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Ascertaining validity of complaint

 I hate to even call it an argument. I think it's absolutely sick because every time the domestic violence number is advertised I've learned first-hand but if that's based on police reports that number is Ally especially with the gender skew. But if you look into lawyers or FBI statistics you'll find not only do the stats show something disturbing about what's actually happening the definition of domestic violence we've basically outlawed being able to have an argument with your partner. We if outlawed having an argument with your partner an argument doesn't mean physical argument memes can you even talk it out. You're not even trusted do that if someone calls the police and then on top of it knowing that partners that are that way loud argument or worse violence actually loud argument isn't that you should be heated if it gets to a point where mission and always be heated Duncan me wrong but if you care there should be some attachment then if something is serious that justifies being loud and no one else has to judge especially not one-sided when there might be funding available for an arrest. Especially not when we claim it's about women and children but really even if the child tries to escape on adulthood or has their own thing going on Minnesota is basically enabled kill you're adult offspring at any time and not only will Maple Grove Police help we will ignore all evidence that someone isn't violent and turn them into Scarlet letter well their mother continues to kill them

00meanwhile people are experiencing cops demanding to answer because they yelled at a chat. I personally don't tend to yell at my animals but I've also seen people do it really sarcastically

the reason I don't yell at my animals is it said something like dogs and cats have and they probably been more estimated more studied but it's like the intelligence of a kindergarten or first grader off the top of my head they don't understand more than fear if you're yelling at them. I was pretty sure Bonnie understood sadness as well as Clyde.

I have a feeling Minnesota knows exactly what it does. These conditions have been defined for way too long implement laws this evening right now and what isn't implemented in laws implemented in positively ignorant enforcement. I'm not saying I think it's all some scheme either I think part of it on some level probably is

That does not have a prerequisite of everybody being involved or everybody even being aware. To me they really perverse thing is we cover this with images of Boogeyman beating women how racist America is but the more I think about it systemic racism required the unaware I read finding the words racism and sexism we educate new generations totally unaware that it's a two-way street. We tend to leave absent the fact that you can make a generalization and that is it racism it might be off color it might not be appreciated but unless you're saying I hate you because you're black or because you're orange with green polka dots cam or attempting to harm them because of that that's not racist. White people like NASCAR some black people do in general I have not met a black person who does not like fried chicken nor have I met a black person who won't generalize about white people and that's okay because the French generalize about Americans the Americans generalize about the French so on so forth but something we call higher-level education swallowed its head after its cul became a vortex the propaganda

I can't do this anymore but I'm not doing it

Minnesota is set up to make you mentally ill well someone else beats you in every way there is to death

We are using the image of battered women. We are downplaying the damage that battered men indoor. We're downplaying what unbattered women may do to their children in the form of battery and assault theft poisoning psychological terror

We have the police often playing ignorant though some of them have probably a decent understanding I can confirm that a few of had at least cursory understanding but haven't really had time to talk to him and most sources say that's not a good idea anyway

there's a few I really get the sense don't want to be doing that side of the mission

And thank you for that reflexion del swear I won't mention who they are cuz they need to be there and I don't think I'm important enough to cause that sort of trouble but just in case... Cuz I don't know what goes on in there in that world in that department I dunno someone else could use a level-headed enforcer and that we should probably get our term straight if we want enforcer or a peace officer. If you weigh more honorable with the state would at least be honest with how it's allowing people destroyed so they may die on the street after several felonies are committed against them or end up in a mental ward and possibly test subject for the likes of the u of m and big pharma

How excusing suicide holds two on way destroy the person. Because by was what that doctor diagnosed and even though I'm not the conditions the police have enforced before and after they're enough to cause anyone to collapse to kill themselves to kill other people

When someone is getting physically assaulted, psychologically tormented stock sabotage in the sense of narcissistic triangulation pets threatened everything they own stolen everything they own is being destroyed

And they're being starved well Minnesota could at least take a step in this direction by removing some of the laws from the books or enforcing police's mission statement with external audits ideally I think we have Federal auditors do that but this government seems hell-bent against citizens no matter which is elected which party that is I did after respect senator Jensen of the Minnesota Senate I don't think I've ever heard of senator under the words I think the Minnesota citizens need this information to make informed decisions

The bassist of American Media and policy whether you want to label it a conspiracy theory or not has been dumbing you down.

