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Meanwhile Maple Grove Police and children's hospital saint Paul


Make sure a mother that works for children's hospitals & clinics st paul 

Is free to violate criminal law and steal even her son's workstation pc complete with portfolio needed to aid any resume the most recent version of my resume and several software suites legally licensed with one alone being a $2,000 tool that I have earned above minimum wage with in the past. 

I'm really not so sure that children's is an honorable organization when they pay people you are supposed to save your kids but murder their own

Medically relevant she alternates between I can't care for myself and I'm sick in the head she also told my prime tool for budgeting keeping track of expenses many other things

one of them happened to be gaming occasionally. I think I was down to two games still loaded because I didn't have the budget to upgrade the solid-state drive array gravity between the tools I was using regularly to generate income and others I needed occasionally I have preference that over having games installed but

I really hadn't had time to do that in forever the reason I bring it up is Marlene is the type of mother that will go on and on about how crazy it is and how immature it is that an adult man would game.

If she would pay attention to the nun focus but relevant to her field studies video gaming can be very healthy when done in moderation. One of my games installed was Kerbal space program. 

But even shooters they flex the mind. You're doing a lot of  exploration in a virtual worldthat to your brain might as well be exploring a new place. You have to make decisions that in the game would be life or death or reaching your mission or not it teaches problem solving it teaches adaptive vs. Maladaptive behaviors for arbitrary goals or in the case of Kerbal space program even getting to the Moon can be more likely than the Senate launch system.

I bring up gaming because that escaped would also be handy having lost Cosmos in 2017( any question as to what he's named after?)(and then Bonnie rabbit in 2018 and Clyde in 2019. They still have Bonnie's ashes have prevented me from even having my rabbits favorite toy .

Bonnie's remains were addressed to me and sent by United States postal service making it a federal crime to hold on to them let alone lose them to command labor on The moldy car that you drove to children's then enter the NICU for 9 years of having at 18 years of having a moldy house) but Paul and Marlene gloat at times over what the Maple Grove Police enable them to do to other people.

What the guy did in the news article above is really cool. Incredibly honorable.

Giving sick kids in escape indoor land that might even teach them something but otherwise takes their mind off of it that's brilliant.

What the police might not see or not  care to see is that when they do dishonorable things to dangerous things when they order unlawfully when they bully people from behind that badge let alone enable 3 felony-level thefts while someone is starving as a result of them having created a human trafficking and forced labor situation well enabling felony theft of service and landlord ceftin continued destruction of everything

What they might fail to see is you incredibly I can't I can't do it from the third party you fucking assholes have made the risks I hand up dead on the street exponentially high despite how hard I worked

Life endangering thugs that have made even higher odds I end up disfigured and disabled or some combination before an early death

but what they might fail to see is every time they do this to someone the odds that what happened above what that guy did that really awesome cool thing that guy did there's less of that. Ultimately Maple Grove Police not only help my mother poison children at children's hospital as well as terrorize while poisoning for adult offspring Maple Grove Police are the anti give sick kids video games Force

They will however help you steel felony levels of service and order the person who has been wrong away from public property after awarding everything that person owns to the person who stole the service

I had a working spot welder of my own design. One I literally designed PCB component level up and had produced on a rapid prototyping rig that I made to do it. Cooper chloride atched that I mixed the acid for the edge the UV lithography exposure rig was also mine it was vacuum pull down as well. I bring this up because

I've demonstrated not just that I say it I can do these things they worked. The videos are online of them working

China is whooping  ass right now. One of the things that's profitable as all hell is actually back towards hospitals but involves lithium ion battery packs and UV lights.

What I'm talking about is either autonomous UV disinfecting robots or the type that you will into a room and Plug-In or wheel into a room and turn on

Compared to the spot welder design it's a fucking light bulb.

The only thing that is needed to make a UV disinfecting tube is quartz glass instead of the normal glass for a fluorescent light. I wouldnt make them but that's rather the only difference between them.

The reason quarts is used is because normal glass isn't very transparent down that the tiny wavelengths that comprise ultraviolet quarts is.

But otherwise noted linear fluorescent like an office has the long tubes the primary thing they put out is ultraviolet there's that white coating over the glass that's known as phosphor gets hit by the ultraviolet and produces visible light so other than the difference in glass a UV tube is actually more basic unit

It's not hard to wire or to design the circuit. it's not hard to make it run on battery I'm not even saying I would be doing that right now but anyone who cares to look I was on the path to have been able to offer that if I had so chosen.

