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NPD aspd tactic : shifting mode of communication

 This makes it harder for their victim to present an at a glance view of what they're doing to them

Which is more devious parent to child because most people that might help or might empathize sympathize whatever

Our culture has a value system that excludes parents from consideration. Ie a parent wouldn't do that.

Which is all that is too; a cultural belief

Which says nothing about the reality of one experiencing it. Except it serves to amplify the terror

I can't fault anybody for any level of thought or not because everybody's busy and abuse doesn't really leave to most people turn into deep thought. From what I've seen a lot of people end up totally shutdown or some basehor version of what they could have been 

And that can apply to achievement or even just capacity of thought or both. It's hard to say they're not interrelated unless the only thing remaining is your ability to rip other people off and in which case we're right back to  narcissism or NPD

I digress

Paul and Marlene are very good at changing the mode or not allowing communication

Which shouldn't matter if laws were enforced

but when they're enforced lopsidedly or with extreme prejudice based on anything from financial gain for the police department to personal prejudice of the officers.. that same cultural bias being part of it..

well if I can continue acting on you but they will stop you from acting on me then we're outside of just walk away territory because that takes things like money and if they can continuously steel...

See the problem?

But one of the ways Paul and Marlene do it is they will demand different modes of communication my dad has spent one or two years I don't even fucking know anymore trying to convince me he doesn't know what a text is

often for things that I have expressed in person on the phone and sent to text stuff but then he'll demand that I email it to him instead

At one of the points I acquiesced I was rewarded with a bounce-back message from the mail server saying that their email address didn't exist. The email address they had for the last two decades and I believe still do

Paul and Marlene up the level of terror though because somehow their email got on my lease for my apartment the one they forced but still none the less my name is on the lease there's is not

I still don't have access to the announcements portal or request for maintenance or any of that

but where it gets really fishy is the time I described above all the sudden I'm getting a note on the door from the landlord saying hey your email is bouncing I read it and it's their email. But I had already had email communications with the management over my actual email

and the whole time one of the landlords who I can't say for sure but I think might have known my dad before this. A really really old memory tells me that he might have known her or that she might be someone else. I fuck it either get that or you don't I'll try to fix it later so it's more understandable but the whole time previous to that she's wanting me to call them because they are paying for it they forced this lease after changing a lock with zero notice 8 months after I moved everything in it's the reason I'm in an empty apartment with none of my stuff but have one of my pets from 2007 in the freezer I have their mold problem I have nothing to deal with it and things I've gotten since I've been stolen to prevent me from dealing with it

But the point is they'll start something by phone they'll refuse to answer the phone

Or the next time the answer they'll pretend they don't know or haven't gotten any other form of communication then demand another way of communication even has Yuri explain what you were trying to email text and have said before to them but no email it to me and then of course no answer to the email anyway

And if you don't give them the attention they come and steal more which isn't an act that I am doing so it's not one I can escape usually these people called the police have the power to command other people we have given that right to them as part of what we give to government for powers

when they have used that they start to finding a slave situation because I can't shit money

if I could I'd have to shit at faster than they can steal it or faster than they can commit crimes or endanger my life to cause  spending and to get away

in between what they end up doing is psychological conditioning of helplessness terror with actual endangerment of life

but a cheap tactic is to make sure that you can't present in one easy picture what the conversation was

Paul and Marlene larratt though. There are large periods were they will not answer except here's how you know this is intentional.

they have an old style well just newer than tape style but a digital answering machine like a desktop one.

they have Comcast voice over IP or well to them and most people Comcast phone service with voicemail

That service has the ability to set endless ring

They occasionally set the cell phone to disallow

There are nights or times are days where they won't answer but all three of the methods or four will be implemented at random throughout the day

