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Legislating out behavior by legislating and enforcing around it

Edit: what I wanted to get at here is more complex than I originally had words for.

It seems with using law to flip burdens on to average citizens and selectively enforcing some laws but not others we are approaching a society where you work just to replace what's stolen. If you don't you may be committed. Talk about abuse ? Lose your temper with words as someone assaults you?... 

I need to clean this up and flush it out more but here's the original:

kinda the inverse of how weed was once kept illegal by requiring a tax stamp. 

say you want to make it illegal not to have a corporate job. 

you could have police not enforce any violation of law against someone who didnt have one. 

you could make it illegal not to earn above the level you have to file taxes

you could have police steal anything earned by non corporate income. 

but really the logical issue happens before any of what i just described. 

we have police that work for departments and departments that handle their own claim investigation. should police repeatedly violate your rights let alone law in ways that depribes you of aassets and or costs your income....worse with both, your only real option to stop it becomes a doj claim whilch you might not have known about and doesnt seem to assure/produce any quick pause let alone resolution and is a long way from compensation. 

otherwise you can try reporting the police to the same police and hope they investigate and find their own member or department in error thus making them and or the city liable... likely right?

meanwhile there would seem to be nothing to stop police from ordering you not to enter the civil courtroom even if you could afford a case. 

it seems theres little in the way of controls or checks and balances even on the state bar associations and maintaining a non biased relation. when the two are in bed its an even bigger issue because any lawyer desired for a you against city case... oh yeah what bar did they have to pass? 

but if you dont allow it to be called ... fuck it. 

seriously, police put you on street? unlikely... stop, just imagine the police put you on street or start beating you . 

who are you going to call to stop it? 


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