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Friday, February 5, 2021

Conditioning suicide

 Their house contaminates my apt

I deduced correctly what the issue was 4 years earlier they gas lit 

Jan 2018 

This time an expert confirms it

Say youre my landlord as i move back in

Resume threats and denial

Start thrashing my things other people's things entrusted to me

Between denying you're doing anyting making false promises for false hope and to poison my ability to communicate a timeline to people who have paid me to do things

Hide   key is every time I turn around

Start false police reportswill literally threatening to have me put in a mental ward for something an expert has already confirmed his real and your problem

Threatening to help me forcibly medicated for delusions that have been proven true

Rewrite the past while you throw away the future

Tell me about my pets that I've had since 2007 and 2008 as they get sick

tell me about conversations you weren't present for but tell me how they went between me and the vet Marlene what the fuck

$6,300 of IT services are rendered

Follow the mold pros advice on the basement to the best of my ability

Paul critiques how i use a vacuum how I do my laundry will Marlene enters the bedroom supposed to be mine grows on the bedroom floor on The moldy basement carpet

Marlene tries to push me over a railing to the basement repeatedly then says you bastard I brought you into this world I can take you out of it

contact domestic support domestic violence support hotline they basically have no help for men especially not if someone other than your wife is doing it to you but in Minnesota not even then really

Look at who funds that national hotline chat line becomes a bit more clear

 I can't do any more of this now

I can't escape it either

Even in this apartment stolen felony amounts two timesmake sure I still have the mold problem they paid to get rid of 11 months after it was confirmed

I have nothing else

I have white walls and the view of where Clyde  is in the freezer

Maple Grove Police in Maple Grove Minnesota murder human traffic forced labor, cover-up their own mistakes with crime and by covering more crime.


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