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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Asking the tough questions.

I once heard of a product called bear mace... 

The question du jour..

Is bear mace homophobic ?

Meanwhile and perhaps adding validity to this insanity:

Congress is ending prayers with awoman cause it sounds like amen is about men.

The absent question du jour is what about starving Americans followed by what happened to separation of church and state?

I put in a jump break (read more) because I felt like my feels about you might like to click it overrode any logic to it

But since you did here's a leaked photo rumored to be of maple groves Sargent Hanson masterbating over the corpse of a victim. He knows that the police federation and change to win has his back.

Rory Hanson of the Maple Grove Minnesota Police department

Although some will probably say this was a team fortress two mod based off attempting to render Rory Hanson

Or maybe some random character like shreck ..who knows ?

I'd personally feel safer with the thing pictured above being swarn than Rorey Hanson. In my subjective opinion it probably has a  few more brain cells still firing 

I can think of a way to fix this it's real simple and it's about supporting the Constitution

Reward this behavior with firearms. Preferably enforce firearms with napalm
You don't have to worry about gun control.People like Rory Hanson don't have anything that qualifies. That doesn't make sense to you maybe look up the naval definition.

If nothing else next time you hear the March where the members sing this is my rifle this is my gun you might understand it
f guideline

Maple Grove Police enforce forced labor , slavery, abuse theft , posioning and human trafficking via selective enforment of law and unlawful orders 

Minnesota is death. Do not come to this hell forsaken shit hole 
I'd say nuke it but if you cause a melt down in rotchester or Monticello you probably wipe out the nation's food production via the Mississippi

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