Minnesota is killing itself by allowing police and family courts to do this unless we think that I don't know policing is a viable export? Maybe we should just try 3D printing or injection mold manufacturing a bunch of knees and see if those selll in gift stores.
Marlene is sick to the extent that when I was trying to figure out what was making me sick I realize that either bug or mold or possibly bacteria if I got a UV disinfecting tube for a fixture I already had and ran it when I wasn't in the room the only real possibility was either it remains unaffected or it helps. With the probability being towards it helps. I don't think she understands that many pathogens can be disabled by just blue light alone. And actually that was somewhat apparent in my dealing with various use and how it impacted me. I had lifx bulbs in the living room of the last apartment. Life hacks is a high-quality color change color temperature WiFi programmable bulb. I stumbled across that before I knew this about blue light but when I was trying to figure out why the hell I was bleeding having the room set to blue produced the most calm. There's a problem with that cuz it's not great for trying to fall asleep.

Blue life trips some process in the brain that converts serotonin to melatonin or maybe it's the other way around yeah it is the other way around because that's how wakefulness is re-established.  but it also inhibits the release or production whatever you wanted conceptualizes as I'm not a doctor but I can tell you if you look this up the general idea I'm giving you is correct sleepiness hormone is melatonin blue light you don't have it working how it normally should.

 They call it the circadian rhythm. Or another words what do you see at Dawm? All of a sudden it goes from black to blue right? this is the same reason you might have noticed on your phone and there's a blue light filter that tries to turn on at night or you can enable.

Maple Grove Police participate and things that even Marlene admits are conditions they forced that are dangerous to my life to my health to my continued existence. They forced this by taking what was mine unlawfully and then taking more of it threatening it and several other things including my animals and my person

I would just avoid this state like it is the disease that played that it is it makes covid-19 look like a joke. 

Because it's not just death after conditions that match human trafficking it's incest servitude two people who will cut you down to make sure you don't succeed or usurp them while that's not the game you're playing but that's how they see it and tell them your life is a game. But they operate behind the assumptions that parents wanted to do that and the police helped make sure they can literally get away with murder

not only that but it's done while destroying everything I had for a source of income every asset I could have liquidated I was first separated from I was relocated six times in two years maybe seven just the six months in five hotels was 14 rooms and three cities

This is someone who was paying me to do a design project. I had it working I was working on the version of I could ship to him and have it survive it's intended use case for more than a week I had all of the functionality shown working I'm circuits I made to do it. In other words anyone trying to make jective evaluation of if I could finish this or if I could do that I can show that I could I did it was in progress and completely doable because I demonstrated and I have a lot of the documentation still I have the videos but no one cares.that judge that would like to speak to me if that's real at all I would hope that they see this for what it is in the text above. Marlene and Paul the moment they found out I was right about their home launched into trying to use Marlins medical knowledge and false police reports to get me put in a mental ward or crisis center or committed basically we hurt ourselves and you so we're going to hurt you they got physically abusive and psychologically this needs to end or there will not be anything left of me. I know how to deal with these problems coping mechanisms I understand. When I needed treatment for pstd I sought it.

That was like 2007 because it's 2004 I came home off of work 3 hours early and found Paul almost dead on the couch we beat Marlene to the North memorial ER by 3 hours.

Uh oh did he just put beat in a sentence maybe she feels threatened. Here's what I did not do lay hands on them and anger neither can say the same truthfully in return Marlene outright tried to push me over the railing to their basement I believe it was July 2018.

and here's Paul rewriting history like four times over because during the entire time I'm at his house cleaning their mold problem that I had done it by the professional confirm Ed.. 

I'm dealing with Paul critiquing me on how I use a vacuum cleaner or telling me to fix his. Trying to clean get a workspace that my eyes aren't bleeding from the corners in trying to keep up with my obligations that would enable my friend to be able to look for that job and my honor my credibility and some of my credit behind that agreement a different agreement with Paul that was compatible had the rest of my credit song before this started

but throughout it he's saying why can't you just get that certification Walmart lean is taking parts that the person in the message saying finish the documentation send me the thing and we
work on getting you a job..

that project I came up with because I realized something he wanted was something I was already doing for a different purpose that modified slightly would work for what he needed for his job

this is something I have been mulling over mostly in my head with a few demonstrations of components building blocks to it if you will well working two jobs 60 to 100 hours a week or one job and going to St cloud State University doing it support on the side of that

but the key point with Paul is when he's saying why can't you just get that cert what he's referencing was the first thing my friend told me I can get you a job if you get that cert. That certainly was a class that would have cost about $3,000 I'm stuff that I already know but you had to take the course to qualify for the exam

what Paul didn't tell me that the time is there was three grand already in my name from his mother

