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Thursday, February 4, 2021

New Maple Grove feature: rape your kids in public


Or was that shake? Shake your infants for all they care. After all in Minnesota or elsewhere there isn't a stired infant syndrome. But infants stiring with Marlene on the children's st paul clock may lead to shaking . There's a dt joke In here somewhere as well.

Something about say bloody Mary 3 times in front of a mirror and Marlene appears with a bottle of karkov. unless she's busy terrorizing her sister Mary or her son.  Say it pre children's shift and she appears with two

Actually as long as the likes of maple Grove pds Sargent Hansen are employed. Rape your kid. Maple Grove privateer deparment. Redefining privates and privateering. rape someone else's, public private. Don't matter he will tell your little bastard they deserve it .(Marlene's words)

Rape either literally or metaphorically your adult offspring to death as incest Sargent Hanson blames them and turns a blind eye . all a days work with your tax dollars for Maple Grove predatory deparent 

Some terms and conditions may apply: see ctw membership . 

Maple Grove PD robbing people and helping kill bunnies , defending alcoholic nurse practitioners since whenever that god-forsaken town was founded.

if the new shake shack serves burgers I really wonder what the meat is made out of. Try our new shaken infant order courtesy of Marlene and children's hospitals and clinics st. Paul. At least the meat would be locally sourced.look out though the police roll up while you're enjoying your shaking infant Burger they're probably there to help rob you

 even drive through Maple Grove I recommend silver bullets wooden stakes or small thermonuclear device. Better yet just don't.

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