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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

More pr/propoganda Maple Grove Police


Look we have a document about how we shall not act with bias

You officer must report bias.

Supervisor talk about bias

What's missing other than offer an apology is ...stopping biased actions 

Any indication of any meaningful deturent f negative consequence for being bias or even a reward base system for not having complaints of being bias either of those can helpthere's proponents for either and how effective it is I'm not sure that studies have been done with the police but the general population in the general concept is without consequence for doing it or reward for not well we can talk about it all day but you probably don't change it. If the bias say separates press citizen from everything there's and then allows one party to continue stealing or poisoning or assaulting well maybe we'll talk about it we'll talk about it well that Minnesota deals with -12 outside in forced relocation without any of the personal property MN theft that we won't allow on record.

And there's also nothing really there about what happens at all if the supervisor has the bias

But note there is an effort when you give it to the chief to review you have to anonymize it so the officers aren't listed either. Without that part it'd be more convincing but this is nothing but feel good ink or probably toner we say the shall not be done so we'll talk about it if it is maybe...

Lets Play Websters (Defining Bias) 

but with offical looking department stationary or possibly just a header and footer to mimic it. tray 3 is lonely. im merging the def section and the part it anounces its a policy defines the policy over rides it in the inbetween then defines the policy...er sans the override at the moment 

401.1 POLICY The Maple Grove Police Department is committed to providing law enforcement services to the community with due regard for the racial, cultural, or other differences of those served. It is the policy of this department to provide law enforcement services and to enforce the law equally, fairly, objectively, and


without discrimination toward any individual or group. Race, ethnicity or nationality, religion, sex, sexual orientation, economic status, age, cultural group, disability, or affiliation with any other similar identifiable group


shall not be used as the basis for providing differing levels of law enforcement service or the enforcement of the law


(Minn. Stat. § 626.8471, Subd. 3). 

401.2.1 DEFINITIONS Definitions related to this policy include: 

Department means the Maple Grove Police Department 

Member means all voluntary and compensated personnel of the Department 

Racial- or Bias- based profiling has the meaning given to it in Minn. Stat. 626.8471, Subd. 2. which states: Racial profiling means any action initiated by law enforcement that relies upon the race, ethnicity, or national origin of an individual rather than: (a) the behavior of that individual; or (b) information that leads law enforcement to a particular individual who has been identified as being engaged in or having been engaged in criminal activity. Racial profiling includes use of racial or ethnic stereotypes as factors in selecting whom to stop and search. Racial profiling does not include law enforcement's use of race or ethnicity to determine whether a person matches a specific description of a particular subject.

 Biased policing is an inappropriate reliance on actual or perceived characteristics such as religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, economic status, age, cultural group, disability, or affiliation with any non-criminal group (protected characteristics) as the basis for providing differing law enforcement services or enforcement. 



. voluntary was a bit of a throw. maybe its the conditions forced otherwise lmao. 
IIRC community service officers are volunteer police. I kinda took it another way first read. gota watch that confirmation bias.

 idk if it was family guy american dad or maybe even king of the hill but someone had a big box store greeter that was a bit special and chained at the front of the store like a guard dog. file under comic relief when applied. community serve-us officer? kinda like Pauls union yes massa?

2 PURPOSE AND SCOPE This policy provides guidance to department members that affirms the Maple Grove Police Department's commitment to policing that is fair and objective. 
this confirms we printed a document affirming that we firmly typed this document about having a commitment to fair objective policing. Do you hear the minnesota state fair? good dont think about how we will uphold or ensure fair policing not fare policing

what the penalty will be for disregarding . or reward for those who acel in stepping up for fair or against fare. 

how would an officer go about ensurign the outcome for a citizen is fair not fare? fair question as long as its not a supervisor and you dont want the offender to face a fare and arnt really concerned with fair. 

.We want to explicitly state its on our todo list. committed  shall be. who knows when? are you comited yet? no? we can fix that."yo Hanson"

its still the first page so the above is meh... fair? but it hits a snag here
Nothing in this policy prohibits the use of specified characteristics in law enforcement activities designed to strengthen the department’s relationship with its diverse communities (e.g., cultural and ethnicity awareness training, youth programs, community group outreach, partnerships). 

what explicitly defines a community outreach program? 
what separates it from an unfair community reach ar... daily activities?

strengthens the relationship = ambiguous 

Stockholm syndrome is considered a pretty strong affair er... relationship strengthener.  Aiming for that would qualify by whats given.It could look inconspicuous, 

meet for a community exercise sing along. start with anti dandruf shampo and keep descending south until disbanded.  

