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One way I'm sure c-ptsd has set in

 A sense of panic if someone if someone is  between and the door.

I haven't had a lot of opportunity to socialize but I've noticed in the few times I have...

This probably lynx back goddamnit Google.. links back to Marlene and or Paul standing in the doorway of the little 10-foot by 10-foot room screaming that I'm delusional don't worry they'll call and have crisis center take me away or have me medicated for my delusions.

And officer Hanson who walks up and says I decided before I met you you're going in tonight initiating a 3-day medical officer hold

funny how we let police that haven't been through a psych eval themselves evaluate other people

It seems to me that the evidence is there to suggest its you're responsible do not heavily attempt to filter the cluster B diagnosis from the police force

I don't think you can have racism without strong tendencies to full-blown cluster B mental comes from the fact that usually those diagnoses or those conditions have an interrupted or limited mental construct of what another person is let alone who.

Furthermore psychology knows that any forced detaiment is trauma.

Trauma is linked with violent tendencies later and addiction

Trauma is also the realization that under the current legal landscape mere words from one party can separate you from everything you need to maintain life everything you worked hard for everything you would need to earn or to sell to be able to afford the case to defend yourself let alone the evidence to do so

Minnesota and the US largely as a whole are a state of trauma

There's some evidence that when something can be painted as domestic violence the police might end up wealthier for it

One needs look as far as the federal office of violence against women and related Grant programs

Or this mn doc

To further compound the problem and what should be responsibility on the state of Minnesota is a study done in 1944 by the state of Minnesota indicated that malnutrition has such profound effects on the mind it might not be ethical to ever Medicaid someone unless diet is addressed.

yet police acting on hearsay might separate you from everything you need to cook a nutritious meal

There are several ways are vectors to consider but none of it comes to a good conclusion or one other than police might be getting paid to create the demand for more police at the expense of your average citizens life and freedom. Even if you want to view this from what I consider a highly disgusting and discriminatory lens of ending just violence against women even within that these actions are unlikely to do that. Things like ofp do nothing 2 police response put in perspective how long it takes to kill someone if you trip and fall from standing height you can end up dead. even though response time of 5 minutes probably won't stop someone intent but that's not the average response it's far longer.

If we have as a nation or as a state survive the turmoil that's readily apparent at the moment and what's to come I think this might someday be viewed in the same year as the McCarthy laws or the Salem witch Hunt.

I'm unlikely to survive much longer than a few months to a year.

Which is precisely why this blog is here. Dead men tell no tales but blogger isn't slated for sunset anytime soon

What's perhaps most disturbing is even when I went to the police and told them I have evidence Paul and Marlene use falsified police reports as weapons they were uninterested

There might be a world in which need to obey unlawful order can still be compatible with freedom but this isn't it

furthermore this should probably draw into question any reports to conclusions based off police report as data

it's not for me to decide or to know but there's a praise ever associated with members of a certain fraternity it's play stupid games win stupid prizes. On its own that might sound like a bit of based reason . 

The problem is in this landscape you don't have to play a game nor do anything to qualify for the stupid prize and you can't turn it down

There's reason older than that an age-old adage

Authority without accountability never produces good things


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