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Thursday, February 4, 2021

I don't harbor any delusions

 I don't really think there is coming back from this

The first picture (bellow) is what used to be my favorite meal 
Been three years since I've been able to cook that

There's a translation from German that works very well describe Maple Grove Police department. In their mission statement they refer to themselves as the leader of the industry

Well derp fuhrer would seem to be that self-described shoe that fits
Much like Cinderella reaching the ball
Sound of gaging before death is likely to be present

The problem that be increasing colors of police have is they aren't accountable for their actions. We once upon a Time learned not acting on hearsay ends up producing acting on lies by people that have ulterior motive to harm. Things like the Constitution that tried to limit when the police and courts can act we're set up partially with that in mind because not only does it keep you safe from the government being the evil dictator who keeps you safe from the powers that would aim to hurt you for whatever reason using the other powers to harm you

Or predatory parents leaving you for dead after using the police to help commit bio terror human trafficking forced labor and all levels of abuse 

The system is set to jack itself off ...sorry let's go with empowerment du jour, Jill. 

In a partnership with health care it's easy to make the issues go away another way.

All it takes is mistaking a system set with the goal of protecting itself with one claiming others are out to get them 

Meanwhile while the police help a party force labor and steal the fruits of yours.. they will ask where you are working

Remember in the land of the free it's work that sets you free.

Not the capatilist idea that the pay you earn gives you freedom of choice

That requires retaining it.

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