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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Cruel and Deadly

 This isnt quit being dependent and grow up. Though id suggest if you can only see it that way you were more damaged than finished growing. at 17 and 18 i was working 5 nights a week at a telemarketing gig doing 11 an hr and i seem to recall there was a day shift if not two on the weekends. I had bumped my IT support and consulting prices to 75 first hr and 35 an hr after (accounting for overhead and travel expense in gas and time) 4 regular business clients 2 dozen homes and 30 to 35 an hr. more word of mouth/semi regular.

if you need to paint this as someone whos never been capable of surviving on their own why not describe your own life rather than spew negativity with falsehood? 

I am being murdered. crimes are being carried out to keep my head spinning and condition helplessness 

meanwhile the values of time money and credit as well as credibility that i had on the line were and are huge. 

if you are an officer of the law and have children. what maple grove pd is doing is about equivalent to me mugging your kid before every attempt at SATs and or every exam in collage. except i have marlene and paul in rage mode over their mistakes they cant admit perpetuating the issue even when the police arnt and police refuse to enforce anything from my side but do things such as order me away from where all my things were stored. refuse to take note or adjust the story to anything but what my parents push. 

if theres delusion its that they arnt privateers or worse. some truly seem better but they dont tend to be the ones who influence the ebe and flow

=its possible they do behind the scenes or after more than i know. its still a situation that could leave me dead to screaming at ghosts on the street and probably with a slur from a stroke. 

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