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Monday, February 1, 2021

Browbeating the logic out of you

 It's usually done discreetly and relies on the fact that by the time you get home from a standard work week or day you're so beat the last thing you want to do is think about what you see on the news. But that's playing to your confirmation bias you long ago picked  the side and by that being the only real source not only does it amplify beliefs you had no matter how good bad harmful helpful those are it's ensuring that the time you have is consumed and you don't learn anything other than what they broadcast. You might notice in between there's usually some investigative crime dramas

Don't count on much of any of that happening if someone comes after you

And what's most likely to be is a female spouse. The police are in some cases paid for arresting you on her claims.

But it's covered by always talking about the victims and not any factor on deciding if someone is even guilty. No one mentions that police don't have to take her reports one studies or reports about what the problem is if they were based on data from police report there's a financial incentive for some and not others

so the problem is you just need to work harder so someone else can take it right? Or it's okay because the alpha the strong will survive right? What I've encountered is most of the people around me who have or known through have you been admitted there was some level of kicking someone else down to get where they are

the problem with encouraging that and the belief that there's this alpha beta dichotomy is when the people that think they're alpha because they succeeded and don't realize how much of that was from kicking someone down or taking what was theirs we've enabled a society where the people that lead or control and rule that might be separate from the people who lead well those people might even be champions of industry but they might not be producing anything they ever could design on their own

They are good at pushing people down so what's a system where with no evidence someone can take everything yours and the society conditioned to believe that sort of like social Darwinism and maybe part of limiting the population is it that really truthfully honestly think about it is it that or is it more of the competition control? Sick society

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