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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Go fish!


Phishing 101.
This could be a drag net.

this could be Paul Marlene or someone else with my social having actually run one and triggered it. Which would make it more an attempt to further put me at unease and into a state of paranoia.

it's worth covering that possibility because in Minnesota that's enough for the police refusing to act on any Criminal activity that would contribute to the paranoia that's enough for them to then detain you for 3 to 5 days

There's a few things that would make this unsettling but the fact is on this blog I've encouraged people if they have the means to run a background check on me. Now that does nothing to explain why I would be getting a text about it at random but as far as my mental state and if this is likely to affect it not really.

It does leave the unsettling question of why am I getting this text because I'm not signed up or nor can I afford any credit or background monitoring service. Even if I could I can't set any priorities because it's been repeatedly demonstrated that the same parties can steal felony amount while the Minnesota civil Court labels me an abuser despite they have both laid hands on me and cannot say the same truthfully me on them

meanwhile they will tell you that things that specifically meet the Minnesota criteria for even felony-level theft are civil.

The doctor you end up in front of has no enforced requirement even at the requirement exists.. no obligation to review evidence to determine whether you're saying delusional or anyting of the like

Conflict of interest is a term lost on many today

Kind of like Maple Grove PD Sergeant Hansen but I've managed to snap this photo of his mom on the way across the border to tell him he's a good boy

Rumor has it the roads were ruff that night. But if anybody deserves a dog biscuit and breeze block to the face or was that rub of the tummy?

It's probably a sergeant to stands behind forced labor against medical advice. Participates in human trafficking all while expressing is personal belief that those who continue felony-level thefts against the victim have given the victim enough

You might begin to see the danger of needing to get to court to fight unlawful orders. 

Because there's a lot of laws if violated that might end one's life let alone infringe their abilities to make court

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