It's create terror its demonstrate I will put all the effort into destroying you and denying that I'm destroying you I will commit crimes to do it but I can't put the human effort into even letting you talk or communicating with you well I'm killing you for my problems

narcissists often are said to want the victim to know that they're doing what they do when they gaslight it but not to want to directly say it and this is a very clean example of that because in alternating the ways that you reject the call like I said it makes it not only disrespectful and traumatizing but the fact it's changing means they are putting the energy into denying it and then their other favorite tactic to combine is what what's going on. They could have just taken 3 Grand of your things they could have stolen vacuum you need for their mold problem they could be fucking stabbing you or have just stabbed you and said if you don't do this this and that I'll stab you again and they leave don't answer but when they do answer so you did this this and that they pretend like they don't know what's happening and then they do it again and again and again. In Minnesota if you're being held down a well told to put the lotion on its skin you better just fucking kill yourself

because the first party to make it to court and claim to feel threatened well after that the police will be even less interested in helping you even if they continue or come back and put you down well at best you can probably help to be arrested for violating the civil order

That same logic plus mms push to make the civil hearing optional for the a cused to attend ...

It can allow one to deduce the state doesn't want justice or your side of the story.

These ofps are free to file/request. Defence is probably not happening but from what I read has a small chance with a lawyer 

I got 4 days notice 6 days into stranded from likely sabotaged car.

1.5 years into human trafficking conditions and ubfree labor forced by actions of Paul and marlene and the Maple Grove MN PD. 

March 2020 and all of the claims date back to that. All the way back to January 2018 AKA when I moved back into their house. a number of times they have been able to empty out everything from a car in a parking lot while I'm being moved around under force and threat or directly burgled my garage. I never had a. Of oh hey we want you gone can you be gone in 3 weeks usually it was get out but if you go we're keeping all your stuff and they're saying that well having hidden the car key.

But relevant to what I'm discussing the police helped them take possession of all of my personal property my rabbits that are now dead and work yes TD therapy animals. And any evidence I would need to dispute the claims made

That personal property is relevant because when I read online the average civil case cost $10,000.

Or in other words a Minnesota citizen zeroed out relocated them able to work minimum wage could probably save that amount in 4 years

I was given four days to have that amount on hand and all of the evidence that the police help them take and hold on to

then they come and steal more things and the police suggest I need an emergency medical hold rather than confession of said felony-level theft on the police report

But one thing that's talk to us as good and a protection mechanism could easily be viewed as a shift in communication tactic.

supposed to be separation of powers IE the courthouse isn't the police.

yep throughout this before and after the ofp and wild blocking me unlawful e from everything mine police are telling me things like that's probably civil.

Then when they thought the ofp was already active I literally heard through the car window

Can we take him in?

No Stearns didn't serve it it's not active.

Well that's just really helpful thanks.

but the thing is when they say. That's probably civil what they're doing is telling you I'm a police officer my job is Criminal actions and criminal enforcement

Minnesota obscures it with the name family court or district Court

But an ofp is the action of a civil court it's a civil decision

and the likelihood that that many officers will use the same excuse and now I've found other people have encountered this to that implies there's likely a communication happening or in other words it's playing with communication tactics to you and modes of punishment while exploiting separation of powers in the worst possible way for the citizen at how the government starts to define the personality disorder as well

All that's at stake is your life and mine

It might surprise you to learn police don't have to take a report at all. I've seen some attempt to cover this by obscuring the issue. There was a news reporter something where the chief interviewed said if police won't take a report it's probably cuz they don't believe a crime has been committed.

Except that doesn't really work. If you won't take a report how do you catch or linked back victims of an unsolved murder to a serial killer? Better yet if you can order someone away from their house the rental whatever the roof over their head and where they keep things and then the civil Court will require they disprove every claim somebody else makes or be in even the worst spot with police then justifying further not doing anything against the person who the claims were made how do you hold onto any record of anything under these conditions?

party seeking to harm you has access or any of your identity information because in that case they can just keep draining you changing your password they can just kill you and the police will help or you can be a criminal based off of a civil trial and did you violate the civil order and you get the nice Scarlet letter of abuser even if you haven't hit anyone

Possibly while they continue to hit you

and well data presented by the news and nonprofits that compiled it is often sourced on police reports.

worse yet there's Federal funding in arrest for violation of that civil order

It's an oraBora of hell

I've got a format this better later but before I forget on the topic of the NPD abuser using this tactic it serves another purpose as well

it makes it really hard to record a conversation. Especially with the intermittent answer and blocking

0but keep in mind this is while they've used false police reports to have you separated from everything you've owned and then command at least somewhere under threat of your homeless and you're one surviving pet will be on the street without even the ability to sell any of your things after human trafficking you after they made you sick they extracted labor from you then use false police reports in a fucked up state government to fuck you over they did as well literally claiming to own me and I realized the perspective shift.what if it doesn't come out like this it's going to come out in murder and if it doesn't if nothing else changes I will be the one murdered.

