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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Paul and Marines brand of Terror

 First established a position where she's walking away if walking away is safe at all at certain times in Minnesota walking away with zero money in my maxed credit will be legal in as little as 10 minutes what I'm talking about is the days where it gets to -30 without a coat you have an estimated 10 minutes of survival and even if you survive you probably already lost a limb if not all four even with a coat the chances of losing limbs it's still pretty good around 20 minutes without heat and shelter in 2019 experience and -30 night where the car the heater just running the engine on idle after a hard drive of about an hour was not sufficient to keep the cab above freezing I started seeing my breath sitting in the hotel parking lot after that drive that's pretty intense temperatures that's pretty high risk of what people will tell you when they say you're a free man just walk away or surrounded by sickos 

a big theme is cause the problems they claim arnt real while taking what you need to solve them or having you solve them for them 

I'll finish this later

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