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Legally incompetent can still see incoherent non congruent law

 So you have to Abby unlawful orders or you can just be arrested anyway and it's been demonstrated in Minneapolis that unless you meet certain criteria that police officer probably won't face trial. What I really should look up is how often police are tried if they kill in whatever way of white person because I think that's the real problem not either way there or black-and-white the problem is if there's a low probability they see trial regardless of skin color it will keep happening regardless of skin color but some skin colors impacted greater as a group you can only be impacted as much as your life gone after that see what I'm saying so the group yeah you might face higher chances of an individual as meeting that end butI believe that still works out to why you should fight as an individual to re-establish controls like punishments for illegal 2 power abusing behaviors instead of the racial card. I also understand most black people have no say in it. BLM is the amorphous blob that racism has been made

But the incoherency non congruence is Minnesota especially blurs the lines between civil and criminal law

the police can do just about anything they want is what I'm trying to get to and I always fail when I try to write this opinion controls exist to realistically apply a suitable punishment for even killing someone without them seeing trial and then usually the officer doesn't see trial.

I've heard someone say there was pre-existing relations with George Floyd but at the same time I could not see any inkling that you was fostered in a way or putting up any resistance yet he still ends up face down on the street and it took what it took to get the maybe that is still pending last I checked but I'm not in a very good place to spend time on that I spend time on this because if you can't talk about your problems and get them out and someone is actively causing them to you then it's the path to insanity and if no one will allow it documented then when you're dead they cover it with whatever story they want. The thems involved would be Paul and Marlene and the Maple Grove Police to some extent saint cloud Police they've been far less active in arm. I would not doubt that sans police union there wouldn't be much at all if at all. of course maybe that's a cover for a cover or the underlying fraternal aspect would still be there even without the Union. But the result is about the same so going into the logic trees there is just a pointless walk in the woods

usually police aren't supposed to be concerned with civil law. In fact to get out of enforcing anything criminal they will point blank tell you that they think it is civil anyway even when you're even when you've already attempted to educate yourself on what the value of limits are and that sort of thing for when it becomes felony theft or destruction of property and that the state line kluddes personal property with real property so you pull out one single item being destroyed that meets felony definition and Sergeant Hansen still tells you he thinks that's civil anyway and I had chosen my ham radio given by my great-uncle w0 BSI. Hold that thought for a minute

the thing is when you separate someone from everything they worked for a lot of threats to it and their animals you created immense trauma if you stopped right there

You've created a definite threat to security or the feeling of it to soundness to what I'm not managing to recall is the exact verbiage of Minnesota's civil restraining orders but that's the point I wanted to make.

the problem is you can't do that to the police as far as I know. Yet they can keep doing it to you and if you have to follow any order then I don't know I don't shit pixie dust that just poops me into court in a mental state with the lawyer and continues doing it till the course is to a case is over to you I mean I think I could think of other uses for my magical pixie defecation then doing that I mean I could just proof that away if that were the case huh? 

So Minnesota steps it up and goes ofp where violation is immediate criminal status or criminal case Lumiere civil case strips your second amendment rights and some of your need for warrant to arrest

That's funny cuz in all that legalmaneuvering and pandering to propaganda for justification what does it do to police response time? No seriously like do the police get there instantly?they're handed how long does it take to kill someone assuming there's not a ledge around and say at Max 30% strength difference with similar heights? Probably a lot quicker if they don't see you coming right but not more than five minutes right? How long does it take the police to get there without an ofp and the ofp doesn't change anything about that?

but on top of that you'll never get one against the police and they can do literally everything even to prevent liability for what they might be liable for an acting misconduct that could end your life let alone put it in danger this is a just created a protected whoever we want class with a un police policed class

What's farworse is what's a domestic violence is not driven at All by gender let's say it's driven by the majority factor being early childhood experience or family experience growing up.

What's a furthermore that a component of that is how people react to your tell him what has happened to you well I had 100% trust in someone who communicated something to me after it happened and I've now heard the same line. I still care for them deeply I'm not sure that I have that level of trust now but that's only because the closeness scale is at 0 and time does very much change people just not always and readily observed ways

When someone is abusing the shit out of you and the cops show up and it happens to be a family taking it out on their kid   young adult or adult offspring the police saying arbitrary reasons why I've basically it's okay because they're your parents why don't you be you you're doing really good at job security for yourself here if anything I just mentioned holds water for how to make the worst case scenario for ensuring people beat the shit out of each other when they get into their own relationships

and I'm even okay with maybe some of this isn't mine to share but nothing I said is out of my ass it's stuff that over the years I've come across I won't try to say 32 years of things I've read when all I have is a smartphone in a laptop that turns off if I look at it wrong because the cord is loose and the battery is end of life

Back to my uncle and the radio

I believe he was also a sherburne county sheriff's deputy but that was a while ago when I saw him wear that uniform he's been gone for quite some time

Funny thing about that radio is I picked it because neither my mom nor my dad who are currently destroying it have a ham radio license I think mine just expired while I'm being held captive. But I got it at age 13

they're literally taken everything from me but that's just the distraction from me being coherent and staying on track it's also everything

the point of cooking a ham radio is you're not supposed to have one without a license it's federal law I think it's in buried and title 97 you definitely can't do the scanner lock transport one without a license I am the only member of that household that has ever had a ham radio license which was also separated from me with the illegal noted lock out 8 months after I moved in January 2018 to August 2018 was the lockout keeping even my live pets

but no Rory Hanson goes a step further and says well that thousand-dollar ham radio being destroyed that's probably civil and we couldn't determine ownership anyway

well it's a good thing you're Sergeant cuz you'd make a shit detective shit head.

Which reminds me I wouldn't doubt that Maple Grove Police go through and download the contents of almost every non-encrypted device Maple Grove senior high has taken temporary from a student since around the year I graduated

The reason I deduce this is they wanted me to help set it up my senior year they in retrospect probably chose who asked me very carefully but that's not really the point I refused but I wanted out someone did it for them right afterthe connection there is if I read correctly what the rank of a police liaison officer is or what they tell the school kids that's just their title but I think it's detective in actuality

but they go through all this effort to teach you Sergeant friendly will protect your life for officer friendly is here to protect your life I wouldn't doubt the one there right now is pretty friendly other than calling a lot of people a putz

I also wanted out he went through some shit whether he's ever talked about it to anyone or not

We were both in the slow class together in third grade. If I recall correctly he's the one who actually informed me of what class we were in.

Though I kind of think or want to think and believe he probably is a pretty good choice for that position not that my opinion matters but what I really am trying to do here is paint a picture of what happens when we let people in holler that possibly had to definitely had for whatever reason there's a lot of reasons someone can end up screwed up in the head but the police do nothing to filter that yet we have them starting in fourth grade conditioning children what does dares model model like keeping kids off drugs by introducing them to drugs?

Hey man I dare you I dare you dare you to create my job security.

But on top of that it's always officer friendly it's an image thing it's a brainwashing thing it's unethical it's probably people privy to things that I'm not. If there's some actual explainable even not to me though reason that things have to be the way they are I still don't see the ethical argument if you can explain as to why yes you want to claim we're free people

The funny thing is if it's Hitler 2.0 are marching towards it seems to be that the other side is going to lead that effort resin the left seems to be full of doublespeak the right isn't much better but 

Awoman are you fucking kidding me!? At the end of a congressional prayer?

Look up how educated those people are they know what amen means.

Yet they do it anyway.

That's kind of the litmus test for me. But what I find funny is isn't a feminist with a Hitler stash kind of a bearded clam? Where are we into a carpet and drapes argument


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