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If I die

These are requests

Please have Clyde's remains respectfully processed. He should be with Bonnie. Both of them were amazing friends. I can't even go into it. I'm being terrorized forcibly held still without any purposeClyde in the freezer I can't even hold their favorite toy let alone her ashes.most rabbits don't live to see seven they have special needs.they're not huge but kind of like putting someone in an empty apartment with an infant and hey all your stuff is gone if you don't do this dangerous labor... I got them in Fargo both actually came from the cities but my apartment in Fargo second-year college was when I got them 2007 and 2008 end of start of Bonnie died in 2018 Clyde 2019 I think Bonnie was a year-and-a-half and Clyde a year when I got them neither should have gone the way they did that was forced outside of my control

I don't know if this is possible but someone other than my parents seeking suit on my behalf if the non gendered support organization exists 4 survivors of narcissism orc specially children survivors anything awarded should go there

Don't call Paul and Marlene

Don't answer their call.

They have turn disgusting things to try to ensure I have no one ability to live up to any commitments other than whatever they demand. Not even to myself this shouldn't be possible but it's entirely possible when police act with extreme bias. I mean if violating any laws wasn't enough to endanger someone then we have a funny concept of the need to arrest although the need to prove that in a criminal court is pretty damn important to. At the same time getting ordered away from public property outside where all of your property is stored well being told it's not illegal to say you own someone I didn't see that put the phone away they give you enough they don't owe you anything...

While police sensor reports or at least indicate that they do

If you see them in public: stare but remain silent and walk away if they aproach 

At my 2017 apartment there was a really good looking girl cool I didn't even get to meet. Well dealing with the infestation and the exterminator my dad had both of my rabbits out on a bench in the common area turns out she had rabbits

Turns out it was more mold that was ever bugs although bugs were involved

turns out decisions they made finishing their house around 2001 or actually starting in 1998 I believe done playing subcontractor and one fateful choice about the carpet pad was the majority of the issue

When Cosmos cat got sick for the last time in 2017 or end of 2016 a few times I managed to visit him I also managed to bring it back to my apartment

8 months bleeding there 8 months at Paul and Marlins will they hid keys physically emotionally everywhere there is to assault someone and their pets. Most of the time Bonnie and Clyde had to be cooped up in their little cages.anytime I left the 10-foot by 10-foot room down the hall that was subject to attack.

it would make promises ask me what I'm doing wanted it explain them in try to demand I reprioritize after work was into anything but meanwhile if they wanted something done on computers I built for them years ago it was get out here now

I have built something like 30 computers by age 22 and that's not counting ones for me for clients.

Their computers is kind of a joke hello they say they own me and Maple Grove PD seems to want to enforce it because apparently nothing has value in the state of Minnesota if your parents say so. It appears that there's esoteric criteria if there's any at all in this isn't an excuse but esoteric criteria for overriding if you become emancipated at 18. Problem with esoteric criteria and police being able to order you away from any evidence that even wants you knew it...

Similar to police not playing judge jury and executioner or separation of powers and the once upon a Time fairy tale about when if it's not explicitly outlawed then it's legal and the police have no business in it

Even once they learned police reports for being falsified as weapons they just kept doing it kept allowing themselves to be used while my life is still endangered because of it

Kind of defines tool doesn't it? Wait till you see what ofp likely generates for state revenue from the federal government if violated

Violate the citizen to fill the coffers or at least the cost divided sub coffers that cannot be crossed dipped

Funny that's a civil court action meanwhile police will tell you everything criminal is civil but holy shit that they have some sort of fetish when they thought that it was active one night

I've got to give Stearns county sheriff some credit I can't say why but I'd imagine it was one looking at effect I have zero criminal record I have speeding tickets in a minor in possession booze when I was 18 or 19 but that's about it

I had actually thrown the party out of my apartment I really shouldn't have open the door you should if you take any advice for me take the comical half-assed followed if you want but police are like vampires do not invite them across the threshold.

what had me off-guard is throwing the party out at got too loud I went to the porcelain throne to see some China about I don't have anything here

So I'm on the toilet and rap rap rap down the hallway at the door

Thinking it's a party door trying to return and a little bit annoyed a little bit needing to yelled on the hallway through a door actually through two doors


I don't think they were aware of how it could be analyzed as projecting but the response didn't really fit nevermind they say true they are cuz they get what they want...

Still on the toilet I hear the response


so then I'm thinking oh shit that's not getting off on the right foot.

