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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

No ill define your issues and thats not what you say unless i change my mind later then i never said this


note at 1:15 she tries to tell me what i didnt say to the vet and then what the vet said to me. 

i hit nail on head at some point later and ask 
"how wouled you know you wernt there" 
"thats not important" 
i didnt watch it thats from memory ...other than far enough to get the time that part starts. 

as far as i know she never met the vet or talked to her at that point. 
if she had, moraly speaking ... nto intending to debase yourr sons grasp on reality while violating every boundry theere is ...nuking trying to maintain them and responding to "fuck you" like its an invetation to make him a crutch while you vent about your sex life between stealing his keys and screaming leave so he has to then ask even if he complies. 

esp when you are aware the house has a major mold problem and gaslighting it while you drive it into st paul childrens nicu

but hey police play the same games while claiming in mission statements (see propoganda or pr) taht they enforce equally

then hanson says things like why cant you earn how you used to with out your things?
lets take my computer and software on it alone. to replace its about 700 with similar power and features, software jsut in one paid for tool is 2k. 

idk hanson why would i spend 2.7k if i could not spend 2.7k and have the same functionality 

I dont see him offering 2.7k is it possible he understands personaly what a set back even that amount would be?

officer pay seems to start around 60k a year. 

my best estimate things i paid for taken and still being destroyed is 43k services rendered over 8m living there 6.3k in IT aka service done professionally since 2004 and usually on command not just accepted demanded. 

hanson was told lies about "hes never worked" but refuses any info otherwise. 
meanwhile tells me "they gave/give you enough" "they dont owe you anything" 
while both mg and st cloud participate in not allowing reports or anything other than that nerative of kicked out an adult son who never left the home

but the gave me part is sick. especially...
because they are taking everything i earned. stole felony amounts 2x since. and if they gave me anything 1 where is it? 2 if its in edu... biz law is where i learned if someone accepts services you are known to provide professionallly then they are obligated to pay market rate. 

which you may correctly say is civil. but so is ofp. none of it is anything if unenforced criminal theft law, attempted murder, assault and poisoning result in me dead disfigured or disabled. 

but if i violtate the ofp the state gets fed funds right?
sick. ...ofp is decided in civil court/a civil thing too.
they basicly brag/gaslight all teh criminal law is civil and not their issue
but comes to ofp....

meanwhile downtown maple grove 2019 they arrested a woman for stealing a bottle of wine. 
what $20? 
49.6 k 
sick fucks. 
43000/200/12 aka what you could reasonalby expect to save doing nothing but eat sleep rent car maintence utility repeat and assuming you had your kitchen stuff maybe plus or minus 100 but thats not the point maker. (this is at min wage)

that 18 years to recoup the loss. 
the computer stolen also contianed my most recent resume and everything needed to put a portfolio with it. 

herp derp we make you poor or dead from a postion of power helping someone beat you mentaly and physically while they claim to own you.... but say we enforce equally in our pr statementss. 

equality is you hurt me like that i hurt you like that... unless a system that can offer justice sans vengeance steps in. 

reality is cops can pretty much do what ever. who do you call when they are allowing you robbed blind tourtured and or seperated from all assets?

at best you call?.... the cop...wait... a lawyer? they cost money or require liquidating assets you dont have because of the cops. 

meanwhile also things like "how old are you John"
"you have my birthdate"
"they give you how much?"

what i wish i had been able to come up with over a year into human trafficking

would have been "how much does one need to take from you before you would have to fall back on someone else?"

this was a CD resistieve spot welder. they cost 3k to buy when i checked in 2017. this plus the equiptment i made to etch boards and expose the acid resist film (the blue) under $600. videos of it working on youtube. 

whys that important? its how lithuim ion battery packs are constructed. 
you mignht not realize it but we are about to see cesna sized aircraft that are electric and powered by such packs. just about everything that makes the last 10 years awesome for gadgets is also powered by... yeah. 

even tesla roadsters. they use copper instead of nickle for the cell to cell interconnects. when i added the 3rd string of maxwell ultra caps i might have had enough power to spot weld copper, never got to try it. 

also i needecd this machine to do a contracted project with in budget constraits and with regaurd to liablity. you can buy large packs from china... heres the thing they usually have names like

"Trust fire" 

thats exactly what you are likely to get /truth in advertising. 