It was immature ee bonds. that he was sitting on in there Maple Grove house while I was in saint cloud. so I hatched the other idea and the fallback ideas and then made another plan with the friend that could have got me the job with that I was to be paid for labor paid for parts I was the one who said hey hold off on labor because this person has been extremely good to me with nothing to gain in the past it's taking me a long time to learn what the indicator or what a good indicator is of someone who won't screw you over. Because look what I have for parents or if you look closely because they're very good at the image but the substance uses the image to hide and is not what it appears

But that was his taunt during the eight months at their house will Marlene was throwing away parts hiding parts mixing them up while they grab my keys anytime I turned around scream leave once they had my keys so I didn't have to ask for my keys
Same with my personal things my tools other people's things even laundry that I did put back on my bed I'm in the room that Marlene said she was my landlord when I move back in well-doing $6,300 in IT services for Paul and Marlene off and on demand
Business law I told me if you if you're known to do something professionally and a party knows that they are obligated to pay for it even accepting it.

it's one of the reasons why you should clarify with an attorney that you're looking for if the time salt is actually free while your first talking on the phone they are within their right to invoice you for it

Russ Lewis works for SEIU local 284 in 2006 I did his campaign website when he ran for 52b district rep of the state and a campaign computer custom built. I've got Paul telling me Marlene telling me they've never seen me work at all if you'll note the thing I got off work 3 hours early on the day Paul went to the hospital.. I have an extensive work history. Pretty sure they told Maple Grove Police this and that's why enables a lot of what is still threatening my life

But the point is all of that information other than the fact that I did the computer and the campaign website but possibly that I think I had it set to know archive so that tidbit of the info might not be there if one were to look for it online and something such as the wayback machine but the point is I can prove I work for Paul's coworker when hes saying that

One of Marlene's co-workers at children's and at least one of her students when she taught at st. Kate's became clients of mine as well

Of the businesses or business like entities that I had in between 2004 and one of them all the way till 2014 actually don't first business I got in 20 04 lasted until 2014 that was an accounting office in Plymouth at the time I also had a lot office in Maple Grove a print shop off of University kind of by University billiards or what's now to stooges or last I checked and a car dealership in Rogers.

The last one sort of had something to do with my parents the first three absolutely nothing they were my clients I found them on my own.

Out of regular home clients I had two dozen so three of them... You see what I'm getting that these aren't skills that paulmarlene possess either

I've got officer Hanson up my ass spewing lies verbatim like he's wearing a robe on top of it I think I know where he keeps the gavel... It would explain a lot about his demeanor

But what he doesn't get and won't hear is anything above well he insisted giving me enough while he stands between me and the law let alone all of my things being destroyed.
but he does a step further and tells me they giving me enough they don't owe me anything even after they come and terrorize and steal a felony amount again they told him some number that they've given me over the years

But further to the point I'm making other than if every time since 2004 market rate was billed for hey come help me on the computer or calling me up to say the same...
there's also the fact that some of that income was Marlene working at University of st. Catharines teaching nursing
 being able to teach at st. Kate's was even partially enabled by me. Around 2001 they were requiring their professors and adjectives adjunct professors to move from overhead transparency and slides to PowerPoint or some form of digital presentation Marlene could hardly turn on a computer I ended up transcribing most of her curriculum for her.
I will not say that entitles me to anything that's not my argument.

Even if you exclude that last tidbit the number they give likely is smaller than the number that market rate for the amount of services rendered over the years since I've performed them professionally my number would likely be bigger I don't want to be having this argument but I am being murdered well they justify it with how much we gave you and that's just the thing I didn't take anything that wasn't given

They gave and then set it entitled them to all of well to even my heartbeat because Paul two times as said I own you once said I bought you wanted me to repeat the word slave on top of it
I don't like saying I saved his life I don't usually say it that way but the fact is it's highly unlikely he would have survived if I had not both gotten off of work 3 hours early in 2004 and realized what was up. I caught it by noticing he was trying to change the TV channel with the cordless phone my foot was already on the steps down to my basement room from high school or in high school at the time.