The right thing to do here was look through the peephole or just not answer. in most cases they can't cross the threshold without your invite and in that case the party was over because I have was trying to respect my neighbors wasn't my party if I remember correctly although I did have friends there so I contributed.

but yeah I don't really have much experience with the legal system I was too busy to get in trouble leading up to this and I've been trying to get somewhere in life I don't know why I cried at all but the point is II don't have a violent past I'm not a violent person and I in fact was not violent with them they were violent with me but I have to figure that plus Corona is why Stearns didn't serve the ofp that passed in my absence

although I'm taking guesses at wild so you could be whatever reason esoteric to them that they want it to be but that was right at the start of the pandemic

which really doesn't help anything that I'm in an empty apartment I have a bed my pet died on he's in the freezer I can't cook how I normally would cook eat what I would normally eat but I could Paul and Marlene stealing things from me to make sure I can't deal with their mold problem that transferred over 9 months of forced labor on their car Paul make sure snow blow through that before the least started nine months of do this do that or you lose everything

I think the point I actually wanted was during all that every once in a while either Paul or Marlene would come to me wanting emotional sympathy and wanting me to be their crutch. Especially while I was at their house Paul was going to the bar once a week sometimes twice because he had two groups of friends. He was wanting me to go while I'm saying dad I have these deadlines that I'm already 8 months delayed on or got half the work I should have done I need to catch up on this I can't go to the bar with you right now

To be clear Paul doesn't really drink he wanted to socialize

I'm not trying to paint him as a drinker that's not him

but then another day is almost looking like anyway I can't see if they were real or not is done quite a bit to show that he can turn on and off inflection

looking almost like he's going to cry and he's lonely and feels empty inside because he doesn't have enough friends

this is why they're both feeling like he's throwing laundry that I laundered and put back on my bed on the basement floor on the garage floor throwing away stuff other people paid for throwing away my stuff hiding stuff every time I turn around the goddamn car keys were missing there's no way you can make commitments to anything like that even to if you'll get lunch on time

Sometimes the fucking battery was disconnected on top of it

But anytime it was like priming because if I showed any emotion it was time to get out the don't worry we'll have you medicated you're crazy you're crazy even though the moles have been already proven by professional

At one point I tell Marlene fuck you

And she wants me to be her crutch to vent about her sex life

 lI nowook like a fucking leper

I was working myself to death before that started on huge projects but at least then I could cook a meal I had my kitchen stuff they make sure I can't get on my bike I can't cook a meal in any basic health thing has been unobtainable well they wanted to know over the 9 months is the card on faster yet if I earned what they made me estimate was required or what is estimated when they made it required but I do the car i earned  $2,000 at one should have been more but the whole hotel thing bounce bounce bounce between them mental ward hospital three cities five hotels about 14 hotel rooms in 6 months when I was supposed to leave for at Max 2 weeks that kind of cut into that and made it take quite a bit of time to finish. Bonnie died during that as well

so I finally get a check for way less than the work was worth and if they had given what they had been giving I would have been able to be done with their mold car remediation in a week and a half maybe less but nope what's make sure that we don't give him anything correspondent with when that would have been so click. That solution cost $40 a jug only works if it dries and I have no silverware no pots and pans literally kostak shit dripping on my head because I have to get every meal in the same car I'm supposed to clean of their massive mold problem after they made sure snow blew through the car ventilation system January 2020 this is insanity I could have bought four of those cars pawning the amount of things Maple Grove PD is still allowing them to destroy I said please give me the title I will sell it scrap it get whatever I can for it and take the shittiest beater not to have to do this it is not safe for me

I have text messages where they contacted an associate and tried to tell him how to take that client from me which was ultimately successful

And even with the discount that made sense I get it but when laws aren't enforced with this extreme prejudice and disregard for life there's not much I can do about it

But I didn't fight very hard for the price I got him to accept either because I have lie discounted with regards to that rather than hagel it out there doing the right thing is surprisingly the wrong thing most of the time but that's only the case when the system around it is well Minnesota state government as far as I've seen

I will give St cloud Police a lot of credit and that's a whole nother story but maybe another day

Also when I was at their house two friends that had bought a house a couple that I knew when I first moved to St cloud invited me to their house for my birthday

Paul took my keys because there was a snowstorm he had to protect me from about an hour later he comes into the room that was supposed to be mine and asks if I want to ride shotgun because he likes driving around in the snow. Few weeks later so I remind him of this and he laughs incredibly loud and says huh I said that that's funny

You sick fucking asshole

So please if I end up dead because of this stare at them never talk to them don't give them the attention they will kill for


Somebody please Clydes body out of my freezer and his remains dealt with respectfully

Clyde and Bonnie were amazing little creatures and friends. He doesn't deserve to rott in a dumpster.


On a lighter note back to the story of that minor in possession or rather the court. The judge looks that the police reporting says it says here that you answered the door with what the f do you want and there was serious straining and effort for the people behind me and the judge himself to keep a straight face.

I paid that fine myself as well but hey if Paul and Marlene say they gave me everything well I guess why am I even alive Maple Grove and State this isn't tennis capable situation they keep coming and terrorizing me I have been traumatized to the point I wake up screaming most days and they keep it up and make sure I'm dealing with problems they caused in their house they paid to be rid of for them and used like weapons of biological terror On me


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