Paul called me earlier today. Which is odd because despite the ofp actually because of it I've literally begged come fucking arrest me come make me Criminal for what you do as criminals that label themselves police

Fucking sick

Here's the thing though I've tried to get ahold of him for the last week I need some of the things they stole I am going crazy because anytime I make a plan try to move forward they come and commit a crime to send it back

they do this well literally claim to fucking own mein between telling me I deserve it because I'm a brat and they aren't doing anything at all.

but the real littlest has just occurred because Paul called me I had sent him a text indicating that the internet was off because they didn't pay the bill. They put me in this dependent situation they steal they forced labor under threat to make sure I have no other income anything I make is stolen.they alternate what they give even when they're giving to make sure I get behind on the bills then they take them over then they don't fucking pay them what their continue in the process of if I make anything it's stolen

meanwhile they also stole the computer with what I would need for a portfolio to do with a resume with my most recent resume should be dead I should kill myself there is no fucking point to any of this other than Minnesota police help parents incest abuse molest and chill

I don't want to be alive this is fucking sickness

The point I want to go somewhere here

the point was he called me after I sent him a text this is while he pretends not to know what a text is or that he doesn't get mine there's variations of that terror as well

so he calls me which is a change from not answering not answering but then once again as I said here actually I rejected it I took a screenshot because I was writing another post here on the phone and it popped up over it.

I call him back and as I said here he answers with what what do you want

And the overall answers stop being a fucking murderous incest faget you child-abusing person consuming piece of fucking shit

but I managed to stay calm and tell him the internet's off and then well I didn't do anything I didn't do anything I hang up. I call back again when I'm calling again like I'm trying to describe and this is not this is just the minor assist of the things but they could literally be fucking stabbing you and all the court cares about his did they make it there first and do they claim to feel threatened

if you better not give them any angry words while they're still having you or what they really will own you because they do anyway

so I called back 5 minutes later and once again he answers with what what do you want

My life back is sick fucking asshole you fucked up your house you lied to me about everything you can you try to take every bit of who I am sick perverted incest nasty shit had black also stole fuck face bag of shit aspiring to be.

The only person I've ever seen that's more of a black hole soul is Marlene

If Android or rather alphabet Google would stop fucking with the ability for the average consumer to record calls on Android life would be a lot better. For a while I had an app that works really good at that but Google has been on this little tirade about making it impossible to know you know their data centers are call centers record every call in.

Which means I have to carry two devices and none of this says anything about them continuing illegal actions towards me. it also necessitates a lot more management and tedious tasks like make sure you delete the recording where all it did was ring for 60 seconds. But you're also anticipating or in my case I might be homeless so how the fuck do I hold on to anything huh?this terrorizes the most logical people the ones that could be the drivers of the economy or at least taking care of themselves because the anxiety when you can predict the problems is way higher than those who can't see it coming.and true intelligence is realizing there's still more problems that I can't predict. insanity is not just same thing in different result but also a system that tells you well you just you just shouldn't be here this shouldn't be happening but we're not going to do anything other than let the other party continue but why why can't you take care of it?

or worse yet then you end up ordered two more of your time consumed and possible drugging for the anxiety problems they caused or several combinations and iterations of different perversion which has the bonus of making it a cushy place for any corporation providing mental health services but to anyone that realized this and enabled the laws a long walk off an extremely short Cliff would probably make you a moral person. Better yet start a blog like this first and confess it then do the same

 if I can't prove every call they claim happened and what actually was said I'm an even worse place this is this is hell this is why people are shooting UPS crowds of people they don't know

But Minnesota takes the step further in it's almost like they want to be the incest capital of destruction


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