you.

In theory business if you're free to leave wants to keep you happy

But when government can force you to business and government can enforce putting you back in business if you try to leave this is about the worst form of both

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