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I Have a Solution For the Mold

 Ive had it for a long time now. Bottle of formaldehyde. I saw it refrenced in board electronics board level repairs forms , University and corporate lab sterilizing protocol especially for those who deal with things like growing specific fungus strains.

I was able to source full procedures from .edu sources.

Despite owning an adequate mask I can not do that I'm the apt or garage. 

It's insane they act to ensure I still have this issue. More than that act to try to harm me with it. 

When the symptoms abated at hotels they began claiming they haven't seen me bleeding 

So of course terrorized more it's like the man thing they have insisted through words not matching actions words not matching reason words not matching consideration of others as human actions not matching considerations of others as human

What they have been forced is absolute zero ability to maintain commitments to others finish anything I started have any meaning or purpose in life I cannot stop them from doing things to me these things are illegal the police refuse to allow them documented let alone act on them

Thank you to the families who hosted me in four parts of that

This is the desktop they stole back April 2020 or head Toby take I have confessions that they contacted him to sabotage me earlier that year before I have confessions they now have the computer is longing and likely have the MIG welder and the compound miter saw. There is one single suite of software on that computer that is worth $2,000 or at least that's what I paid for it new and you can't replace it because they've gone to a subscription model.more than that all of my pictures from my entire life since I first had a digital camera are at risk I don't insult people by default I don't try to tear them apart. That said if officer Hanson shot himself and was revived over the course of two years he woupdnt have any idea what he's doing to people even if he was pouring acid in the wounds every time sick fucking jackass

Minnesota is letting mentally ill police create mental illness and its population

Their house 2018


2019 right before forced lease starts snow blows through car

Fargo , one of my apts for comparison

Their house Nov 2018 right after remediation of mold confirmed Jan 2018

Blew this out 2020 maybe 6 mo in. I need my kitchen I need a functional vacuum Bastille Bastille everything to make sure I can't do anything but suffer their problem after 2019 I went hungry 30 days to 40. Zan to 3-day periods included. All will telling me different lies about what I have to do to get my things back threatening my things lies about being able to take care of Clyde I hate this I hate this so much I did not do anything to deserve this. They were threatening Bonnie's ashes even

Current apartment in 2019 when I still had energy

This was when I still had the energy to try. In 2019

Bonnie sorry. This was not long before she died in 2018. I got Bonnie in 2008 Clyders and a 2007

Back tooth was a baby tooth it never had an adult under it and it have been keeping place of the other teeth that fell out December 2017 I was told not to wait more than 6 months to get a dental implant guess what I still don't have. The two grand I made from the web server stuff while being forced around was spent on there mold stuff in the Ninja steel to make sure that I can't move in any direction to condition death not just hopelessness noxious dysfunction

Cosmos 2017 day before he died or the night the last night alive

Bonnie 2015


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