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Minnesota era? Ofp? Predatory government.

I never had much desire to have an in-depth or even greater than cursory knowledge of law. I'm by no means a lawyer but I'm working on what I can before I die which might be pretty soon.

On paper the 14th amendment looks like Americans are pretty well covered except and perhaps ironically there was a supreme Court decision titled


Slaughter-House Cases, 83 U.S. 36, was a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision that held that the Privileges or Immunities Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution only protects the legal rights that are associated with federal citizenship, not those that pertain to state citizenship

I just found that there might be an effort to revive XIV as it applies to the federal government enforcing equal rights on the states for their citizens


I have to wonder if this would feasible in the case of ofp

It seems Minnesota uncannily decided to declare that open to anyone just recently.

But if you find the documents released by the state as PDFs it's associated with getting Federal violence against women grants

My hunch would be if you looked at when they're granted and the resulting arrest you would see huge discrimination. Because there's likely Federal money for arresting men when they are applied

And what most people don't understand is there something known as selective enforcement.the police might tell you that this is to allow them to go after the bigger crime. In my experience everything on the law books as of criminal violation the police have been telling me its civil

But the moment the two people who have been stealing from me before and after using false police reports the police refuse to document evidence that reports are being falsified

Creating basically human trafficking situation then forced or unfree laborunder threat to myself my animals the remains of my animals and continuing to de grade my health with no pursuit of anything but death on the street from the looks of it

Funny thing is when this was passed by a civil court known as family court the county that I'm in refuse to serve it.

I drive down to Maple Grove and through the window of a car I hear

 so can we take him in

No Stearns didn't serve it

Oh that's just really helpful great.

You know what would be really helpful ?

having peace officers not profiteers that commit extrajudicial executions participate in re-appropriation of all of one's assets, allow them destroyed, participate in what starts to tick every box in human trafficking and forced labor

Or if you self reflected a bit on how separation of powers is supposed to work where you're in the uniform you don't have a gavel unless you're storing it I don't know up your...

and if you look up the role of police it's supposed to be to enforce criminal law.The ofp kind of bridges civil and criminal it's a civil act with criminal penalties

The messed up part is you get it based on hearsay

The case is never reevaluated if you end up arrested for violation

So you become a criminal based on the decision did you violate the civil order but the civil order was decided with civil standards of evidence so it bypasses criminal standards of evidence to create a criminal which isn't much better than the witch Hunt of Salem.

Or the McCarthy era communist hunt.

possibly worse though because it enables police to profit from what starts to be defined as a human trafficking situation or forced labor situation

If not profit directly if there's any possibility that these actions Garner revenue for the state from the federal government that trickles down it's likely the sort action that furthers one's career if not secures ones future as a police officer

Ofp is particular in quite a few ways

It's free to file.

It has no time limit or statute of limitations

It doesn't consider a completely clean record

The accused has at maximum 6 days notice

am I case the police had separated me from around $40,000 of my personal property a year-and-a-half before I was served.had been commanding me to leave public property outside of where it is still being destroyed

When brought to their attention police reports for being falsified as weapons they admitted they might be liable and that's when it got worse

I looked it up recently the average court case to get something like this to stop cost $10,000

so another words once the ofp was brought unless I had $20,000 I would still be where I am now

Seems like a shakedown before they murder you

In Maple Grove Minnesota Rory Hanson is the ringleader.

There's an old sceme known as a protection racket. perhaps it's not by chance that Minnesota chose protected party as the label once this is in place. Just a slightly new permutation.

the thing is it does nothing to change police response time. Falling from head height has been known to kill people. A reference that because how long does it take you to fall over? Even if it could guarantee 5 minutes response... But the reality is more like 15.

The other problem is unless you missed it or in case you missed it there's not a criminal standard of evidence it's one person claiming this happened to them or something happened to them or rather that they feel threatened. People lie. Kind of a moral of the Salem witch Hunt. it's that when the justice system takes actions without realizing people lie or might be lying or might have personal reason or game when they act without looking at conflict of interest or in the financial interest of the state we don't have Justice we have state-sponsored slavery execution trafficking nothing good comes of it

as I found out once one is past there's even more push to make sure that primes can't even be documented. I have recorded confession to felony-level thefts afterwards

Minnesota appears to use its emergency medical hold laws and mental wards as threats to people who would contest the death that is being forced on them

There's a further issue here regardless of anything above. The police will push the image even to you as a child but through adulthood that they are there to protect life.

With no one external not conflict of interest auditing their actionsthat's pretty hard to guarantee but in fact it's not even required of them at the moment. It appears there's a financial incentive for protecting women from even the claims better man has harm them. 

But when you make it so it's a crime to interfere with a 911 call but there's no stopping the police even if you go to them with evidence someone is using them as a weapon and falsified reports which is also supposed to be a crime in Minnesota...

This turns the police into the ultimate weapon they might even profit from hurting you or further their careers by doing so

it's Minnesota even putting you on the street depending on the time of year might be death within 10 minutes

Minneapolis also has laws in place where landlords can evict or mandatory eviction after 8 or so police calls. In other words anyone can get you evicted. What's more disturbing is in researching this I found PDFs indicating the state is aware landlords use this as a method to get rid of unwanted tenants

when laws don't have a clear purpose and spirit to find along with them they're as dangerous as not having them. When it cost $10,000 to put up a battle in Court Justice is very much gated

I'm old enough to remember when things like factors of economic mobility were discussed

What's really terrifying is all this focus on race divides where people of low income should be United.

it also distracts from issues like this because what does it matter if George Floyd wasn't strangled to death if landlord decided they didn't like him and he's all the sudden on the street in negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit. From what I read all it would have taken is calling the police eight times

Worse yet if one wants it's possible to make a gun with two links of metal tube. It's called a zip gun it fires shotgun shells. In other words gun control is unlikely to prevent the $10 gun from the hardware store.

But if one wants to purchase a real gun that's $600 or so for handgun

Trial to try to fight unlawful police orders $10,000
Then you end up facing an ofp as well $10,000

Bullets are at something like $2 a round right now

$20,000 vs $20 if you do the ZIP gun route and buy a few

Why do you think we're seeing people shooting up the masses?
What happens if you poke a cornered animal?

The real evil here is when we take these horrific events and
legislate in ways that further harassment and perterbation of the already cornered. The psych studies even the papers given from medical org to government specify most of these people are not repeat not mentally ill.

The other thing about gun control a $300 3D printer can print all the plastic parts and the rest can be bought online and is not a gun until it's assembled.

This works for an AR as well as it does a handgun.
I was TLC history channel Discovery channel watcher growing up. History of modern rifles and that sort of thing. The difference between semi-auto and full auto is usually one is the other it's just been intentionally limited.

Rather to say to achieve the recocking required for a semi-auto it's the same mechanism as a full auto just with a catch rather than allowing it to slam into the next round and keep firing.

We keep passing these laws that sound good and make some people feel good but it appears all their effective at is hurting others..

The basis of law over a free people and how lock keeps order was once known as it provided an alternative to vigilante or vengeance path to Justice

Do you have $20,000? How about when you're homeless?
Is it more likely you can save 600 or 20,000?

What's more obscene and furthers the idea that Minnesota at very least knows better then allowing the police to separate you from your home is during world war II Minnesota conducted what was known as the Minnesota starvation experiment

The cognitive effects of malnutrition and starvation were found to be so severe that the question was raised is if ever really ethical to medicate for what we call a mental illness if diet and malnutrition aren't first addressed?
we appear to be getting rid of the middle class transferring the money to lawyers and courts well we leave a trail of corpses behind us


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