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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

War pigs of Minnesota

 About sickest thing about Maple Grove police is they play to the lowest common denominator they will destroy everything you are doing that is advanced 

Destroy families destroy welth  destroyany progress in the world

And if you think I'm wrong think about how advanced it is when something is different than you and you squash it it sounds pretty much like ugh the fucking caveman but we gave him a gun and some of them we gave her a gun

what they kill is a guy and his two pet rabbits trying to make circuit boards for contract

I honestly don't think everybody would have made it this far in my position not to say that I'm the best at anything I also didn't see a whole lot of other people even if they could afford it popping on a plane at 18 and going 4000 miles away especially not alone. Some of that was dumb luck there's also a reason I've had so few physical confrontations and it's not just because I sit down sit back and take it. I tend to use words and my intellect rather than fucking beat people to death like the police and my parents

I can't speak for all of the police but I canreasonably ascertain what my parents think and I do not play by the same retarded zero-sum game but when the police will allow one-party to violate any laws against the other repeatedly this is fucking slavery I am scared for my life I have never been in worse shape

Fascist fucking murderous pigs

The Gestapo wore it better

It doesn't matter what gender one is. Paul and Marlene have attempted and still are attempting murder

They do so at the moment via stocking felony-level theft and exploiting the court system

Maple Grove PD told me if what I was saying was true they might be liable that conversation happened obvious 2019 maby October

We have police that can give you almost any order order you away from anything you earn they need to be held responsible they basically become human traffickers

2 years of having to wake up and look at where pet that have had from 2007 is stored in the freezer in the kitchen I can't use to cook because police help someone who is beating you take everything from you this is why people are getting shot you won't ever end violence against anyone this way this is all you perpetuated there is no equality of this system

it cost $10,000 to go to court to try to change any of this it's a $600 to buy a Glock why do you think crowds of people are getting shot? why do you think people are putting bombs places? We have such a fucked up system we are using it to hurt the victims but the victims aren't bigender there by logic there by using the fucking lessons written in human blood about what constitutes Justice for fucksake this isn't it.

What's more disgusting is for the past four years now paul Marlene have taken everything i earned in 16

Then they took what I learned this last year

But they absolutely degenerate part of it is everything anybody has ever given me is still being destroyed while they commit felony level crimes the police refuse to do anything about that endanger my life

But most importantly when I completed something or if I'm about to is when these two fucking heartless pieces of shit hit it keep me from having any sense of accomplishment any sense of purpose and take anything earned

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