Carl Sagan thought so and the father of modern PR wrote about how that was just his plan to do so like you heard it from the horse's mouth if you just go to work. All you have to do is look up Edward Bernays. He was Sigmund Freud's nephew he died in 1995 at a hundred and three

there's another real simple thing we can't continue to overlook the government of the people for the people and by the people cannot hold itself above the people in every aspect and it seems to continue to seek more and more. The biggest problem is you have to be able to get to court and nothing really limits the police from stopping that if they put themselves in a potentially liable situation which from what I can tell is extremely hard to actually win a case against .

and part of that is they can just order you away from everything what are you away from the evidence

What are you out of a car in the parking lot under threat of force after about a 20-minute calm conversation nothing to do with driving I mean it wasn't being pulled over it was a park and a plan was executed that I probably messed up by leaving when I did they probably would have come to the hotel room I think shell that happen again I won't answer well I guess I can't go outside in that case the cruel irony of people that need to be tried for treason is this is the actuality of how Minnesota works or Kenmore and yet paranoid is enough to justify one of these. For me that was 3 months into hotels thought I don't want to do this anymore I don't want to pee incest punching bag because they screwed up and the police screwed up or the police are doing exactly as their mission statement that's not published or their values spoken not written indicate

we know so much about societal controls or organizational controls now it's really sick that we've established what we have with the people who have increasing amounts of power over us and seemingly little consideration for what they're doing to a another citizen

There's some really dark stuff out there there's this story of a transgendered person that had had several run-ins with the police and at one point they cost an ice maker out of the car well being pulled over and tried to take off and the police end up turning them down inside the car I forget where this was when this was it just so messed up it's stuck in my mind

Psychology needs those controls as well we know better if I can find that info and you have a major in it you either know it or where c student or never try it on your own so you shouldn't be in charge of other people or pretending you help them.

there's more possibilities than that but even more important you shouldn't have that position of power over other people without doing everything you can to earn it and being continuously check you aren't we using it. Yet Minnesota has the u of m Fairview where there's reports of a culture of fear of speaking out and meanwhile the state as a whole and it's police report basically anytime past 18 years watch out for that post-term coat hanger abortion even if they depend on you but Rob you just make sure you depend on them

Maple Grove Police you can't file theft you gave them your fthings moving out

Shouldn't look very convince that's what she said made any sense while she said it.

Estate tends to turn all over itself with wanting abilities if someone else claims you've done something they want to strip your rights and want more power to arrest you meanwhile the police will continue or exacerbate the one-sided nature in which they enforce law. With little to no to no regard to your life.

Orwell knowing because you've just told them that your mail is being opened or actually by the time this conversation happened that have been said several times at several encounters your mail is being held I have evidence that they were logging into my online account at least one check in my name was taken from my mail my name and dorst on it to control what I have at any moment are rabbits my pets of over a decade or being used and harmed to harm me to control me they still are even though they're dead

The state is perversion the state is perverse

the only way in ofp without the court looking into it afterwards makes any sense is if both parties are required at trial and the party making a claim is willing to give up their freedoms to call the other to go near the other as well. Minnesota has set it up to ask you to know questions and enable a situation where you can terrorize someone and have the police clean up your terror are the results of it. Meanwhile the police will sensor reports of your crimes after and before

meanwhile police will amplifier c-ptsd will helping take every coping mechanism every healthy recovery mechanism you know from you and suggesting that you need to be somewhere where you can learn it again and be drugs well everything you work for all your assets are destroyed

Apres tu gross cul du le putain 

no seriously I gave you enough your house is mine your things are mine get out on the street if you enforce that but would find issue with it happening to you you are mentally ill or there's a damn good probability you might be you've lost the ability to see other people as people possibly on a basis where something incredibly shallow and with little attempt to justify makes you see them as less than human

Rorey hasn't really figured out a moral system.

No one who believes it on gender lines really has one in my humble opinion at least not a very well formed system. no one deserves to work for another have their earnings taken


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