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Monday, February 8, 2021

Borat voice : very nice


Day before yesterday I put a bunch of effort into improving and checking seo related aspects. 

Part of what spurred it was desiring an image search for a certain officer to return a certain image.

A team fortress two likeness of shreck that for Iintelectual property reasons i refer to his inbred cousion shartwreck

Last I checked I still haven't pulled that feet off but quite a few searches involving the town and the officers named were returning one of my posts as the third result down. With a note that one should read it in the voice of Jeremy Clarkson the Google snippet picked up on an ideal part or Google picked an ideal post

when I wrote it I was thinking in my head help top gear Jeremy Clarkson introduces The stig.

And the words I decided on where some say he makes Mussolini look like the Pinnacle of Justice 🤣

I haven't checked where all the traffic is coming from or what specifically it's hitting yet. But yesterday's traffic if continued would reach last month's 907 in 7 days ( roughly)

The point of this site was is mainly if I die or end up in patients involuntary commitment...

My voice is still heard my story is still told from my perspective.

Which is why it said on this turd of a platform called blogger.

The domain name cost $12 a year but even if that's not paid it'll remain online as long as Google keeps blogger up.

Random tangent
My only education in law was business law at scsu. I had a truly passionate professor. It didn't seem like he needed the job at all.in fact she drove from Minneapolis to St cloud once a week or so just to teach the class because it seems you truly liked sharing his knowledge and he was really good at it as well.

His story was that he was an intellectual property lawyer (best of My recollection)

At one point he was talking about how if you pirate you're going to get caught.

Thinking I knew a lot, I said now you just use a VPN blah blah blah blah blah

Neither of us was really right or wrong if applied to every situation but something he said was very true. He said we have methods that make that almost useless. or something like that

I recently came across a research paper ultra and subsonic signals and how they passed through today's amplifier or preamp and dac/adc

Yeah they really do truly have Ways they can catch at least who ever recorded it or pirated it to begin with. No it might go deeper than that okay. If that's the case it would be really dark and dirty. But I really don't want to go into giving away exactly what they're doing other than it's terrifying if it does go deeper than that. There's some indication it probably does as well.

On the plus side the same research likely reveals a way where you can render audio recording devices or a cameras audio track unintelligible
and do so with sound that's in audible to the human ear

if the world had more people like that professor; a
lot more people would likely make it through to some relative comfort/security and ability to positively contribute to the world rather than waste its resources. Make it through with morals intact and who they are intact.

Which is kind of ironic when you consider how he did it and his impact on that during the day job.

.but the other thing I remember about him is one night I had my head down and he stops the class to ask what's up, I told him I didn't get much sleep I have been working and I didn't get to eat before the class (it was a night class once a week) he tells me his office is down the hall find it and there's chocolates on his desk or some candy or something. I kind of stared blankly for a second if I remember but as I got up heroes please don't take my car though the keys on that keychain 🤣


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