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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Hallway smells and police inspired slavery till death


In the post titled deteriorating conditions I noted somebody open my door and stood in the entryway even responding to hello and not leaving till I said get the fuck out. Which was when the door then shut I was laying on my bed throughout this.

The next day when I left I discovered upon Atempting to re-enter that the lever no longer move the latch

I first attempted to use a bank card and that got me in the first time. But whatever happened to or was done to furthered and the second time I attempted to return only my shoulder produced entry.

The last time I attempted to call the police do you have confession of a felony level theft added to what I assume is an existing report because an officer came and saw the garage where things were stolen..

that call was met with the officers insisting that I needed my mental state evaluated or in other words alluding to a 3-day detainment

I have witnessed police several times refuse reports or heavily censor the contents

which got way worse after police in Maple Grove MN said if what I said was true they might be liable.

The problem is if you can't see that illegal Acts could pose a threat to life let alone a threat to being able to escape those who would do you harm...

You might not see that allowing police full reign of the siding you need to be in a mental ward is just another way to clean up their harm or liability for it

I would love a good meal at work to have kitchen stuff that police help separate me from. I further gone on to find that Minnesota did the research indicating that Viet neurotypical or mentally ill nutrition plays a huge role in cognitive ability and or stability of an individual as far as mental state house is concerned

It also plays a huge role in how long you live and what you die of

what's absolute insanity is it doesn't matter if one is working or not if they can't hold onto anything they earn

You make the right arguments how many actions don't stop but the police stop talking.

The harm continues

There's not actually a complex argument needed here it's one that long ago was a lesson written in blood

Or maybe a few but basis is people lie directions by the state or by its enforcers based on hearsay are as likely to punish victims as they are to stop victimization

If you want to make it more complex evolutionary biologists and anthropologists have theorized that humans evolved or developed verbal threats as a means to end behavior that poses 1A risk to life without physical confrontation

or to put it simply hey I really don't like that you're stabbing me I might fucking kill you if you don't stop

But as it's currently implemented Minnesota laws more likely to punish the person saying hey I might kill you if you don't stop stabbing me

The real danger is it seems that these decisions made by civil courts further the police in single-sided enforcement or refusal to enforce.

But if the party committing the acts continues things like felony-level theft then unless it's free to move away the likelihood that one can earn and maintain enough to save blow the other party up shoot them commit some act of violence

Well a Glock goes for like 600 usd. Oh yes but the ofp prohibits one from buying weapons. That's about as effective as the fact that one can 3D print with frame and by the slide without having violated that

Or the fact that for even less one can get two lengths of pipe that with a little bit of work and up firing a shotgun shell out the front 

What does it take to leave the state with any any buffer to guarantee one might not starve to death?

But hey depending on how you spin it in the reporting you might just justify the need for more police.

Or more accurately put profiteers

If you want a real cost analysis say one's desire becomes to put a breeze-block in a slave-driving corrupt officers face

Home Depot sells them for a dollar

iFunny banner but I assure you that's my work

If we went back to eye for eye well on the current course there's about to be a pancreas involved. There's already most of a face involved

I'm really not sure you can take everything above without reasonably being assured you end up killing the person who you're taking them from

Can Rory come out and play?

If you push a person passed breaking there's no guarantee that even  forced poverty stops them from such a vengeance inspired act.

After all if the distance is relatively short and reachable on one tank of gas the moment they decide that it's a one way trip it doesn't even matter if they possess a vehicle. 

Neither Grand theft Auto nor the drive off from the gas station is likely to matter

the only thing holding me back at the moment is the fact it would likely be spun to indicate the need for more swine on a payroll

That won't last forever

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