401.3 BIAS-BASED PROFILING AND POLICING PROHIBITED Bias-based profiling and policing is strictly prohibited. However, nothing in this policy is intended to prohibit an officer from considering protected characteristics in combination with credible, timely and distinct information connecting a person or people of a specific characteristic to a specific unlawful incident, or to specific unlawful incidents, specific criminal patterns or specific schemes. 
compared to the set of criminal activities and paterns what the sub set one considers specific? it apears to dial the scope in then takes 3 steps back for 1/2 forward. 
  • specific characteristics for an unlawful incident 
  • specific unlawful incidents
curious choice of words.inclusive of civil?
  • specfic criminal paterns
  • specifc schemes

One Good Thing Here. (Credit where credits due)

Racial profiling does not include law enforcement's use of race or ethnicity to determine whether a person matches a specific description of a particular subject. 

when i heard the U of M wasn't allowing it years ago... I almost put my palm through my skull. 

Mrs Swan came to mind

he looooook like a man. yeah ok blacka like you blacka like me, doesnt matter 



It defines bias pretty well . sounds all well good and what we would hope for. Except these are college graduates. id damn sure hope they can define bias. I think it starts to stumble  soon after 

and that's part of the problem.it goes on to address preventing the perception before what to do about negating the damage or preventing it.  perception and actuality can be two different things. Being on the street due to police bias (or intended payday) is still on the street whether you feel its from personal bias and discrimination or you cant feel your legs cause its negative fucking 10... all that really matters is the potentially life endangering or irreversibly damaging actions not what one perceived about why. less deadly perceived or otherwise its pretty hard to launch a court case in that potion. 

much like lincon but ahead of his time... this crowd appears to be perceiving this as mind blowing. do you think they will live? how does this differ from what happened to Lincoln? 

When it comes to that potentially endangering a citizen no procedure to make sure it's stopped or reversed is kind of tell tale to what it's about at least in my opinion.

I think it would be interesting to see the document that this replaces which is mentioned at the end or the order rather.

what would be even more interesting as they're accepting comments on body cams would be they're draft of what they think body cams should be in how reviews would be implemented. Especially in regard to this policy

But with or without that what would really be nice is some detailed way to stop it before gets to what happened to me.

All that pretty language up there.. for race or gender where the main cause du jour it was known economic status was the name decider you take someone who relocated 50 miles then 8 months later start enforcing anytime they show up they have to leave but all their stuff is there and they had zero notice but you're going on nothing other than what like I said I've been polite I've been as friendly as one can be being in this situation I've tried to even ask how you would feel if this was being done to you to the officers doing it.

when I brought to their attention I had evidence that police reports were being falsified As weapons there was in the mission that there might be liability involved and then it got worse.

And it's still bad it's the type of bad that is extreme trauma mixed with the feeling of being watched mixed with actual theft of things needed to deal with the problems they forced on me like biowarfare.

I really want to know from the officers doing this especially Hanson hey, you say how old am I without considering anything when you already know my age how much would one have to take from you bacteria or mold how sick would they have to make you well taking anything and how long would they have to work you I don't think you'd go as long as I have but let's keep it more objective

how much could someone repeatedly steal from you for how long before you would end up dependent?

and if we're talking things other than money how many times could you be without a ride?

I would bet there's an agreement that everyone in that group takes others in again that's an assumption on my part. if it's not true it's not true but it doesn't change much except if it is true you don't have to consider the possibility you're in the freezing cold but you're doing it to other people.

January 2020 I showed Hanson the picture of the headliner of them mold car

I didn't see that put the phone away.

And may I mention you guys have been In  Thathouse and seen the ripped apart basement 

And he said something along the lines of will I haven't seen it.

If anything when I met with them in August and I was told the whole bit about the potential liability and then it's not illegal to claim you on someone or to say you own someone..

Someone could have let me know what an ofp was then or hro. Bet if I typed up a meaningful petition...

I had already tried to contact the dv chat line the national one

Seems like it's all set so if we can bury it and even if that involves burying person..

 then it never happened and at most we'll talk about it if it happens talk doesn't really fix the damage you've done to my body and my life my credit my credibility my personal property other people's personal property entrusted to me

Most importantly and the only reason it comes last is because I can't do anything to deal with it is it hurts like hell to bring up because I can't even touch my rabbits favorite toy it's still in that house or they threw it away. They still have Bonnie's ashes despite her being USPS. You say enforce the law equally well Hanson was screaming after that meeting discussed above but I'm about 1 inch from what I didn't even know he had that sell actually the only time I've ever heard hro. It's like I'm supposed to have a record so I understand how bad everything that I have not ever encountered because I don't act like that is

well if you would fuck yourself you'd understand how hard were fucking you is about that logic it's atrocious