I also in 2006 the year I graduated had an $11 an hour with commission regular telemarketing job on top of for business clients two dozen home clients that alone would have been sufficient to live section 8 in Maple Grove in 2006.I left for 45 days in Europe over that summer and then left for NDSU in Fargo North Dakota I believe the other lies they tell is I never left home I paid for that trip. I had money left over when I returned I had also bought $1000 flat screen the year before the original Xbox (which was other than a game gear and an original Nintendo both given by an aunt boyfriend big first game system I ever had that I bought or my parents bought oh, it took until a neighbor brought a computer from a dumpster at work for me to even have a computer when I was in elementary school despite the fact that I was already known to most of the staff of that school to be very good with technology. Other purchases that year asurround sound system a stand for the TV and I'm pointing this out because those purchases plus the trip to Europe that would have been about seven Grand that I would have had in my pocket had they pulled the same stunt either when I turned 18 or sometime over that summer after.

The interconnected when they steal my PC my workstation it's one that I built that doesn't matter so much I've built more than 30 I lost count I had records in their basement because the majority of that was done will I had access to the home or will I was living there. There's some pretty logical issues with police being able to order you to do just about anything including unlawfully order you out of a place you're living there's some logical issues with being able to hold on to evidence but that's I'm trying to cover elsewhere

Paul and Marlene Steele to make sure I can't be who I am what I learned what I'm good at what I bettered myself in

Paul and Marlene systemically made sure I had zero credit even remaining before well making sure I am where I am now in hell endangered

Maple Grove Police are the only reason they're able to do that

If you want to own your children Minnesota's town of Maple Grove and the Maple Grove Police department will help you make sure they die for your mistakes while you are pretty much immune from any felony you wish to commit against them

there are some officers that are upstanding on that Force.
Nothing on here other than the times I point out I won't mention who they are on the off-chance I caused them hell or not to be there anymore because someone else might need them.

But other than that this isn't about them this is about the force in general and the likes of Sergeant Rory mmbop.

Is medicine safe in Minnesota

Related to what inspired this post and all the interconnects between children's Maple Grove my life and one of children's neonatal nurse practitioners...

Marlene was driving a car that was in the house that 11 months after it was diagnosed 3 after they changed the lock I have 50 feet of basement wall 1500 square feet of carpet and pad removed it had aspergillus and black mold be black mold what time blinking on the scientific name for at the moment

Google or even Google scholar aspergillus patients visitors clothing threat to hospital

There's some very legitimate sources that are worried about even the occasional person bringing it in not a regular person

Put on top of that I mentioned doing the transcribing of her curriculum. That and paying attention to what usually revolved around Paul's robbinsdale area bus garage and Union Stewart gay or Marlene children's and st. Kate's kid between the two...

part of medicine is people who can prescribe are taught you don't diagnose or treat family members

It's part of medical ethics. It's sad because emotional connections time to cloud judgment. 

Which outside of the medical world we could really use that in the conscious of the public because it seems all there is even in the courts now the courts are likely to go to is emotional arguments like they feel threatened

Marlene as a medical professional threatening me with the crisis center forced medication for delusions of something that was already proven when she was saying this actually not at the start of it because this started in 2014 I stayed there a few months ended up being stuck there because their house made me sick in between I got a concussion work myself nearly to death just to lose everything but she resumed the threats she started back then I'm delusional I'm sick in the head I need medication for my illness she continued that even after the mold was confirmed to be very real and not while dealing with it like I said 11 months past in between. The deck also came off the other side of the wall on the back of the house where the 50 feet of wall was removed I'm guessing there was a grading and draining issue. I haven't had access to the house since 3 months before I left with what was on my back intending to only be gone at maximum of two weeks that was August 2018

but what I'm getting at is she has knowledge of how the medical system works esoteric knowledge to that field

She's operating outside of ethics by even making that threat outside of that Fields ethics

she also has a trusted position if she uses her title or if any physician is aware of her title while I was to say seek attention of the medical variety.

Between 100000 and 250000 people a year are set to die in the us alone due to medical charting errors in medical record errors and that number probably include surgery mistakes but a large portion of it is generated by errors on the medical records or charting errors

what I'm getting at is there is a board of ethics review board in the medical world but when issues like this no one's concerned about them the controls aren't effective they aren't really real

Because behavior like that needs to be punished as a disincentive for others who would do it.

If no one even intense malice this laissez-faire lapse attitude when liability is hard to have deemed or two be ruled in your favor as a patient..

Even without malice if they're not worried about that what's keeping you safe in a Minnesota hospital?

On the plus side weather seal weather dead from the mortality or morbidity of whatever they have or even Dead from the corrosion the rot of medical ethics and system controls at least some of the kids have Nintendo's until the end or to get them through it sort of thing I wish I could do but police having a very interesting definition of what their job is we're not heading good places if we don't straighten this out


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