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Monday, February 8, 2021

Internet down

 I'd be paying my own bill if I wasn't being human trafficked with help of the Maple Grove Police

Hanson is the worst he will ask how old are you why can't you blah blah blah why are you dependent

OK Rory let's relocate you 50 miles with nothing some year-and-a-half after relocating you 50 miles

then on top of it let's come steal anything you earn while threatening you anybody you love and your animals which might be the same difference but all of the property with Chuck from you or going to threaten at 2 to command your time force dangerous labor that you aren't qualified for then let's put some asshole like you telling the person from behind a badge and a gun that the people doing it all them nothing fucking kill yourself you worthless piece of shit

What are you do help people steal from other people you fucking asshole?

Put the predatory in PD?

April 2020 Paul and Marlene stole the computer I have been given back that was mine like my personal workstation PC. They stole it again from my garage. It would have been upstairs except it had been in their basement during the eight months I lived there bleeding.elsewhere on this site you can find pictures of all the crap that had been sucked in through the fans on the motherboard

They also stole my compound miter saw and a MIG welder that I have purchased with part of a savings bond my grandmother had left in my name

Without even the software that computer the legal license purchased paid for software suites

That theft was easily $1,000 with just the three pieces of hardware stolen

one of the software suites was Adobe Master collection CS4 which I paid $2,000 I worked hard for for that fucking software

Perhaps more important though everything I need to have a portfolio accompany a resume and or CV was also on that computer

Paul and Marlene literally claim to own me Paul his said it twice wanted me to repeat the word slave also said he bought me once

both of them have said we didn't see you not work minimum wage enough you need to have a minimum wage job until until what until I'm dead from your abuse I couldn't even get one with how I look right now and I'm still dealing with your real fucking mold that you were breaking into a fucking NICU in children St Paul.

Minnesota where police incest is the best.

And censor reports to fit the narrative in their head

Avoid liability

Produce fed funding

At expense of ability to generate maintain wealth by people already victimized

Server on the floor in one of the photos was purchased with money I could have spent on other things but there's no good purchase when someone can take anything of yours at anytime everything of yours continuing and the police will protect the robber

but of note even though I don't have any of my normal tools to generate income with and the forced labor has left me looking like a leper in dangerous to life conditions

That server is hosting a website through the internet connection that's down

It's learning about 15 a month just for doing that and has almost no content because my tools we're taking and or anything I bought sense of value has been stolen by the same parties the police protect

if I had the ability to generate content based on stuff even done in my free time for side income or done on personal projects for my own interest it would drive a lot more traffic with almost nothing on it I still make about $15 a month but police are trying to tell me that my fucked up parents that 

Outright claim to own me

And initially lied to them creating misconduct...

try to tell me that it's just my fault because I can't overcome the police and fucking murderers

The state can't have a very efficient detection rate of human trafficking when the police participate

October 2019 direct quote from a Maple Grove officer it's not illegal to say you on someone

Maple Grove Police would probably tell a Holocaust survivor trying to recover they need to be working harder whole helping steal the fruits of one's labor 

Labor with out the ability to earn or with police helping someone steal earnings is always bad.

It doesn't take race or gender to determine anything about it

We all hurt the same when we can't eat 

Rest and recovery determine someone's ability to keep laboring at any rate. That's largely ability to afford it. Then choice to do so.

If you look on nav bar "how I used to cook"

I had what I need figured out and took care of myself while working 

Hanson would make a great concentration camp guard as what a few other members of that police force who while all this is going on want to know if I'm working while I'm being forcefully relocated under threat to myself my animals and all of the property I did work for

Work will set you free right?

Get fucked you assholes

Cuz let's be real what I taught myself how to do before this started was enough electrical engineering concepts to make a working custom circuit boards with microcontrollers and for contract with someone in another state

there's probably an element of maintaining one's own career furthering it and generating revenue for the state which plays the same role

But that's not really fucking sustainable

Unless you think we're going to export policing or 3D printed knees

 You risk my life to further your career there's no equality unless I get to do the same to you 

if I read correctly Hanson is like 4 years younger than me maybe 6 I only read it once and it was a while ago. If that's true at one job I was earning $11 an hour and had the ability to make commission which I did a few times. That was refinancing home loans the loans had to clear and you had to meet quota but you got a percentage of the profit from the loan it didn't have to be a big percent to make a lot of money that way. I also had four regular small business clients two dozen regular home clients for IT consulting this is while still in high school. My senior year I was charging $75 for the first hour 30 or 35 after.

What was Hanson doing at this time picking boogers?

You taunt someone you help kill in danger of abduct torture and make dependent?

sick fucking incest promoting jackasses

Hello maybe I'm being a bit harsh different strokes for different folks but it appears the folks that the city of Maple Grove in the state of Minnesota want to cater to are basically ma and PAW Turpin from California


yeah I've got a filthy mouth no excuse if you don't find a new place to hang your noose you should cross your fingers every time you drive somewhere.

Yeah that's the lyric well the first part. Most things are adaptive or build on each other.

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