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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Minnesota's unwritten law

 Punish young adults for the crimes their parents commit against them

Selectively refuse to enforce criminal law parent violated against young adult 

Have police mention instead if parents claim to have given anything they will always have some control. In Minnesota not accept a Christmas present from your parents after turning 18. The police will use it to justify excusing choking you to the ground or taking everything you work for fair and square repeatedly.

This ensures mental health centers and prisions  always be populated

No one has perfect parents but what this does is punish those who have it probably pretty bad to the worst already

And also normalizes it.

But it normalizes one reality regardless of what the differences are

Did the tsums and pushes on you that you were dumb and did nothing of value that might be exactly the opposite but if you can hold on to it or if the police would help separate you from it you might as well have done nothing.

This sort of trauma crystallizes NPD BPD and aspd.

It's really not so far-fetched either if you go back a bit in history it was known that before we started obsessing over race and gender those who have it the worst off with the criminal justice system and the police are usually the poor

well especially if the police help separate someone any age from everything they earned and refused to enforce criminal law or even say hey cut it out to   one-party violating it

especially the 18 year old but sometimes worse when it happens later because sociology knows it's natural for peer groups to shrink as you get older but if you're very handsome while you separate someone from everything you just asked why they don't have friends

Point is an eighteen-year-old especially whose parents want to shit on them

Who is more poor than that?

You were just forcibly condition from age 6 to 18 you're as green as they come

You are a Target and if you're experiencing this you probably wear your whole life already

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