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Paul the small

 Most of this was transcribed

This comes after over a year of trying to convince me he doesn't know what a text message is.

While he  tand Marlene used fraudulent police reports to take everything I worked for 2 cost the lives of both of my pets, soon to take my life after years of terrorizing

Human trafficing forced labor and starting court battles while I'm stranded an HR and a half from the court they picked.

It's bearly above freezing on my filthy matress

Before and during pandemic (if I forget or don't have a mask) blood on my face has long become the norm. 

Usually if someone like the gas station attendant asks what's up with that.. my response is just another day in Paradise

You know the type of paradise where you're only place to sit or lay is the bed that pet of over a decade died on

Where that death 1in of occurred if the police hadn't baselessly kept you from everything you own including what you needed to keep him safe

where the police now enforce that felony-level theft by the party that played them aren't allowed on record

Maple Grove and to some extent St cloud Police participate in human trafficking forced labor torture and soon murder

they caused the trauma that leads to the breakdown that the alternative route of enslavement to imprisonment is to put you away in one form of commitment to another but if they had done what they're tasked with doing or what their mission statement talks about of equally enforcing laws...

instead of officer Hanson assures me that the parties doing this have given me enough. Hey bud what's enough? Where you store the gavel behind that uniform I can think it's probably up your arse.
Let's imagine the shoe on the other foot:

But seriously hey I've got 40 Grand of your things you do this labor or you're going to lose it here's here's a grand even know by All rights it's going to cost more than that oh yeah oh your task that's build a bridge across the Bering strait I expect it yesterday hey come on man I've given you enough

but actually I can't see it getting that far if I tried to take all of his things or enable someone else to do it well let's just say I've met service members who hold a gun to the door if they could get  a knock at the wrong time. The difference between them and Rory Hanson? They also passed a psych eval

Another notable difference is unlike police in Minnesota if they shoot a civilian they likely face trial.

We cannot have police without third-party audits and accountability able to do pretty much anything as they currently can. at least not have that and claim any justice exists

Worth noting this hosts vengeance

It is at Mercy of a lot of things right now but it still has pretty good up time and 2 chances are if you click that link you'll be served the page that came from that mess on the floor.

I mean if only I had a marketable talent or skill...

This looks like a mess and it is. I bought rails intending to weld a frame and get it off the floor then April 2020 my compound miter saw my MIG welder and my desktop were stolen from my garage by Paul and or Marlene.

I'd wager some mn law makers figured it can exploit separation of powers by utilization of selective enforcement or in this case non enforcement against 1 party with extreme personal prejudice demonstrated by the police.
They not only pass go and possibly take lives but the state Likely rakes in funds from the federal government.

 Violence against women law federal grants. 

One sided restraining orders based on hearsay. All well and good except doesn't that create kind of an issue with the other person having a position of power granted by that? 

Having got one against you I can still come near you. If I were to say steal from you repeatedly that  puts cops in an awkward position doesn't it?

Not at all just don't even allow a record.

Or wait till the person is debased and destabilize to the point of involuntary commitment

U of m Fairview partnership will be glad to help.

Repeat until you enforced post-term coat hanger abortions after forced labor in human trafficking.Until the party labeled abusers the only one who hasn't hit the other. Police protecting several layers of incest. That's Minnesota nice.

I've Purged my bowels of more moral content than this system.

The system has an answer there too. just starve them.

I am ashamed of a few things in life. None more so than my faliure to protect Bonnie and Clyde rabbits. Second would be time given to the seiu sans pay to further the cause of the parties furthering this agenda 

The only person person's or parties smaller than Paul and Marlene are the state law makers and Maple Grove Police that enable this.

Minnesota, empowering parents to enslave their offspring, human traffic and force labor till death 


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