Reality seems to be cops  and states want you to think they protect life. 
except( if defined at all) the definitions for what actions that might endanger it are sparse to 100 years behind non disputed medical sci and even breaking those you would have to survive and launch a civil case for justice when they do so. 
they also have no legal obligation to protect any one person.

which if true is also out of line with the idea of separation of powers in sense they really should be obligated to bring you in with out executing you or a lot can go wrong that wont be discovered.

was the bad guy shooter guy actually doing so because his family was being held and threatened? nah just take him out, we wont report the link between the bodies found later. happens every day? probably not. plausible? id think so. 

usually history demonstrates if someone can do something fucked up someone is doing it will do it or has done it. 

what percent is up for you to figure. 

punishment is suposed to fit the crime and only be decided in a court of law. 
executing or allowing you executed ...no beuno 

though im not saying it wouldnt still happen/is totally avoidable. 

if you think in absolutes... see splitting
i think cluster b is a bigger pandemic than covid. 
a pop that cant feel from anothers shoes is the ultimated divided unlikely to unite.
kinda a repeat of how bable ended with a small applied psych twist. 

im going freaking nuts. 2 summers police have made sure i dont even have my bike. empty apt with therapy animal in freezer while paul and marlene threaten the ashes of the other and steral anything earned since. 30 days hungry in 2019 two 4 day periods 2 3 days periods at longest. 

now im blowing out black crap and things stoilen have also included power inverter for car, remote for garage, debit cards several times though a few might have been one of the samolies that goes through this apt parking lot. difference is with that burgle everything is left open in the car. contents of glove box not replaced etc. 

also they steal a vac. but between that and alternating amounts given plus commanding labor the first 9 mo. steraling tools needed to do labor insisting they would give me my stuff if i only x y z silence after doing this that the other and the alphabet ...

fuck you fuck mgpd to. murderers. plain and simple. 


best i can find/surmise is unlike the image they push. they have no obligation to protect any one citizen. yet the fed gov has made funding incentives for certain programs and arrests targeting only men. 

why wouldnt they use unlawful orders that make it unlikely you can start or maintain a civil case to stop their orders while taunting over the harm they do? 

they get you or they get you and all of it helps better the odds they can make a case you were violent and tie it into something to qualify for funding. 

not saying that puts them out to get you or me specifically. im saying its a system with little oversight, no one to call in case of corrupt or crazy. no psych evals as job requirement. 

code of ............

and there might be security in their career/furtherment for endangering your life while destroying everything you work for.

theres no funds for enforcing equally as the pr statement...er mission statement claims.  

good odds it wont occasionally be used maliciously/is that way by design?


want wild but true? imagine you are a almost victim of Jeffrey Dahmer. or any psych and slasher film you want to place yourself in. 

you escape. 

police pick you up and drive you back to killer

that happened in wi. 

we know how to design better systems that fight corruption and prejudice. reports after Floyd by fed gov indicated things like trouble getting reform to stick..

no shit wheres the fear of appropriate negative consequence or any?

wheres even the reality that long ago we knew one person should not play LEO, Judge, jury, and Executioner?

also we did this in 1944 :

but today cops who have participated in a 0 notice lock change eviction interupting your diet or worse helped relocate under threat and force work

either executing or threatening to execute medical holds against even state law on the books and we have a bar hotline that will tell you "no one touches those"

well if any state can cut taxes and the corp has funds to state hop... hey why not throw them state enforced patients?

cost buckets mean that works even if state insurance is used. 

we could have arbitration instead we have officer mandated escalation, instead we have privateers claiming to be peace officers. 

probably true once you are dead... pretty peaceful then. 

how safe are you when police and civil court help cover the fact that someones decisions in finishing their house make their son sick then dependent by painting him violent ?

while it also covers what she drove into a st paul nicu for 19 years

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