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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Job opening

 Are you looking for a career in taking what belongs to other people?

How about redistributing wealth, re-appropring  assets?

Cracking whip on people that other people claim to own?

Censoring government documents to cover wrongdoing?

Rubbing it in while you starve someone?

Leading a trafficking ring

Being a union member that forces unfree labor? 

Do you like aducting people?

Are you naked in a bean bag chair eating Cheetos? Shit Channeling Ron White.. still probably qualification.Count me out they stole my bean bag chair

Call Maple Grove Police and sign up today

Sargent Hanson Maple Grove PD

remember you don't have to look like Rory to apply. they actually prefer you save some of the traumatization  for your destructive acts behind a badge.

Ask about the Rory Hanson rabbit killing plan

You can reach Maple Grove Police at: 763-494-6100

maple Grove pd:

For the few the proud the honorless but they're too privateteer  above law and above the rest


Actually a few of them don't deserve that. Most will treat you with respect if you give it to them.

Rorey on the other hand gives negative the moment he decides he knows your reality. Hint it'll be close to his reality if not the same because it's in his head. Someone argues the problem is what else isn't but next to his head.. rumor has it all of the duck boats in Wisconsin dells can pull the gavel from his ass

I think he confused Sparta and Gibraltar

Yeah this is childish but when you make sure someone is starved unlikely to live very long take everything and make sure it's destroyed when they worked for it

I mean hey I'm being childish online in the form that will probably Outlast me

The dude that was probably picking his boogers when I was earning $75 for the first hour 35 an hour after is telling me that I've been given everything endangering my life taking the things I need to have an income

So yeah this is childish but I'm not that level of cowardice where I kill people from behind the position of major power well being a major asshole... Wait is Major the promotion after someone pulls the head of Sparta?

Sounds like a shity Time

If his head does come out you might try this to fix the leak

The problem is you better have voice activated transmitted (vox)on your radio because much like the cave that one dude took a bunch of little boys soccer players into

no one's going to see the signal in there 

And if the second arm is swallowed it's going to be a hell of a time calling for backup

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