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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Oct 17, 2019 - video found

 funny may 2020 officer - " i didnt know they would file and ofp"

Oct 17, 2019  - im getting read the riot act outside of the house 43k of my things held and being destroyed in after jan 2018 move in 6.3k services rendered aug 2018 lock change

and officer - "What are you doing here? they dont owe you anything, youre this close to geting an hro and a ofp. "

you dont live here any more

its funny the more I learn after how sick it is. its not funny i want to be dead. 

paul says he owns me and police make sure hes able to do that. 

but the more i learn, everything they are doing in these interactions is pretty optional on their part.

this state is .... i just want to cook a meal and i still cant do that. 

they are basicly human trafficing me with the help of the police, one officer knows what i was doing for work the other comes out (think it was hanson) "HOW OLD ARE YOU?" what are they paying for?

they dont owe you

and this is after ive gone over the whole story the female officer already knows and knew before i said it. 

not once did anyoen try to argue i have a right to be there from the start

just sweep you out and try to paint you violent while helping destroy everything

you guys should post your addresses and see how it feels on the other foot. 

ive noticed its a huge trend though. its part of predatory gov and predatory policeing. make unlawful orders that endanger and or do so over time, make a party vaunerable and then let the courts bent civil to criminal system give a posibly vlaw grant arrest to further financing of state and police 

if im right here they are privateers not police 

note to self: gphotos MGPD Oct 17, 2019

I've also got the video pulling up. trying to call, no answer, i get out ring the bell and get back in the car. then paul shines his flashlight through window... police show up. 

theres no reason to obay the law in this state, it rapes you if it can with civil law while the enforcers claim its all civil till its civil to criminal then... hey no standards of evidence but a new prisioner. 

i have 0 record. except getting robbed 

the mold was discussed in the video. what i dont think i pointed out enough but probably wouldnt matter. other than anyone reading this. I was the one who tipped them off to this 4 years before. i had gone on a voluenteering trip and ended up cleaning a home hit by huricane sandy. bumped my respirator and next time at their house which turned into a long story... eventually i realized what i smelled. inbetween was non stop work through the worst concussion of my life 

and for what? 

privateers to enforce human trafficing and distruction of all i ever worked for while my pets since 07 perish. 

maple grove police department = maple grove predatory department. 

until family court does arbitration this state is as well. 

The way this seems to be set, they give two shits about the truth. otherwise it would be able to wait for a hearing both can attend. 

they have set these things to not need a lawyer to file, free to file, file practically anyone for life for free. but you probably need a lawyer to hope to defend. 

if youlive in minnesota you need to have a lawyer on call or keep everything to prove anything/or argue against and have it with in 4 days notice in my case 6 max. 

the person who files always has the advantage. they knew when they were doing it. 

dont wann pay for something from a roommate? ofp, steal all their things? ofp? stab them? claim to feel threatned ofp. 

get actually assulted? officer hanson THATS NOT ASSULT. 

otherwise actually being endangered while prime ofp canidate debates? its probably civil --- psst--- hey file an ofp against who you robbed and are terrorizing. ...we will split the earnings probably isnt far off. 

heres what i can do paperwork on.

oh you put your mind to something? well... ive gota secure pd funding , sorry ima use this badge to put you on the street after incest emotional and physical abuse and the most sever trauma of your life...
after all how old are you?

idk maybe mold doesnt hit them as hard... maybe legionairs in the ac while they do 60 -100 hr weeks then sorry u cant come in your home. but if you want your stuff back ive got 9 months worth of industrial hvac exchangers with legionairs infections. ima keep that gas mask you owned...

go ahead marlene we arnt concernted with what you drag into a nicu and poision future ofp revenu sources with ... but if you have his printer its a great time to file an ofp. 

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