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Tons of Pics


Above was today below is mostly back in time

This was a $200 floor dryer. The point is it's a centrifugal blower fan. Put simply static pressure is what these deal well with. Ever noticed a box fan has trouble even in front of a screen door? That's static pressure.

This type of fan configuration is much more ideal for pushing or pulling air through a filter

I took off black gill it came with.  made a plexiglass box to accept the 14 by 14 HVAC filter.

 I lacked washers I wish I had them.
I was in the process of modifying it to accept a much larger filter when my compound miter saw was stolen in April 2020 long with my desktop computer and my MIG welder

Police won't allow Paul's confession on a report

the sickest thing they do is make sure that I can't touch the things that I need for organizing adult life or to overcome their problems forced on me to relax to earn...

I had a professional hard drive cloning sweet on there that would have been great for earning I believe that was about $120 I can look it up.

I also had a legally purchased license for Adobe Master collection creative suite 4.

That's a $2,000 software license

But computer also contained all of my digital memories.
The hardware to replace it with the same function probably about $700 today

It had four sata solid state drives on an sas hardware RAID controller and   hard drives as well .I have considered it so it could lose a drive and keep ticking but no data loss occurred. It had for its time of top-of-the-line graphics card it was LGA 1366 which is pretty antiquated now but it was a hex core CPU with hyper-threading and I cannot for the life of me remember the actual model number for the graphics card
But even if you estimate $500 or $400 the hardware alone stolen between the saw MIG welder and the computer is still without the software $1,000 theft which place is it at felony-level theft in Minnesota
it also contained what I would need to build a portfolio of past work to go with the resume

Somewhere in between if you argue $1,200 for just the hardware there's still the 2120 of software suite and that's just too I remember off the top of my head

3320 usd to replace what was stolen like a year and a half or more into forced relocation human trafficking forced labor for 9 months which I still managed to earn to Grand not from my parents went to things like the floor dryer pictured above this is fucking sick

Most people don't have the opportunity to start at $25 an hour at the age 16 so close after turning 16 that despite getting my license three months in I had to have my mom drop me off because I only had my permit. I was charging $50 for the first hour 25 an hour after that for it support. Normal for my age shots McDonald's was when I started doing it support .by graduating high school I also had moved up to a telemarketing job where I was earning $11 an hour and commission. What I was selling was mortgage refinances. 75 for the first hour and 30 to 35 an hour after that for it support. The first client I had in 2004 I kept until 2014.
But the point was my parents told at least I've never had a job never worked it's all theirs and the police at one point said if what I told them is true they might be liable but then they got a lot worse

Predatory soon-to-be deadly policing goes on in Minnesota and not just if you're black although I'm sure that doesn't help.

One of the functions of law in America is or was supposed to protect individual ality by protecting individual liberties. When the police assume everyone fits the mold and because someone lied to and they keep acting on that lie I might as well never have worked a day in my life

If I read correctly the sergeant that leads this death by burning is like for five years younger than me LinkedIn says he's only had one job.

then he's also questioned if I can care for myself despite the fact that at 18 I was 4200 miles from Minnesota alone on a trip I paid for for 45 days mostly in hostels

Well he overlooks felony-level theft the fact that my mails been open my name has been signed on a check from my mail to control my finances to change my healthcare or to hold my healthcare everything they can to try to keep me struggling just to undo what they do

this is fucking insanity this is going to be lethal insanity

the eight months I spent at their house which put them in control of all of my things amd at the time two living rabbits

I'm moving back in my mom said she was my landlord

This was January 2018
$6,300 in IT services were also rendered off and on absolute drop everything you're doing demand

That's at market average.
market average residential rent was posted for Plymouth which is sitting next to Maple Grove or one of them
1.32 per square foot per month I had a roughly 10 foot by 10 foot room

That makes it felony-level theft of service even if you subtract market-rate rent

 Hanson keeps telling me how much they give me because they told himor outright judging they give you enough they don't owe you anything

she's a nurse practitioner you was a public school bus driver and then a union organizer they're downstairs computer and the living room Media center PC both computers I built for them mostly from spare parts from having for small business regular clients into doesn't home  before clients even  before graduating high school. Point is this isn't something either of them taught me either

I also held a paid internship at NDSU I virtualized the great plains 10 or Microsoft Dynamics teaching environment systems administrator there's a few different titles you could call it. Hyperv was so new when I did that there wasn't even documentation.
the more I realize now there's some things I would have done different but there's other things I got absolutely right doing that. It worked I'm just very critical of my own work

and if you don't evaluate what you've done in comparison to what you learn you're not really growing

 was like 2009 right after it came out it was my idea as well. I kept looking at a row of 10 PCS that we were using instead of what was one and then we got two servers donated from a local health Care insurance something I know the name of tryin abstract it because it's not mine to give away

this is the garage they picked in the apartment they forced the lease on. If you look below the sections of sheetrock are close up.

It makes sense it's on that wall. It doesn't help anything. It didn't help anything.trying to be responsible one of the first things I did about March or April 2019 was 30 or $40 a gallon solution that all the professionals use and it's used in new construction to prevent mold it's non VOC the sheetrock. Missted it in that. Both to kill that growth and make sure I didn't make a problem worse or cause a problem. from what I've read in new construction if sheetrock gets wet before they hang it this is exactly what they spray it in it's become kind of an industry-standard. It's a mechanical action when it dries it crystallizes and it crushes the mole that also prevents new growth once it's applied.and during that I have officer Hanson telling me they give me enough but not wanting any details. Hey buddy just $2 I expect bridge over the Bering strait yesterday or I'm going to destroy everything of yours I gave you enough come on it's enough it's enough it's enough you sadistic asshole.

especially considering if you look at the photos six months between five hotels and mental ward three cities it's the best I looked at all in the last 3 years or maybe 4 now

January 2018 or somewhere plus or minus a month or two my primary care doctor told me someone your age just needs to get away from the mold and they will get better

I don't think what he had in mind is human trafficking forced labor on the mold the next 2 years.

Maple Grove Police department if you want help enforcing unfree forced labor and or human trafficking give Maple Grove PD a call.
(763) 494-6100

Ask for Hanson.

Master bedroom door upstairs in Maple Grove.

Inside the basement walls Maple Grove

My jeans in Maple Grove

Car under black light the one my mom usually drove. Aspergillus loves fibers ... clothing


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