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Broken door due to malfunctioning latch and apt banned covid repairs

 Let's give a major fuck you to police that support human trafficking.

Fuck your families when you paint fellony level theft you protect as probably civil. You help a dad clamming to own his son steal 6.3k on service 43 k of assets. Human traffic him to a cell with out so much as a blanket or sheets for the matress.

And fuck your offspring when it results in death of pets pet alone Humans.

Let's give us a treason trial or just fire them like out of a cannon head first of the brick wall if they do the above because their financing is based on it. Let's first sell their children maybe into sex slavery actually scratch that I'm not for punishing people who had no choice in the matter. I am for labeling the officers involve stupid and bringing back forced sterilization of the mentally infeeble. Yeah they say you can't fix stupid but...
Hey Rory come here. You little punk ass bitch with a badge. You told me based on hearsay somebody's giving me enough? so it can fit your little fucked up worldview? it might be safer for the world if your worldview was without eyes because the one you enforced clearly is. If I read your age correctly you were in middle School well I was in Europe on a trip I paid for by myself4,200 miles from Minnesota 45 days doing hostiles. That's at least four thousand miles from where you were flicking boogers.
 punk ass piece of shit no seriously even starving do to your at first misconduct and now malice 
the liquid
shits that you have enforced have more moral fiber and soul then you could ever hope to achieve.

I only considered Bonnie and Clyde mine to the extent my claim of ownership should have offered protection. Aka to me they were as important as any human relations or person I've ever known.

Funny thing about when you respect a living being like that. They tend to run to you when scared or funnier in the case of Cosmos  cat. He was a stray. He knew how to take down an animal if he needed to eat. After he saw me with rabbits he would bring them in un harmed from outside. Even years of absence he remembered me. Probably because when we first got him around 2001 , my parents wanted him to be an inside cat. I took him outside at first on a leash. By the time I was leaving for college they were installing a cat door.I used to put  him in the tree in the front yard watch him climb around exploring and  if he slipped I was there. He was as quick as they come so he'd end up hanging by his claws. The moment he felt my hands he would  relax so I could lift up slightly and take him down.

Other times we go up on the hill and a lot of times he would just sit down behind me. So I took to sitting as well.  he  seemed to want to be behind me so we sat facing opposite directions.

When I got my driver's license I often come home from school grab him and go out for a drive.   He would sit in the back window.

the picture below where his head is on my knee  is the day before he died

That was 2017

since then the mold problem that Paul and Marlene caused has given them control of everything of mine. Maple Grove Police have assisted it and basically continue to enforce human trafficking 9 months of forced labor that left me blowing out what you see above. The reason the freezer is taped  is that's where Clyde's body is.

Bonnie's remainswere addressed to me and sent via United States postal service package to my name is Paul and Marlene address

funny how you can be detained for being paranoid while the police put you through this

Funny how you can cause the trauma that creates the instability or ends the life and probably face nothing in return 

Funny how Justice might be of some of the officers responsible  in the freezer rather than Clyde

A note to anyone about to be an adult in Minnesota.

Average court case cost $10,000. police will probably help your parents throw you out even if you're not done with high-school the moment you turn 18

they might overlook things such as choking you to the ground I have it on good authority Maple Grove Police have done that.

The state over looks just about everything as per psych yet it will throw you in a mental ward

the police might help or might refuse to do anything about parents accessing your bank account after the police help them put you on the street

Minnesota has multiple ways to ensure the police have job security it's funny because it picks on those that would probably the most picked on

If you looked over on the right hand side resisting police power has a few tips

With the possibility that this was actually Maple Groves Sergeant Hansen I now have mixed feelings.

actually I don't have much of an opinion on this case I just wanted to use that line. Some of us use words to other people abuse people from behind a badge. everyone has a point that you push them far enough $600 for a gun makes a lot more sense. God bless public records huh?

I must say that's probably the best photo of Rory ever taken though.

Next to this NSA surveillance drone leaked photo of Rory whacking if to people getting beat in Roadhouse

Sergeant Rory Hanson of the Maple Grove Police department

Rummor has it that next in the que was something called putting the hyme in alter boys

If we want to get behind the idea of people eating tasty animals, we could probably turn 911 into a pork rib delivery service and feed the poor while we're at it.

Problem is in a town of 70k there appears to be about 55 to go around. Supplies are limited order quickly

I can't tell you where to run but if you're reading this in an abusive situation under the age of 18 do consider that even if you take out police who enforce it you probably justify the media when the government at the state level cries for stricter laws for anything but policing the police.

Running is probably the better option.

At least it's the more responsible option. But I wouldn't judge you odds are that's been happening for a long time now from people who are supposed to do anything but. That said if there's anything in you worth saving the probably is in the others as well . This is still a highly personal decision. You might die either way. I will say There is no equality when lives are worth different amounts. there's not much left it with society when it enables their parents praying on their children.

I love you Clyde, Bonnie, Cosmos


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