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Monday, February 8, 2021

Minnesota owning people

 Position of power is what we forgot if I can do something to you but you can't do it to me that's a position of power

Maple Grove Police have demonstrated that Paul and Marlene can do everything including trying to kill me by trying to push me over a railing and they won't even allow a record created they can take all of my things then come and keep stealing from me well I'm being poisoned by them

Yet all they had to do is go to court and claimed they felt threatened and now I'm arrestables without even warrants in some cases well the police continue to write off felony-level theft is that civil or tell me I need a mental state evaluation rather than allowing a confession of a felony-level theft on a police report of a burglary

closest thing to evil in this context is the way the left or rather special interest groups associated with the left have used the media to associate position of power in most Americans minds with the workplace men doing something to women like quid pro quo

in reality if you take the movie The silence of the lambs and put a boy down the well and if cowboy Bill had a gender change well cowgirl Beth has a position of power over the boy down the well if you can't see why it's probably the not leaving part

Back in the real world traveling anywhere takes money

Usually if you buy something it's an asset it can be liquidated for cash that doesn't work if the police can separate you from it and or allow it destroyed

This isn't the strongest case I can paint but if I don't end up dead here I think I'm going to try to flush out the case for detainment through unenforced or enforced with prejudice for party law enforcement and civil court actions

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