It's abhorrent and applied on a larger scale it's likely a driver for demand for the police

How could it not be if you're allowed to for an unlimited. Without looking into or even allowing acknowledged even when it's brought to your attention that your actions might be on false information

If your actions create a risk to the life of any party that's not exactly producing the best of human behavior when someone's life is at risk or threatened it's supposed to produce an angry or hyped up response its fight-or-flight it's designed to keep you alive or devolved whatever way you want to look at it it's there though.

so these actions produce that and even if the person manages to stay calm through all of that they still just gets slapped with the policy that if violated it seems the state makes money as long as there's gender discrimination involve d

but meanwhile any officers supposed to report it and I've got the video I found it a few days ago of them demanding to know how old I am because why would I be dependent and like I said above why why would anyone relocated after 8 months of bleeding than eight more than forced out with no notice why would anybody end up dependent like that it's not like it's all over human trafficking why that combination of relocation in forced labor produces a hard to escape situation

Cajun economic status are also not supposed to be a part of that. But if there is some actual criteria that's not listed to the public for how you enforce it which my experience and experience of others that I've known indicates there is because the same line across over a decade is unlikely to be a fluke or by chance but if that exists you allow any evidence to prove otherwise to be destroyed

I've got to stand with what I said a few days ago I've taken shits  with more moral fiber

Not even the action of the apology was taken I have my pstd therapy companion animal one of them in the freezer he shouldn't be dead 

I tried to get even his cage after Maple Grove police came to the hotel to make sure I give my dad the rental key back then was 3 hrs past check out after he threatened to send me up there with 0 other than my rabbit my buddy Clyde.

If the hotel as a pet charge was the threat. So can you continue to pick up after an animal when you have to be out of the room I had to keep him in the travel cage which resulted in my over a decade old pet with a Max lifespan of 15 years so be most senior already passed what most the best majority of rabbits live because you have to know how to care for them they are not as not as resilient as a cat or dog nobody's resilient to being wet and then going out and -11 weather like it was that day to a cold car

So I sit there holding him in my jacket covered in his piss and Id do it again.shortly after that day he started developing the inability to walk or stand. Maple Grove PD was also called to the house that night it took ours because I have to warm him up dry him off because not even a towel was in that car I have one key at that temperature I couldn't leave him in the car wet and I obviously can't leave the car in a parking lot running with the key in the ignition and going to a big box store or really anywhere

Eventually he was dry enough where I took him under my coat into PetSmart I tried to have my DSL connected in between to give him more time none of this should have happened at all

you judging me based on hearsay rubbing it in while you help destroy everything even months after all of this all the way up to the end

But especially Hanson you fucking piece of shit seriously bro allegedly by a fucking dictionary allegedly you have a brain in your fucking head but I haven't seen you use it

You want to tell me what they owe me what they don't in contrast to what you help them take what they agree to even you're telling me their agreements with me what I earned what I didn't based on what they said and this force is non bias?non bias to the point that nearly an officer starting salary will help be stolen and destroyed well in officer browbeats the victim and also does things like play me that's not a salt that's not battery what are you doing here John after my mom slammed the car door on my leg I hadn't even left the mold car I had opened the door for ventilation while I sat in the driveway

It's really not Noble to be a hard-ass behind the realization that you probably get paid time off and no trial for being judge jury and executioner some of that Force are upstanding as far as I can tell

But that doesn't change that the ones that aren't trying to have the lead and create traumatic terroristic life-threatening situations standard trying to tell you about you based on hearsay someone told them that's cowardice at its Max

Honor is the fact that I'm not in person screaming at you and yeah that's a little bit mixed with the fact that you can probably shoot me and not have a trial

but that doesn't inspire the put yourself in my shoes or the amount of effort it takes to quell the fact that I know I'm endangered by your actions and yet I'm still trying to deescalate during all of the face-to-face meetings

There's a record call on here where one of the officers is trying to tell me a different version of what didn't happen or rather she's telling me what didn't happen over what did happen I try to correct that and that's on the phone when she starts giving me the riot act for talking while she's talking while I'm a county away human trafficked by your actions

n effort to prevent the perception of biased law enforcement peace officers shall:
be respectful and professional;
introduce or identify themselves to the citizen and state the reason for the contact as
soon as practical unless providing this information will compromise officer or public
ensure the detention is no longer than necessary to take appropriate action for the
known or suspected offense;
attempt to answer any relevant questions the citizen may have regarding the citizen/
officer contact including relevant referrals to other agencies when appropriate;
provide their name and badge number when requested, preferably in writing or on a
business card; and
explain and/or apologize if it is

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